Record Store Day 2016

25770659132_bb936d91d9_bA couple of years ago, rather reluctantly, I agreed to get up at the crack of dawn and queue outside my local music shop with Joe just so he could get his hands on some limited edition vinyl. I thought he was mad and he would of dragged me out of bed on a Saturday morning to beat a queue that just wouldn’t be there. Boy was I wrong? I had never heard of Record Store Day before and had no idea that so many people would be willing to turn up at stupid o’clock just to get their hands on music.

There was something about it though. Some kind of thrill of trying to get your hands on one of the limited copies they had of your favourite artist’s release. Up until that day I had only ever owned one vinyl. Since then my collection has grown and grown and vinyl has kind of become a thing that Joe and I share together. It is fair to say that I am a bit of a fan now and I will very much plan on attending  the event this year. Even with a little one in tow. rsd2rsdLast year Joe ended up filming a documentary for RSD, where we were lucky enough to be invited to the launch event and spend the weeks building up to the day interviewing record store owners around the country. One of my favourite stores we visited was Rough Trade in Shoreditch. I am so used to record stores being tiny little places where I am from so visiting the stores of London was a shock to the system. Rough Trade is a music emporium in an old brewery situated in one of London’s most edgiest areas. With a coffee shop selling a great selection of cakes and drinks, as well as the best halloumi toasties, book shop and regularly held in-store gigs, it really is worth a visit. They go all out on Record Store Day, so if you are lucky enough to get down to the area, I really would check it out! They also have a photobooth in store…what more could you want.

25590866210_f478a91093_b11151037_10155584545700014_915194540584852343_nThis year, with little one due so very soon, we won’t be making it down to London, so will be heading to our local store with the baby strapped to Joe’s front. I, as a massive Muse fan, will be after the limited edition 7″ Reapers vinyl this year. I’m not a massive fan of the song but the artwork on the vinyl is incredible so will be getting it for that alone. I must admit I am not the biggest music fan and I really don’t feel you have to be to attend the day. I personally love looking at all the artwork of the records and am often drawn to things because they look pretty rather than because they are good pieces of music. Last year, for example, I purchased a vinyl purely because it was a giant heart. I still to this day have no idea who it is by or what song it is and I don’t plan on finding out either as it is too beautiful to risk scratching. IMG_1027

I would seriously recommend checking it out. Each store goes all out to put on a really fun day, even the tiny little ones. This year RSD falls on Saturday 16th April and you can find out if your local store is taking part by checking out the Record Store Day website, where you can also find a list of all the releases. If you happen to be planning on visiting the Leamington Spa ‘Head’ store on that day, come and say hi. I will be the weird one queing with a baby strapped to me. Hope you have a good rest of your week!

Love Hattie x



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