9 must haves for a Mum-to-be!


We’ve all seen the endless lists of essential must have baby items! I would be a complete liar to say that I haven’t bought into the latest must haves and trends. As you are sitting there waiting for sprout to make an appearance it is very easy to get lost in a world of beautifully shot flat lays and endless blog posts that make every item seem essential. As someone who has become slightly obsessed with following boutique baby stores and glamorous Mummy Bloggers, I have noticed that a lot of must have items posts are for baby and not so much for Mum. Currently I have no place to comment on what is useful for baby since I am still yet to have one. However, over the past eight months I have definitely noticed there have been items I have not been able to live without.

So, for any Mums-to-be out there that are, like me, experiencing the ups and downs and pregnancy for the first time, hopefully these must haves will help you out as much as they have helped me!

1. Patience. You’re need shit loads of patience. Yes, pregnancy is full of so many amazing moments you need to treasure but it is also full of lots of lows. Whether that may be morning sickness, tiredness or pelvic girdle pain, there are always going to be moments that you will hate. My best advice is to keep going, be patient and things will get so much better. These things won’t last forever. You will also get to a point where the everyday seems to go in slow motion. Everything takes you twice the amount of time it did before. Give yourself time, it isn’t a race and you will get there eventually.  If you’re only speed is rocket speed then brace yourself and dig deep!

2. Support. Nobody could work 24-7 in any job without the support of co-workers. Get your support (whatever form it comes in) in place way before the birth.  Work out who can help with looking after a pet while you are in the hospital, who will be there for you if you need someone while your partner is at work or just someone who you can turn to when all you want to do is cry. You will also need as much support as possible in the last few months before baby makes an appearance. Don’t feel bad if you need to rely on others or if you can not do the everyday tasks you usually juggle. There is no shame in asking for help.

3. Chocolate. No explanation needed. Everyone knows just how emotional pregnant women can get.

4. Tissues. Again, no explanation needed. Refer to number 3.

5. Rennie/Gaviscon/Heartburn Relief. Carry this everywhere with you. This was one of the delights of pregnancy I didn’t know about until my throat suddenly felt like it was on fire all of the time. Heartburn Relief will become your best friend throughout pregnancy so make sure you stock up!

6. A few good pairs of maternity leggings. I wasn’t a legging wearer before I was pregnant. I was so put off by the numerous times I have been faced by a full moon on the escalator of the local shopping mall as the person in front of me decided leggings can be worn with a standard length top. (Even in pregnancy this is still not right, leggings should always be worn with a longer top!) However, especially later on in pregnancy, leggings are a complete god send. I would recommend buying a few good pairs of these rather than going for the cheaper options as they can become very see through around your ever-growing hip department.

7. Milk. (If you can have this obviously). I have gone through so much milk, especially in the third trimester. Not only is it amazing for your growing baby’s bones but my god is it so good when the heartburn hits.

8. A positive mindset. This one is slightly harder to have 24/7 but if you can stay as positive as possible it will do you the world of good. We all know that childbirth is never going to be the most pleasurable of experiences, we don’t need to be told this (especially not from the owner of your local shop who feels the need to tell you all about their menstrual cycle…TMI). However, if you can try and focus on that end goal of meeting and holding your little one, it does make the rest seem a lot less terrifying.

9. A good memory. Pregnancy will fly by. Soak up all the positives. Enjoy it as much as possible!

These may not be the case for every Mum-to-be but they have been key in making my pregnancy as enjoyable/comfortable as possible.

Love Hattie x


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