How to punch Self Doubt right in the face!

If you are anything like me than your worst enemy is yourself. I have struggled for years with my confidence levels, always thinking I am not good enough and completely putting myself down. I thought it was just me being silly but it seems that a lot of people, especially creatives, feel like this at some point. The idea of self promotion is difficult because it can come across as arrogant or a bit too pushy. So these few tips are for myself as well as for you guys. If you are struggling with your self belief then hopefully they can work for you or at least make you feel that little bit more confident.

1. Make a List of your Past Successes and your Skills.

Having something in writing makes it concrete. Make a list of ten incidents where you have been successful and ten skills you have that can give you the edge as a creative and as a regular human being. Use this list as something to turn to when you are feeling doubtful or just not quite yourself.

2. Challenge Yourself.

Nothing feels better than when you overcome that massive hurdle that has been dominating your life for so long. Set your mind to achieving something big, but obtainable, just anything big that you have always wanted to do. When you are at that finish line you will feel amazing about yourself.

3. Disprove Doubtful Thoughts

This tip I find to be so helpful so thank you Red Lemon Club for the tip. Draw up a simple table with two columns. The left hand side column headed ‘Doubtful Thought’ and the right hand side headed ‘Not True Because…’. Fill the left hand column with five to ten doubtful thoughts you currently have then fill the right hand side with reasons why this is wrong.

4. Talk, Talk, Talk.

When you are feeling down about yourself and your own ability the best thing you can honestly do it talk to someone. Whether that be a family member, a friend or even a supporter on a social media site there will be someone willing to listen and give you advice. It’s not good to keep all that negativity bundled up inside. We are all culprits of not being rational so talking to someone else will not only get another point of view but they can help you to see things clearly.


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