You know you’re a new mum when…


You know you’re a new Mum when…

– Leaving the house requires two hours of preparation and you are still running late!
– ‘Nighties’ become your best friend.
– You are constantly checking for wet patches down the front of your shirt. Thanks boobs.
– You notice babies everywhere.
– Goodbye sexy underwear.
– You can’t get anywhere fast as complete strangers have to stop and talk to you “how old”, “what’s he/she called” etc.
– Hello sanitary towels…I had forgotten what you were like.
– Feeding time is the only chance to tweet, Instagram, catch up on the outside world.
– You have mild heart attacks in the night when you hear the slightest strange noise coming from the Moses basket. You never knew you could move so fast.
– You wake up freezing cold in a pool of your own sweat. Possibly the most unpleasant side to breastfeeding.
– Breast pads always end up rolled up in a sticky ball at the bottom of your bra.
– The washing machine is on constantly.
– Breakfast is eaten at noon, lunch at four.
– You never realised how good a cup of tea can be. Even better with  a piece of cake!
– You question everything and put way too much pressure on yourself.
– You have absolutely nothing to wear.
– You tell yourself that those windy smiles are actually genuine ones to thank you for all your hard work.

But, ultimately, you know you are a new mum when you have never loved anything the way you love that little person and your heart has never felt so full!


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