Perfect ‘New Mum’ Gifts

bonbonballoonsHello my Lovelies! Today’s post is a slightly different one. Inspired by Danielle of The Gruffalos Mother blog, I wanted to do a blog post of all the amazing gifts you can purchase for a new Mum. This year is the first year for me where I actually know women expecting a baby and I really don’t want to be buying them the same old gifts. Buying for a new Mum can be rather daunting as you want to buy a gift that a new Mum will treasure and enjoy, not something they will end up having loads of.

I thought I would put together a list of unique brands that will hopefully help any of you out there who are completely stuck for gift ideas. As an Instagram addict I have come across some really beautiful products and these are just some of my favourites.

BonBon Balloonsbonbonballoons

Bonbon is a luxury balloon company based in London, that create the most wonderful balloons that you ever did see! I’m a massive fan of balloons and will find an excuse to have them at any occassion. Bonbons come in a rainbow of coloured and confetti filled balloons. Each balloon has a beautiful decorative string that has been hand crafted. You can buy a bonbon balloon as a gift for any occasion, so they are perfect to celebrate a new arrival. On arrival it will float up out of the box and the strings will carry your own specially personalised message. Guaranteed to make you smile! Prices start from around £30 and there are so many options avaliable.

Click here for website

Selfish Mothermother copy

Perfect for first time Mum’s, the Selfish Mother’s collection of sweats and tees allow a new Mum to wear her new title with pride. They are super-soft and so easy-to-wear, making it a perfect gift for the months after pregnancy where comfort is a must. As us mamas in the Western world have got it damn good, these sweats have been launched to show solidarity for the global sistahood.  All profits from sales of Mother designs go to an amazing charity that helps women in 8 war-torn regions rebuild their lives through training programmes. So not only can a new Mum look good but also feel good that they have helped women who are less fortunate. Prices are £30 for a tee and £45 for a sweat with £15 of each sale going to help women all over the world!

Click here for shop

The Milk Collectivemilkcollective.jpg

The Milk Collective is a shop for playful modern toy and accessories for a growing family. Their aim is to create gender neutral toys and accessories that can be enjoyed by children yet are still pleasing for parents to look at. My personal favourite item is the milk bottle rattle. These bottles start at £13 and come in black and white, as well as a limited edition ‘milkshake’ range that are a gorgeous selection of pastel colours. They are beautifully designed and very well made so make the perfect gift for a newborn.

Click here for website

This Modern Lifemodern life

A brand that I really love, This Modern Life combine modern, retro and vintage inspired items. They are passionate about supporting small businesses, and aim to continually increase their stock of eco friendly products. There is a huge selection of unique and individual products that are bound to make any new Mum smile and will satisfy all budgets. You should definitely check out their lighting and storage selections. I love their LED night lights that will brighten any shelf or surface in your home, as well as their selection of genious storage products. You can also purchase one of the insta-famous Light Boxes that are perfect for the livingroom, kids rooms or even for a birthday party.

Click here for website

 (Pictures taken from each company’s website)


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