Turning 24: Life Goals!


I recently read a blog post put together by Fashion Slave that got me thinking and I must say the opening sentence of Sophie’s post may just be one of the best I have ever read!

“The mercury may have only risen few degrees but I bet it’s just a matter of days before you witness some bizarre human stripping off their T-shirt, right down to just joggers and beat-up sneaks, swigging a can of red stripe at 11am on the high street celebrating the start (very very prematurely) of the Great British Summer. But whilst I most certainly cannot recommend that as a viable life choice, the fresh new start of the season gives the perfect opportunity to reassess and make some new goals”

With a baby on the way, this fresh new start that is promised with spring and turning a whole year older, I started to think about whether there is anything I want to achieve or if there is something I would like to change. I am not one to set #newyearnewme goals. However, since I am now feeling all grown up with so much responsibility arriving in just a few days, I feel that I do need to re-assess certain aspects of the way I live my life. So here are a few goals to kick things up a gear and hopefully make life that little less stressful!


Reign In My Spending

Reigning in your impulse buying is mentioned in Sophie’s post and I knew straight away this is something I need to do. Not just impulse buying but buying in general. We are all guilty of it and we all have that next thing lined up that we want as soon as pay day lands. I know I am one of the biggest culprits when it comes to not being able to resist things and online shopping is my biggest downfall. I need to stop and think ‘do I really need this’, espeically since I will be living on half pay during my Mat Leave. Cold turkey here I come!


Stop Avoiding The Phone 

I have always had an issue with making phone calls…I hate it. Need a doctor’s appointment…it will go away! Booking a table for dinner…if they don’t have online booking I don’t need a social life. Student Finance billing me an extra £9,000…they must of sent it to the wrong person. I have always tried to avoid the problem instead of just picking up the phone and making a simple call. Not tackling the problems head on always leads to issues getting worse, so this year I’m actually going to be a grown up about it and just hit call!


Do More Things Alone

One of the life goals set in the blog post that I agreed most with is…

“Earlier this week I wrote about how liberating me-time can be, but why doesn’t that apply to when you’re out and about? There’s still this stigma that you shouldn’t do certain things by yourself. The creepy person alone in the cinema or having a drink in the bar? Perhaps they’re not so creepy after all. Perhaps I’ll become one of them”

The sheer amount of things I have missed out on, turned down or avoided, simply because I have had no one to occupany me, is quite ridiculous. This has to stop. Life is too short to miss out!


Stop Comparing Myself To Others – Be More Confident

Easier said than done I know, but I really need to stop putting myself down and thinking others are doing better than me. I fear I am going to be hard on myself when it comes to parenting and think I am doing things wrong when I am probably making the same mistakes as every other new parent out there. I just need to remember that!


Get More Creative

This will link in quite nicely with my first point of curbing my spending. I am one for getting well and truly stuck scrolling through post after post on Instagram and Pinterest. There are so many quirky little projects I pin or like that I know I could sit down and put together myself – I just don’t. Instead of going out and buying, I could probably save myself a lot of money by simply investing more time into making things. It’s not that I can’t do certain things for myself, it’s just, I guess, I can be lazy. I always think someone else could do it better so now is the time to stop doubting, save some money and get making.


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