What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag!

Deciding what to pack in your hospital bag is a pretty big deal. You don’t want to get caught without anything yet you have limited space. I found myself surrounded by extra bags in hospital because there were things I needed extra of yet my hospital bag was half full of things I didn’t use. There are some things that aren’t necessary and some things that will be a godsend. I learnt the hard way so hopefully this list will help! I used a weekend holdall for myself and I had Ted’s items in his changing bag.


One of the things I got wrong was food and drinks. I had read that you should stock up on snacks for yourself and your partner, so that is what I did. However, half of the things I ended up fishing out of my bag a week or so later. I didn’t want to eat anything during induction or labour, so I would recommend taking a small amount for yourself as you will get fed. Lots of snacks for your birth partner is a good idea as you may not want them popping out to the cafe or vending machine. Cartons with straws are great, as are energy drinks. You will need these for your stay after labour as well so that would be something to make sure you have with you! That first night with little one can be long!


Big granny pants and big sanitary pads are an absolute must! I wasn’t expecting to have a c-section so just had some normal cotton pants with me. What I needed was enormous, Bridget Jones style pants that you can pull up over the stitches. Make sure they are pairs that can be thrown away afterwards for obvious reasons. Stock up on the large sanitary towels too as you could be going through a lot of them.


Several pairs of pyjamas are a really good idea. I took one pair and a big night shirt. The night shirt was a god send as my pjs sat right where my stitches were so weren’t a comfy option. I hate wearing dressing gowns so I had a hoody with me but I recommend a lightweight dressing gown as hospitals are always boiling.


A pair of thick socks are key as my feet got really cold during labour. Even with an epidural I still wanted some socks on.


The showers aren’t the most pleasant of places to visit so you might want some flip flops!


I didn’t need breast pads as my milk hadn’t obviously come in by the time I had left hospital. It may be an idea to pack a few just in case your stay is longer but don’t stock up on these.


I was so grateful I packed an extra pair of maternity leggings in my bag. They were great as I could pull them up over my slightly deflated bump and they wouldn’t rub on my stitches.


Something really comfy to go home in! My maternity leggings were perfect for leaving hospital in. My feet were super swollen when I left so luckily my trainers were able to be loosened enough to get on my feet. So make sure you have a pair of shoes that can allow for feet twice their normal size. I would also recommend a big oversized sweatshirt/jumper to come home in.


Phone/camera and charger to capture those essential first photos!


My pregnancy pillow was a godsend. It’s so much nicer to have your own pillow from home. I don’t think I stopped clutching it throughout labour.


Toiletries especially face wipes, dry shampoo and lip balm. I didn’t pack any lip balm and I was desperate for it during labour. Your lips can really dry out so make sure you have this with you. I would seriously recommend packing some really nice hand cream and body butter with you as well. I kept applying these after labour and they just made me feel that bit better about myself. A little bit of luxury can go a long way!


A baby blanket, for example a cellular blanket. It’s nice for your little one to have something of their own, rather than the hospitals, and you can bundle them up in it when they are leaving hospital. Cellular blankets are safe and breathable for your baby and are perfect for all year round.


You will need a few of everything for your little one. As a first time mum you can easily underestimate the amount of baby grows you will go through each day, so don’t just settle for a couple. The average stay in hospital is a night so you will need a least one sleep suit for both days, one for overnight and a spare! Same with vests! You will need a good supply of nappies too. This is something I underestimated so had to get family members to bring more.


Take cotton wool with you. Wet wipes aren’t advised for newborn skin so make sure you have a supply of cotton wool with you.


Muslins!! These will become an absolute godsend in parenthood so get used to carrying these with you everywhere. They are so useful!

Obviously if you are going in to be induced, you may want a few more items as it can be a long old process. My induction happened so quickly that I didn’t need any occupying at all. Things such as an IPad or Kindle, book or magazines, are really useful and act as a distraction from how long it might be taking. I wouldn’t recommend putting these in your hospital bag if you aren’t being induced as you simply won’t have time for these when little one arrives! They just take up space!

Hope this helps anyone who is, like I was, not sure what is necessary and what isn’t. I didn’t expect to have a c-section so was stuck without things I ended up needing. I would say to pack those few extra items as you never know and the last thing you want is to try and squeeze into knickers that are rubbing on your stitches! Trust me…it’s not nice!

Lots of love, Hattie X


You know you’re a new mum when…


You know you’re a new Mum when…

– Leaving the house requires two hours of preparation and you are still running late!
– ‘Nighties’ become your best friend.
– You are constantly checking for wet patches down the front of your shirt. Thanks boobs.
– You notice babies everywhere.
– Goodbye sexy underwear.
– You can’t get anywhere fast as complete strangers have to stop and talk to you “how old”, “what’s he/she called” etc.
– Hello sanitary towels…I had forgotten what you were like.
– Feeding time is the only chance to tweet, Instagram, catch up on the outside world.
– You have mild heart attacks in the night when you hear the slightest strange noise coming from the Moses basket. You never knew you could move so fast.
– You wake up freezing cold in a pool of your own sweat. Possibly the most unpleasant side to breastfeeding.
– Breast pads always end up rolled up in a sticky ball at the bottom of your bra.
– The washing machine is on constantly.
– Breakfast is eaten at noon, lunch at four.
– You never realised how good a cup of tea can be. Even better with  a piece of cake!
– You question everything and put way too much pressure on yourself.
– You have absolutely nothing to wear.
– You tell yourself that those windy smiles are actually genuine ones to thank you for all your hard work.

But, ultimately, you know you are a new mum when you have never loved anything the way you love that little person and your heart has never felt so full!

My Little Man Is Two Weeks Old! 

 I have been pretty rubbish on the posting front recently (you may be able to guess why) so I thought I would do a quick update on life over the last two weeks. How has that time gone by so quickly? I can’t believe that he is already two weeks. Time is flying and he is going to grow up so fast; he has already changed so much. He is starting to really develop his character and you can see his features developing right in front of your face. I wasn’t able to see resemblance to myself for ages but now I start to see tiny details of me in him. Including my chin… something I didn’t want him to have! Having a little one has really made me appreciate the small things in life and it has made me want to make the most out of every single day!

Week One

 It’s scary how fast that first week went. You are on such an adrenaline rush. Ted’s first two nights were spent in hospital with me. After the birth they weren’t sure if I needed a blood transfusion or not so wanted to monitor me over the next few days. Luckily it wasn’t needed and we were released to the world. Ted’s first night wasn’t too great but that was expected. Going from the noise and blinding brightness of the hospital to quite and the glow of a few night lights at home must be strange. Since that night though, Ted has been good to us. I know that will all change soon enough but I am grateful he has eased us into this parenting malarkey. The rest of the week was filled with visits from Midwives and family. We went out in the car a few times to get him used to the car seat but we mainly took it easy and got to know our little man. Ted also had his first bath on the Wednesday which didn’t go down too well. He wasn’t the biggest fan of being in the water. Gramps helped us do the first bath as I was way too scared. Even though he was practically sat in a puddle, you never know what could happen!

In terms of myself…the first week wasn’t too bad pain wise. I did feel very tired though and seeing guests was an effort. All I wanted to do was sit and watch my baby boy; I didn’t want to entertain. I can’t blame people for wanting to visit, he is darn gorgeous, I just didn’t feel quite myself. I fear the pain from the surgery was masked by the high I was experiencing of having my little boy finally in my arms! I know I did way too much and didn’t rest as well as I should of so I’m now hoping I haven’t done any damage! It’s hard to rest when you have a little one who relies on you so much. All you want to do is look after them and instantly would do anything for them. I have also felt very up and down. Day 3 (a.k.a D-Day) was filled with tears of both the happy and sad sort. Didn’t help that I had one very abrupt Midwife visit who made me question how well I was doing. One thing I have learnt is to trust your own instinct as you know your baby best. Don’t let people tell you how to parent. Especially those who don’t even have kids!!

Week Two 

 Ted’s second week on planet earth was a slight contrast to the first. This week has been full of family and friend visits, little trips out and some quality time as a three before Joe goes back to work. On Sunday we went to visit the spot where my Great Grandparents are scattered. As Ted was born on the anniversary of his Great Grandads death, I didn’t get chance to put flowers on his gravestone. Ted had his first lunch out and first trip to the park this week too. Was so nice to get out in the sunshine and spend some time together as a three. One lap of the park was enough for me but it was so nice to try and get moving and the fresh air did us all the world of good. Feeding has been a bit of an issue this week. At the ten day mark, Ted still hadn’t got back up to his birth weight so we are having to continue seeing the midwife until he does. He seemed to be wanting to constantly feed and didn’t seem quite himself during the middle of the week, so we have decided to top him up with formula milk. It’s not the ideal situation but we would much rather have a happy and healthy baby and so far he seems so much more content. With more formula milk comes Ted’s first projectile vomit. All over me! Thanks Ted. We registered Ted this week so he is now an official British Citizen. He is no longer known as Baby Fellowes and now known as Ted. This week has been very much full of firsts. In fact, as I’m writing this post, Ted is currently sat watching his first snowfall through my bedroom skylight. I didn’t quite expect snow in April so didn’t get Ted a proper winter jacket!

I have struggled with pain a lot more this week. Think it has finally hit me. My stitches are all healing well but the pain is more internal than it was before. Feels like everything is pulling back together. I have had to take things much slower as a result and have been resting up a lot more. I’m still very up and down too. One thing that has really helped me this week is being able to talk over the c-section with my Midwife and Health Visitor. I have been able to go through how I felt after Ted was born and get a clearer picture as to why things happened the way they did. That has helped me greatly and I feel far less teary about the event. I still get upset easily if I get stressed or worked up and I feel like I’m snapping or breaking down to Joe every now and then. I don’t mean to but I just find myself getting emotional. Joe has been great and so supportive and I’m very grateful for him putting up with me. Apparently it’s normal to be like this though so fingers crossed it goes soon! Other than that I’m enjoying being far more mobile and I feel more myself. I’m looking forward to getting out and about more and can’t wait to go on adventures with my little man!!

I just want to say again just how important it is to talk. If something is worrying you enough to make you feel down or on edge you need to speak to someone as it makes the world of difference. It has helped me so much to talk about how scared I was during that surgery. It was something that was really getting to me and I kept going over and over it in my head. I now feel so much better and that has all come from talking it over. It is so important to not bottle anything up!

Lots of love, Hattie x

Baby Canty has arrived! 

Sorry I have been absent the past few days…kind of been a bit preoccupied. I’m currently writing this post from a hospital bed at half three in the morning. The past few nights have seen about three hours sleep, I’m really sore and I haven’t done my hair properly in three whole days but I genuinely couldn’t be happier right now! Everyone…I would love you to meet Ted William Canty.

He arrived on Saturday 2nd of April at 9.51 am and weighed in at an impressive 9lb 6oz. He is my little bruiser and so worth the interesting delivery experience. I literally love everything about him. I love the way he jumps in his sleep and grabs his tiny, imaginary steering wheel. The way he sticks out his tongue when he’s hungry. How he grabs hold of your finger so tight, like he currently is right now so I’m typing left handed, like it’s going to fall off any time soon! And just how genuinely gorgeous he is. (Yes I know I just started a sentence with and but I haven’t really slept in three days so sue me). I’m going to share a more detailed post about his birth story very soon but I just wanted to let everyone know he is finally here! Everyone tells you about the overwhelming sense of love you get when you bring a child into the world but my god I didn’t expect to love him this much. I am absolutely besotted with him and I just feel so very lucky to get to see him grow and become a little person everyday. He became my world the second he came into it and my life already feels complete.

Love you so very much Teddy! X