Welcoming Spring


This weekend has been one of those where the weather felt to be reassuring me that spring is right around the corner. Coats were left on their hooks, patio furniture had made an appearance again and there is this sort of energy that is reborn each spring, and you start to see everyone out more. People seem to smile more, because they aren’t rushing around with their heads down trying to block the cold rain out.

Being able to dictate how long we’ll stay out based on our own freewill over the cold weather is pretty darn amazing. It allows us time to slow down, relax and take in everything around us so much more. Living out in the middle of nowhere, like I do, it is days like these that really make you appreciate the beauty that is nature and I am so thankful to be surrounded by it. I’m a broken record when it comes to professing my love for the countryside and good weather, but my excitement is hard to contain at times when life feels good.

You know what…life is pretty good right now. Apart from the constant cold symptoms, inability to get up once I’m down, the discomfort of a baby lying with a tiny foot sticking out of your side and the heartburn, I really cannot complain. All of these things are just adding to the thrill and excitement that my little one will be here soon. It really isn’t long to go now and all of the down sides of the third trimester are just signs that my body is getting ready for little one to make an appearance. As much as I can’t wait to hold little one in my arms, I am also really cherishing these last few weeks of being a two. It has also been really lovely to spend some quality time with Joe recently; re- watching Game of Thrones, eating whatever I like and generally laughing at my heavily pregnant self. It is fair to say I am pretty content right now.

I guess, even in what seems the hardest of times, you have to laugh and find the positives in everything. I look at the future ahead of me and can’t help but think how good life is right now and will I miss it?  Yet I know when little one arrives it is going to be a whole new adventure full of so many amazing moments. My aim is to keep trying to find the best nuggets of joy over the next few weeks (even as I get more ungraceful and possible more replulsive by the minute) and keep this going throughout all the challenges to come. There are going to be so many moments that will just fly by so I really want to make sure I cherish all those little rays of happiness and not miss a thing!


Also England beat Wales in the Six Nations so what more could I possibly ask for! Let’s go for the Grand Slam. I hope you guys have all had a lovely weekend.

Love Hattie x


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