38 Weeks

STILL PREGNANTThis seems to be a the way I start all my conversations at the moment. The friendly hello at the start of a telephone conversation might as well be replaced with this. Guaranteed the very first thing my Mum will say to me each day is “has that baby arrived yet?” like I wouldn’t let her know if it had. Even though I have only just reached the 38 week mark, everyone is so surprised that the baby still hasn’t made an appearance. Little is predicted as being on the large side, if not the very large side, so it’s not really a surprise that people are shocked at the sheer size of my bump and that it is still inside me. Little one has now, unfortunately, adopted the name Hagrid and I fear this is something that will stick with it for life – even if it is a girl.

As much as I love my massive bump, I can’t help look forward to not having to waddle around and being able to get up in a more elegant manner. I also find myself getting very excited about wearing certain styles of clothing I haven’t been able to in what feels like forever. High-waisted skirts and shift dresses have been something I have been longing to get back into. Pregnancy has left me feeling quite negative towards maternity clothing and I have felt that I have lost my sense of style slightly during the process. A lot of  maternity styles lack colour and are very ‘standard’, so I am very much looking forward to getting as much colour back in my life as possible and being able to wear quirkier designs again. There is almost a ‘Mum-to-be uniform’ that I didn’t get the memo about. It wasn’t until I was sat in a room full of pregnant ladies all going through the delight that is the Glucose test. I am not exaggerating when I say that out of 10 women, I was the only one not dressed exactly the same. Turns out no one told me that I had to wear a fitted breton tee (to show off my ever growing bump), leggings, a pair of white and comfy trainers, as well as a black, knee-length padded jacket. They all looked like clones and you could see the embarassment on their faces when they looked each other up and down and realised they were wearing the exact same outfits. meIt is no surprise that I’m utterly obsessed with fashion and therefore clothes are a hugely important part of my life. I know I shouldn’t be thinkning about loosing the baby weight and what my body is going to look like after birth, but I really can’t help it. I know it is going to be a while before I will dare wear anything bodycon and bikinis will be a no go from now on due to having so many stretch marks. Stores have been releasing their spring/summer collections these last few weeks and all I can say is one giant thank you to H&M. They have officially launched their Spring collection this week and it has filled me with all sorts of joy. Not only becuase it is a thing of pure beauty but it also is full of floaty fabrics that will conceal any postpartum stomach. (Their new collection would also be amazing for all you pregnant beauties too, as the wider shaping and material choices will allow for expanding tummies too). HM1.jpgGorgeous embroidery, wide airy dresses, peplums and fresh colours are the basis for their new collection and it is perfect for any new Mum that wants to feel stylish yet not break the bank. With pieces starting from as little as £7.99, there really is something to suit everyone’s budget. At these kind of prices, you really aren’t going to be too worried if it gets ruined by a small person or if you use them as pieces to keep you going while you are loosing the baby weight. The shaping of this well executed collection will not only be cool if we have a warm summer this year (I can dream can’t I?) but it also won’t highlight any trouble areas. I particularly love the cold shoulder styles. They allow you to show off a bit of skin yet it wont make you feel like too much is on show or self conscious in any way. I also love the embroidered details on most of the pieces. They add a touch of elegance  to what are simple shapes and pieces and will instantly make you feel better about yourself during a time where you may lack self-confidence.  hm2How good does Mummy Blogger Erica Davies look in the red, cold shoulder dress? She really proves that you don’t need to spend a fortune to look amazing and that you can look this good whilst being an awesome Mum. She also proves how good this dress will look with a matching red lip!

Go and check out the website for the full collection, but do it fast as I can guarantee these pieces wont be around for too long! Happy Hump Day everyone…have a lovely rest of your week!

Love Hattie x


2 thoughts on “38 Weeks

  1. dparry1992

    Ahh I remember this so well, right down to sitting in a ward having a glucose test. 32 weeks and already as big as most full term ladies!!! Gruff was 3 weeks early and still 8’1 plus I had extra fluid surrounding him! Size of a house. It’s so nice now to wear normal clothes, even if I did spend his first month or so earth side in Jeggings and striped tops haha


    1. Miss Hattie Jane

      I will probably be doing the same haha. Leggings have become my best friend the last month! Can’t wait to even wear a pair of jeans again 😂


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