Turning 24: Life Goals!


I recently read a blog post put together by Fashion Slave that got me thinking and I must say the opening sentence of Sophie’s post may just be one of the best I have ever read!

“The mercury may have only risen few degrees but I bet it’s just a matter of days before you witness some bizarre human stripping off their T-shirt, right down to just joggers and beat-up sneaks, swigging a can of red stripe at 11am on the high street celebrating the start (very very prematurely) of the Great British Summer. But whilst I most certainly cannot recommend that as a viable life choice, the fresh new start of the season gives the perfect opportunity to reassess and make some new goals”

With a baby on the way, this fresh new start that is promised with spring and turning a whole year older, I started to think about whether there is anything I want to achieve or if there is something I would like to change. I am not one to set #newyearnewme goals. However, since I am now feeling all grown up with so much responsibility arriving in just a few days, I feel that I do need to re-assess certain aspects of the way I live my life. So here are a few goals to kick things up a gear and hopefully make life that little less stressful!


Reign In My Spending

Reigning in your impulse buying is mentioned in Sophie’s post and I knew straight away this is something I need to do. Not just impulse buying but buying in general. We are all guilty of it and we all have that next thing lined up that we want as soon as pay day lands. I know I am one of the biggest culprits when it comes to not being able to resist things and online shopping is my biggest downfall. I need to stop and think ‘do I really need this’, espeically since I will be living on half pay during my Mat Leave. Cold turkey here I come!


Stop Avoiding The Phone 

I have always had an issue with making phone calls…I hate it. Need a doctor’s appointment…it will go away! Booking a table for dinner…if they don’t have online booking I don’t need a social life. Student Finance billing me an extra £9,000…they must of sent it to the wrong person. I have always tried to avoid the problem instead of just picking up the phone and making a simple call. Not tackling the problems head on always leads to issues getting worse, so this year I’m actually going to be a grown up about it and just hit call!


Do More Things Alone

One of the life goals set in the blog post that I agreed most with is…

“Earlier this week I wrote about how liberating me-time can be, but why doesn’t that apply to when you’re out and about? There’s still this stigma that you shouldn’t do certain things by yourself. The creepy person alone in the cinema or having a drink in the bar? Perhaps they’re not so creepy after all. Perhaps I’ll become one of them”

The sheer amount of things I have missed out on, turned down or avoided, simply because I have had no one to occupany me, is quite ridiculous. This has to stop. Life is too short to miss out!


Stop Comparing Myself To Others – Be More Confident

Easier said than done I know, but I really need to stop putting myself down and thinking others are doing better than me. I fear I am going to be hard on myself when it comes to parenting and think I am doing things wrong when I am probably making the same mistakes as every other new parent out there. I just need to remember that!


Get More Creative

This will link in quite nicely with my first point of curbing my spending. I am one for getting well and truly stuck scrolling through post after post on Instagram and Pinterest. There are so many quirky little projects I pin or like that I know I could sit down and put together myself – I just don’t. Instead of going out and buying, I could probably save myself a lot of money by simply investing more time into making things. It’s not that I can’t do certain things for myself, it’s just, I guess, I can be lazy. I always think someone else could do it better so now is the time to stop doubting, save some money and get making.


A Little Easter Weekend Update

img_0051Hello everyone! Hope you all had a lovely Easter Weekend and got to devour as much chocolate as I did.  This weekend has been a rather busy one for me. Not only was it Easter but, on Saturday, I turned 24 too! This birthday was a different one…for a start it involved no form of alcohol or dancing until the early hours. It also was the first year I didn’t get that overwhelming sense of excitement the night before. I am not saying that I did not have a good birthday because I had a really lovely day, I just think this year I felt like a proper grown up. My Mum has always said you reach an age and the excitement of your birthday just wears off. I never quite believed her before but now I understand where she is coming from. She has said that as soon as you have children your excitement comes from them, and even though my little hasn’t arrived yet, I have been so focused on Baby Canty that I haven’t really thought about anything else. I guess I haven’t had a chance to get excited about it this year, as everyday recently has been spent thinking ‘is this the day little one could come?’

Despite being the size of a house, I did make the most out of turning 24 and spent a lovely day and evening with friends and family. Joe was fab and went out of his way to make me feel less elephant like and feel special on my day. (Look how cute the card he got me is below. He knew how unelegant I was feeling so wrote a lovely message inside that made me feel so much better). We went out and had an amazing lunch together (which we ended up getting for free as gift for my birthday and for bump…thank you very much The Boot Inn at Lapworth) and just made the most of spending time together as a two. I received so many lovely gifts and messages and it is fair to say I was well and truly spoilt this year. I just feel so lucky to have such great people around me who go out of their way to show their love and support for me and for bump. Turns out planning nothing and just chilling makes for a really good birthday. I loved that it wasn’t rushed and I could take things at my own pace and do what I wanted to do. Think I might have to adopt this approach again. Especially since on my next birthday I will be a Mum!birthdayEaster Sunday was also a different one this year. Usually it is an excuse to get everyone in the family  together and consume way too much food. This year we didn’t plan to do this as 1.) we didn’t know if I would be in hospital or not and 2.) I couldn’t promise I would feel up to entertaining lots of people. Turns out I did end up visiting the hospital so I am rather glad I didn’t make plans.


Don’t worry, bump and I are all ok, we just needed to get checked out to be on the safe side. I hadn’t felt sprout moving in the morning and couldn’t risk not making sure everything was ok. Starting to panic, I quickly rang Labour Ward and they asked me to come in. Turns out that he/she was probably just fed up of having no room since my stomach is stretched to it’s limit. I had also done a bit too much the days before and my body was tired so they wanted to check me over and make sure we were both ok. The midwife said that my body was starting to contract (not that I had noticed) and little one was in place ready to go which can be another reason why baby was slow that morning. Probably saving it’s energy for all the work it’s getting itself ready for. I was sent home later that day and spent the rest of the evening experiencing really strong tightenings that I hoped were a sign of things starting. Unfortunately, they have stopped today and we are still waiting! I am booked in for another stretch and sweep tomorrow so am hoping this will get the ball rolling!

Before I forget, I just wanted to take the time to mention one of the gifts I got this year that has been particulalry amazing. I am a massive fan of handlettering and typography, so this gift made me rather excited. Chiara Perano of Lamplighter London has just published her first book, Nib & Ink: The New Art of Modern Calligraphy, which is a fantastic guide to learning the basics of modern calligraphy. When I found out about the release of this book, I knew this was something I just had to get. So you can imagine how happy I was to recieve a copy! Go check out her work, it’s truly beautiful. I cannot wait now to get practising my calligraphy skills!

nib and ink copy

I really hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Love Hattie x

Record Store Day 2016

25770659132_bb936d91d9_bA couple of years ago, rather reluctantly, I agreed to get up at the crack of dawn and queue outside my local music shop with Joe just so he could get his hands on some limited edition vinyl. I thought he was mad and he would of dragged me out of bed on a Saturday morning to beat a queue that just wouldn’t be there. Boy was I wrong? I had never heard of Record Store Day before and had no idea that so many people would be willing to turn up at stupid o’clock just to get their hands on music.

There was something about it though. Some kind of thrill of trying to get your hands on one of the limited copies they had of your favourite artist’s release. Up until that day I had only ever owned one vinyl. Since then my collection has grown and grown and vinyl has kind of become a thing that Joe and I share together. It is fair to say that I am a bit of a fan now and I will very much plan on attending  the event this year. Even with a little one in tow. rsd2rsdLast year Joe ended up filming a documentary for RSD, where we were lucky enough to be invited to the launch event and spend the weeks building up to the day interviewing record store owners around the country. One of my favourite stores we visited was Rough Trade in Shoreditch. I am so used to record stores being tiny little places where I am from so visiting the stores of London was a shock to the system. Rough Trade is a music emporium in an old brewery situated in one of London’s most edgiest areas. With a coffee shop selling a great selection of cakes and drinks, as well as the best halloumi toasties, book shop and regularly held in-store gigs, it really is worth a visit. They go all out on Record Store Day, so if you are lucky enough to get down to the area, I really would check it out! They also have a photobooth in store…what more could you want.

25590866210_f478a91093_b11151037_10155584545700014_915194540584852343_nThis year, with little one due so very soon, we won’t be making it down to London, so will be heading to our local store with the baby strapped to Joe’s front. I, as a massive Muse fan, will be after the limited edition 7″ Reapers vinyl this year. I’m not a massive fan of the song but the artwork on the vinyl is incredible so will be getting it for that alone. I must admit I am not the biggest music fan and I really don’t feel you have to be to attend the day. I personally love looking at all the artwork of the records and am often drawn to things because they look pretty rather than because they are good pieces of music. Last year, for example, I purchased a vinyl purely because it was a giant heart. I still to this day have no idea who it is by or what song it is and I don’t plan on finding out either as it is too beautiful to risk scratching. IMG_1027

I would seriously recommend checking it out. Each store goes all out to put on a really fun day, even the tiny little ones. This year RSD falls on Saturday 16th April and you can find out if your local store is taking part by checking out the Record Store Day website, where you can also find a list of all the releases. If you happen to be planning on visiting the Leamington Spa ‘Head’ store on that day, come and say hi. I will be the weird one queing with a baby strapped to me. Hope you have a good rest of your week!

Love Hattie x


39 Week Update


Since my last post I have been busy rushing from appointment to appointment making sure myself and little one are all good. Friday saw my final growth scan of this pregnancy, and no surprise, little one is still big. 38 Weeks into my preganancy and Sprout is measuring at a whopping 8lb 8ozs already! It is safe to say I am pooing myself. Not only have I got to go through labour, but I have to deliver what can only be described as a dinosaur too!

As a result they have decided that they won’t let me go over my due date. Unless Sprout decides to make an appearance before, I am due to go in to be induced on Friday 1st April. I would prefer not to be induced and everything happen naturally, but it is so reassuring to know that I am not going to go over 40 weeks. I had this awful fear that if I went over the 40 week mark that the baby would be so big it could get stuck. One thing I do not want (unless it is a matter of life and death) is the use of foreceps. I don’t want to have an instrumental birth at all and it is something that has been scaring me the last few weeks. Knowing that I can’t go over my due date has put my mind at ease as the risk of this is now lower as little one won’t be as big as it could be.

They did seem pretty hopeful that baby may make an appearance before inducement date so I have been booked in for the dreaded stretch and sweep, which I am looking forward to like a hole in the head. The first offer of doing this was on my Birthday on Saturday, which I did have to politely decline as I didn’t feel this would be the best Birthday present I could ask for. I am going to book myself in for some reflexology this week as everyone I speak to highly recommends it and it seems to have a good track record with bringing labour on. Pineapples and an exercise ball have become my best friends recently in an attempt to get Sprout moving too. Don’t know if they are going to help but I am willing to try anything at this point. Balsamic vinegar, basil, evening primrose oil…I am happy to try the lot.

I am also going to have to look into old wive’s tales for stretch mark remedies too. I knew mine were bad but it wasn’t until today when even the Midwife said there was an awful lot of them that I realised just how bad they are. I know she didn’t mean it horribly and she was just saying she felt sorry for me at my age, but it has made me super concious of them. I mean she must of seen thousands of pregnant tummies and if she noticed that enough to comment on it, they must be really awful! If anyone has any recommendations on how to ease your stretch marks they would be very much appreciated. Bio oil and Palmers stretch mark butters and creams don’t seem to be helping much.

Oh…one more thing…I might of found out the sex of Sprout on Friday too. I am so over the moon and can now really imagine my little one. I didn’t mean to find out but that is just how things go I guess. I won’t be sharing it on here until he/she is born so you will have to wait a bit longer, but it is fair to say I am so excited to see it’s little face so very soon!

Hope you all have a lovely week. The Easter four day weekend is so very nearly here!

Love Hattie x

Perfect ‘New Mum’ Gifts

bonbonballoonsHello my Lovelies! Today’s post is a slightly different one. Inspired by Danielle of The Gruffalos Mother blog, I wanted to do a blog post of all the amazing gifts you can purchase for a new Mum. This year is the first year for me where I actually know women expecting a baby and I really don’t want to be buying them the same old gifts. Buying for a new Mum can be rather daunting as you want to buy a gift that a new Mum will treasure and enjoy, not something they will end up having loads of.

I thought I would put together a list of unique brands that will hopefully help any of you out there who are completely stuck for gift ideas. As an Instagram addict I have come across some really beautiful products and these are just some of my favourites.

BonBon Balloonsbonbonballoons

Bonbon is a luxury balloon company based in London, that create the most wonderful balloons that you ever did see! I’m a massive fan of balloons and will find an excuse to have them at any occassion. Bonbons come in a rainbow of coloured and confetti filled balloons. Each balloon has a beautiful decorative string that has been hand crafted. You can buy a bonbon balloon as a gift for any occasion, so they are perfect to celebrate a new arrival. On arrival it will float up out of the box and the strings will carry your own specially personalised message. Guaranteed to make you smile! Prices start from around £30 and there are so many options avaliable.

Click here for website

Selfish Mothermother copy

Perfect for first time Mum’s, the Selfish Mother’s collection of sweats and tees allow a new Mum to wear her new title with pride. They are super-soft and so easy-to-wear, making it a perfect gift for the months after pregnancy where comfort is a must. As us mamas in the Western world have got it damn good, these sweats have been launched to show solidarity for the global sistahood.  All profits from sales of Mother designs go to an amazing charity that helps women in 8 war-torn regions rebuild their lives through training programmes. So not only can a new Mum look good but also feel good that they have helped women who are less fortunate. Prices are £30 for a tee and £45 for a sweat with £15 of each sale going to help women all over the world!

Click here for shop

The Milk Collectivemilkcollective.jpg

The Milk Collective is a shop for playful modern toy and accessories for a growing family. Their aim is to create gender neutral toys and accessories that can be enjoyed by children yet are still pleasing for parents to look at. My personal favourite item is the milk bottle rattle. These bottles start at £13 and come in black and white, as well as a limited edition ‘milkshake’ range that are a gorgeous selection of pastel colours. They are beautifully designed and very well made so make the perfect gift for a newborn.

Click here for website

This Modern Lifemodern life

A brand that I really love, This Modern Life combine modern, retro and vintage inspired items. They are passionate about supporting small businesses, and aim to continually increase their stock of eco friendly products. There is a huge selection of unique and individual products that are bound to make any new Mum smile and will satisfy all budgets. You should definitely check out their lighting and storage selections. I love their LED night lights that will brighten any shelf or surface in your home, as well as their selection of genious storage products. You can also purchase one of the insta-famous Light Boxes that are perfect for the livingroom, kids rooms or even for a birthday party.

Click here for website

 (Pictures taken from each company’s website)

38 Weeks

STILL PREGNANTThis seems to be a the way I start all my conversations at the moment. The friendly hello at the start of a telephone conversation might as well be replaced with this. Guaranteed the very first thing my Mum will say to me each day is “has that baby arrived yet?” like I wouldn’t let her know if it had. Even though I have only just reached the 38 week mark, everyone is so surprised that the baby still hasn’t made an appearance. Little is predicted as being on the large side, if not the very large side, so it’s not really a surprise that people are shocked at the sheer size of my bump and that it is still inside me. Little one has now, unfortunately, adopted the name Hagrid and I fear this is something that will stick with it for life – even if it is a girl.

As much as I love my massive bump, I can’t help look forward to not having to waddle around and being able to get up in a more elegant manner. I also find myself getting very excited about wearing certain styles of clothing I haven’t been able to in what feels like forever. High-waisted skirts and shift dresses have been something I have been longing to get back into. Pregnancy has left me feeling quite negative towards maternity clothing and I have felt that I have lost my sense of style slightly during the process. A lot of  maternity styles lack colour and are very ‘standard’, so I am very much looking forward to getting as much colour back in my life as possible and being able to wear quirkier designs again. There is almost a ‘Mum-to-be uniform’ that I didn’t get the memo about. It wasn’t until I was sat in a room full of pregnant ladies all going through the delight that is the Glucose test. I am not exaggerating when I say that out of 10 women, I was the only one not dressed exactly the same. Turns out no one told me that I had to wear a fitted breton tee (to show off my ever growing bump), leggings, a pair of white and comfy trainers, as well as a black, knee-length padded jacket. They all looked like clones and you could see the embarassment on their faces when they looked each other up and down and realised they were wearing the exact same outfits. meIt is no surprise that I’m utterly obsessed with fashion and therefore clothes are a hugely important part of my life. I know I shouldn’t be thinkning about loosing the baby weight and what my body is going to look like after birth, but I really can’t help it. I know it is going to be a while before I will dare wear anything bodycon and bikinis will be a no go from now on due to having so many stretch marks. Stores have been releasing their spring/summer collections these last few weeks and all I can say is one giant thank you to H&M. They have officially launched their Spring collection this week and it has filled me with all sorts of joy. Not only becuase it is a thing of pure beauty but it also is full of floaty fabrics that will conceal any postpartum stomach. (Their new collection would also be amazing for all you pregnant beauties too, as the wider shaping and material choices will allow for expanding tummies too). HM1.jpgGorgeous embroidery, wide airy dresses, peplums and fresh colours are the basis for their new collection and it is perfect for any new Mum that wants to feel stylish yet not break the bank. With pieces starting from as little as £7.99, there really is something to suit everyone’s budget. At these kind of prices, you really aren’t going to be too worried if it gets ruined by a small person or if you use them as pieces to keep you going while you are loosing the baby weight. The shaping of this well executed collection will not only be cool if we have a warm summer this year (I can dream can’t I?) but it also won’t highlight any trouble areas. I particularly love the cold shoulder styles. They allow you to show off a bit of skin yet it wont make you feel like too much is on show or self conscious in any way. I also love the embroidered details on most of the pieces. They add a touch of elegance  to what are simple shapes and pieces and will instantly make you feel better about yourself during a time where you may lack self-confidence.  hm2How good does Mummy Blogger Erica Davies look in the red, cold shoulder dress? She really proves that you don’t need to spend a fortune to look amazing and that you can look this good whilst being an awesome Mum. She also proves how good this dress will look with a matching red lip!

Go and check out the website for the full collection, but do it fast as I can guarantee these pieces wont be around for too long! Happy Hump Day everyone…have a lovely rest of your week!

Love Hattie x

Welcoming Spring


This weekend has been one of those where the weather felt to be reassuring me that spring is right around the corner. Coats were left on their hooks, patio furniture had made an appearance again and there is this sort of energy that is reborn each spring, and you start to see everyone out more. People seem to smile more, because they aren’t rushing around with their heads down trying to block the cold rain out.

Being able to dictate how long we’ll stay out based on our own freewill over the cold weather is pretty darn amazing. It allows us time to slow down, relax and take in everything around us so much more. Living out in the middle of nowhere, like I do, it is days like these that really make you appreciate the beauty that is nature and I am so thankful to be surrounded by it. I’m a broken record when it comes to professing my love for the countryside and good weather, but my excitement is hard to contain at times when life feels good.

You know what…life is pretty good right now. Apart from the constant cold symptoms, inability to get up once I’m down, the discomfort of a baby lying with a tiny foot sticking out of your side and the heartburn, I really cannot complain. All of these things are just adding to the thrill and excitement that my little one will be here soon. It really isn’t long to go now and all of the down sides of the third trimester are just signs that my body is getting ready for little one to make an appearance. As much as I can’t wait to hold little one in my arms, I am also really cherishing these last few weeks of being a two. It has also been really lovely to spend some quality time with Joe recently; re- watching Game of Thrones, eating whatever I like and generally laughing at my heavily pregnant self. It is fair to say I am pretty content right now.

I guess, even in what seems the hardest of times, you have to laugh and find the positives in everything. I look at the future ahead of me and can’t help but think how good life is right now and will I miss it?  Yet I know when little one arrives it is going to be a whole new adventure full of so many amazing moments. My aim is to keep trying to find the best nuggets of joy over the next few weeks (even as I get more ungraceful and possible more replulsive by the minute) and keep this going throughout all the challenges to come. There are going to be so many moments that will just fly by so I really want to make sure I cherish all those little rays of happiness and not miss a thing!


Also England beat Wales in the Six Nations so what more could I possibly ask for! Let’s go for the Grand Slam. I hope you guys have all had a lovely weekend.

Love Hattie x

37 Week Update


So today sprout is officially cooked. As you can see by the above picture, my bump is now well and truly getting in the way and I can only just see my toes; I struggle to get up after sitting down and everything I do isn’t elegant in the slightest. That being said, I love my bump right now. Yes it is uncomfortable but it means I am so close to meeting my little and I cannot wait to meet my Son or Daughter.  After a visit to the Midwife on Monday, little one is apparently engaged and ready to go any day now. Sprout’s head is down and it’s back is to my belly (which is apparently the best position for labour) so hopefully it will stay this way and make an appearance sooner rather than later.

I feel I have been very lucky with my pregnancy so far. I didn’t suffer from much sickness at the start of my pregnancy and have (touch wood) managed to stay quite healthy. I have been suffering a lot with pain in my hips the last few weeks but have just learnt to deal with it as it should stop after little one is here. Other than the heartburn and tiredness, I have really enjoyed the last couple of months of pregnancy and I plan on enjoying the little time I have left.

Today also saw my first meeting with the Health Visitor. I would be lying if I was to say I wasn’t nervous about this. I spent hours making sure my little space was spotless and what I thought to be ‘suitable’ to show off to someone I had never met. I had heard mixed stories about these visitations. Some people have really positive things to say; that their Health Visitor was lovely and not at all judgemental. Others have said their Health Visitor was stuck in an era gone by and judged them on every minor detail. Even the contents of their fridge! Luckily I had nothing to worry about.

The Health Visitor was the loveliest lady. So relaxed and wanted to know how I felt about everything. She didn’t judge me at all and seemed to really respect all the decisions I have made about birth and what comes after it. The visit was so positive and she left leaving me feeling much more confident about my ability to be a Mother. In fact, I can’t wait now. Roll on D-Day.

Hope you all have a lovely day!

Love Hattie x

Happy Mother’s Day

As it is Mother’s Day, I have spent a great deal of time thinking about how lucky I was to have such a great childhood and how thankful I am to have such an amazing Mum. I have been so fortunate in the (very nearly) 24 years I have been on this Earth and my Mum has always gone all out for my brother and I. We have seen so many amazing things, made so many memories and have grown up with parents who love us both to bits.


My due date is very quickly approaching and I cannot wait to become a Mum. I am very lucky to have had such a good role model in the shape of my own Mother, that I have been thinking about the things I cannot wait to do with my little one. I can’t wait to make so many amazing memories and (hopefully) make my child smile as much as I did. I wanted to write a post about all the brilliant memories my Mum created with me that I want to create with my littles. All the best moments (big and small) of my childhood that I know have to be a part of my family’s life…so here are a few (I couldn’t possibly go through them all as we would be here forever).

1. Going on picnics. This is something we did a lot as a family and it is something I still very much enjoy to this day. I have so many memories of us all piling into the car and going out to the countryside/beach, opening the boot and bringing out the most amazing selection of finger food. I remember us laying out the picnic blankets (often in the shade as I burn like mad) and sitting for hours watching the world go by. Throw in a frisbee or beach ball into the mix and you have the perfect family day out. This is something I will be doing with sprout from word go. It is such an easy and cheap way of creating memories and I am a firm beliver in the power of fresh air.

2. Water fights in the garden. This is something that I may have to wait a couple of years to do as I would definitely have an unfair advantage. Again, I don’t think you can beat the fresh air and my brother and I spent our entire summers (if it wasn’t tipping it down obviously) outside playing. I distinctively remember most days ending in a water fight. All four of us out running around the garden absolutely soaked.

3. Disneyland Paris Trips. The most extravangant on this list, but as a huge disney fan, the trips to the happiest place on Earth dominate my childhood memories. We were lucky enough to visit multiple times and I can recall so many amazing things from each trip. I CANNOT wait to go with my little!! My child will be a Disney child and I so look forward to buying a teeny set of Mickey/Minnie Mouse ears for it to wear on it’s first ever trip. I am getting way too excited just thinking about it!


4. Singing and Dancing together. Whether that be around the kitchen, at a family party, in the car…I just can not wait to sing our little hearts out and dance around like no one is watching. I remember doing this all the time with my Mum and there are times we still do this now. Just being yourself and acting like a fool.

5. Zoo/Wildlife Park/Safari trips. As the child of a wildlife officer, I have grown up loving animals. I must state that I have a list of ‘approved’ zoos and safari parks that I will go to (as I will not give money to anywhere that doesn’t treat animals correctly), but I just love being around animals and love learning about nature. Yes my little one will not have a clue what is going on this year but I still very much plan on going during the summer. I just love visiting these sort of places and they often include family picnics (two birds, one stone) as well as the singing in the car part…”We are going to the zoo, zoo, zoo…how about you, you, you”.

These are just a few of the things I remember doing in my childhood that have provided many laughs, smiles and so much joy. I know I am very lucky to have done so many great things and I will forever be grateful to my Mum and Dad for doing so much for us. I just want to wish all of the amazing Mothers/Grandmothers/Carers out there a very happy Mother’s Day. You are all doing such a great job and I hope I can do just as well. Keep it up!

Love Hattie x

Four week countdown rant!

mother copy

As I reach the 36 weeks mark I have found myself suddenly very nervous. As useful as my NCT classes have been, mainly because they have introduced me to so many other lovely parents-to-be, they have also worried me sick. There are so many things to consider about what kind of Mother I want to be…do I want to Breastfeed, do I agree with dummies, shall I attend baby massage classes? All of a sudden there are all those ‘recommendations’ you feel abliged to follow just becuase some guy in a white coat has told me that is how I should bring up my baby.

I am far from the ‘Mother Earth’ type and as much as the idea of baby yoga and re-useable nappies sound great in concept, part of me can’t help but think they are a load of rubbish. I don’t see how meditating with my baby and taking myself to a faraway land is going to help me when I am surrounded by a mound of washing and covered in baby sick (or even worse). I have always been cynical and I do doubt things. This is probably why in a ‘relaxation’ class, I couldnt help but focus on the fact I was being asked to close my eyes in a room full of new faces and children running in and out where someone could of happily helped themselves to the contents of my Celine bag. Not that they would but I just can not get comfortable closing my eyes around people I don’t know too well. I just can’t escape the everyday, so I have come to realise that things like hypnobirthing are never going to work for me. Part of me feels like I am being a bad mother for not realising the so called positives associated with them. I wish I could take myself away from it all and actually relax but I have never functioned this way and I know these things have been trialled and tested but there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. I am not being ignorant by not doing these things, I just can’t.

The same goes for Breastfeeding. We are all well aware of the Breastfeeding debate. It is something I very much would like to try and do, yet I also understand that it isn’t always possible. There is a pressure being placed on all Mums-to-be that they need to breastfeed otherwise they aren’t putting baby first. It is something I feel that I have to do and I am worrying that it may not be a possibilty for me. I know there are so many positives from breastfeeding and I am going to give it a really good go but Mums shouldn’t be made to feel bad if they can’t or don’t want to. As long as they are fed, watered and loved surely that is all that matters. I would never think of someone as not being a good mum because they don’t breastfeed…all Mum’s who love and care for their children are good Mums, in fact they are great Mums!

I am a strong believer in instinct and completely trust my own. I know what will be best for my baby and I don’t think it is up to anyone else to tell me how to bring my child up. Yes it is great to get advice and I am happy to listen to different approaches to my child’s development but just because something is ‘on-trend’ as such doesn’t mean I have to follow it…does it? Trends change like the wind, and just because something is ‘in’ currently doesn’t necessarily mean it is best!

Sorry to get all serious on a Saturday morning…I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. P.S. how amazing is this jumper by Selfish Mother? It’s in the hospital bag ready for the big day!!

Love Hattie x