39 Week Update


Since my last post I have been busy rushing from appointment to appointment making sure myself and little one are all good. Friday saw my final growth scan of this pregnancy, and no surprise, little one is still big. 38 Weeks into my preganancy and Sprout is measuring at a whopping 8lb 8ozs already! It is safe to say I am pooing myself. Not only have I got to go through labour, but I have to deliver what can only be described as a dinosaur too!

As a result they have decided that they won’t let me go over my due date. Unless Sprout decides to make an appearance before, I am due to go in to be induced on Friday 1st April. I would prefer not to be induced and everything happen naturally, but it is so reassuring to know that I am not going to go over 40 weeks. I had this awful fear that if I went over the 40 week mark that the baby would be so big it could get stuck. One thing I do not want (unless it is a matter of life and death) is the use of foreceps. I don’t want to have an instrumental birth at all and it is something that has been scaring me the last few weeks. Knowing that I can’t go over my due date has put my mind at ease as the risk of this is now lower as little one won’t be as big as it could be.

They did seem pretty hopeful that baby may make an appearance before inducement date so I have been booked in for the dreaded stretch and sweep, which I am looking forward to like a hole in the head. The first offer of doing this was on my Birthday on Saturday, which I did have to politely decline as I didn’t feel this would be the best Birthday present I could ask for. I am going to book myself in for some reflexology this week as everyone I speak to highly recommends it and it seems to have a good track record with bringing labour on. Pineapples and an exercise ball have become my best friends recently in an attempt to get Sprout moving too. Don’t know if they are going to help but I am willing to try anything at this point. Balsamic vinegar, basil, evening primrose oil…I am happy to try the lot.

I am also going to have to look into old wive’s tales for stretch mark remedies too. I knew mine were bad but it wasn’t until today when even the Midwife said there was an awful lot of them that I realised just how bad they are. I know she didn’t mean it horribly and she was just saying she felt sorry for me at my age, but it has made me super concious of them. I mean she must of seen thousands of pregnant tummies and if she noticed that enough to comment on it, they must be really awful! If anyone has any recommendations on how to ease your stretch marks they would be very much appreciated. Bio oil and Palmers stretch mark butters and creams don’t seem to be helping much.

Oh…one more thing…I might of found out the sex of Sprout on Friday too. I am so over the moon and can now really imagine my little one. I didn’t mean to find out but that is just how things go I guess. I won’t be sharing it on here until he/she is born so you will have to wait a bit longer, but it is fair to say I am so excited to see it’s little face so very soon!

Hope you all have a lovely week. The Easter four day weekend is so very nearly here!

Love Hattie x


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