Happy Mother’s Day

As it is Mother’s Day, I have spent a great deal of time thinking about how lucky I was to have such a great childhood and how thankful I am to have such an amazing Mum. I have been so fortunate in the (very nearly) 24 years I have been on this Earth and my Mum has always gone all out for my brother and I. We have seen so many amazing things, made so many memories and have grown up with parents who love us both to bits.


My due date is very quickly approaching and I cannot wait to become a Mum. I am very lucky to have had such a good role model in the shape of my own Mother, that I have been thinking about the things I cannot wait to do with my little one. I can’t wait to make so many amazing memories and (hopefully) make my child smile as much as I did. I wanted to write a post about all the brilliant memories my Mum created with me that I want to create with my littles. All the best moments (big and small) of my childhood that I know have to be a part of my family’s life…so here are a few (I couldn’t possibly go through them all as we would be here forever).

1. Going on picnics. This is something we did a lot as a family and it is something I still very much enjoy to this day. I have so many memories of us all piling into the car and going out to the countryside/beach, opening the boot and bringing out the most amazing selection of finger food. I remember us laying out the picnic blankets (often in the shade as I burn like mad) and sitting for hours watching the world go by. Throw in a frisbee or beach ball into the mix and you have the perfect family day out. This is something I will be doing with sprout from word go. It is such an easy and cheap way of creating memories and I am a firm beliver in the power of fresh air.

2. Water fights in the garden. This is something that I may have to wait a couple of years to do as I would definitely have an unfair advantage. Again, I don’t think you can beat the fresh air and my brother and I spent our entire summers (if it wasn’t tipping it down obviously) outside playing. I distinctively remember most days ending in a water fight. All four of us out running around the garden absolutely soaked.

3. Disneyland Paris Trips. The most extravangant on this list, but as a huge disney fan, the trips to the happiest place on Earth dominate my childhood memories. We were lucky enough to visit multiple times and I can recall so many amazing things from each trip. I CANNOT wait to go with my little!! My child will be a Disney child and I so look forward to buying a teeny set of Mickey/Minnie Mouse ears for it to wear on it’s first ever trip. I am getting way too excited just thinking about it!


4. Singing and Dancing together. Whether that be around the kitchen, at a family party, in the car…I just can not wait to sing our little hearts out and dance around like no one is watching. I remember doing this all the time with my Mum and there are times we still do this now. Just being yourself and acting like a fool.

5. Zoo/Wildlife Park/Safari trips. As the child of a wildlife officer, I have grown up loving animals. I must state that I have a list of ‘approved’ zoos and safari parks that I will go to (as I will not give money to anywhere that doesn’t treat animals correctly), but I just love being around animals and love learning about nature. Yes my little one will not have a clue what is going on this year but I still very much plan on going during the summer. I just love visiting these sort of places and they often include family picnics (two birds, one stone) as well as the singing in the car part…”We are going to the zoo, zoo, zoo…how about you, you, you”.

These are just a few of the things I remember doing in my childhood that have provided many laughs, smiles and so much joy. I know I am very lucky to have done so many great things and I will forever be grateful to my Mum and Dad for doing so much for us. I just want to wish all of the amazing Mothers/Grandmothers/Carers out there a very happy Mother’s Day. You are all doing such a great job and I hope I can do just as well. Keep it up!

Love Hattie x


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