Teddy’s First Month

What can I say…this past month has been the fastest and very best month of my life. Can’t believe my Teddy Bear is a month already. I just know each month is going to go just as quick and I bet it won’t be long until he will be turning one!

It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know my little man over the last month and I can’t wait to continue to get to know him better and for all our adventures together. His little quirks are forever making me laugh. The way he shakes his head with excitement just before a feed. The way he stares at himself in his tiny rocket mirror on the car seat. The way he pulls the most unimpressed face when you have the cheek to pick him up whilst he is sleeping. He is so alert and he definitely can’t hide it when he doesn’t like something – it is written all over his face.


The past month has been full of first moments. First bath (he hated it), first lunch out, first walk in the park, first snow…the list goes on and on. The very best of these though has to be what happened in the last couple of days. Teddy Bear smiled for the first time! Ok it’s not a great big, laughing grin yet but he is definitely maintaining a smile that is a reaction to you. Not just wind! He is also really trying to lift his head, starting to make babbling noises and he is wriggling like mad trying to get about. I strongly believe that he is a bit of a genius but I bet that is something all Mums think about their child.

The hardest part about this first month has been my own recovery. I have just found myself feeling very slow, sore and all over the shop hormone wise. The worst of it all being the night sweats…I absolutely hate these and will be very grateful when they stop. Nothing like waking up in a panic all soaking wet at three in the morning! I’m getting back to my old self now but it does take time and I am having to admit I can’t do everything!

We have been so lucky with Ted that we are actually waiting for something to go wrong. He loves his food so eats well, as does he love his sleep. As long as Ted can hear or see that he is not alone then he is happy. Two of our biggest lifesavers have been the Chicco ‘Next To Me’ Crib and music. The first night at home we put Ted in his Moses basket and he hated it. He was lower than the bed so couldn’t see us or make out where we were. We didn’t sleep at all so in desperation we went and got one of the Chicco cots after hearing great reviews…and oh my god did it live up to its reputation. I would seriously recommend it. Ted is far happier in it. He can see us and is on the same level as us so, as a result, goes happily off to sleep. We also have been playing music quietly in the background over night. Ted doesn’t like the quiet, and why would he? It wasn’t exactly quiet inside me. The one night we didn’t do this we had a bad night so ever since we have played it very quietly just to take the edge of the silence.

4 Things I have learnt in my first month of being a Mum…


Relaxed and calm parenting makes for a more laid back baby. Staying calm, not putting pressure on yourselves and not expecting too much make for happier parents and, in turn, a happier baby. Throughout my pregnancy and into parenthood I have made a big point of not planning out every detail and going with the flow. I’m a strong believer in what will be, will be and as a result I’m been really relaxed about everything despite having difficulties. I really do believe that this is the reason Ted has been so good to us in this first month.


Becoming a parent reconnects you with old friends. It’s been so lovely to get back into contact with those who I have lost contact with over the years and become closer with those who I didn’t get to see as often as I would of like to.


 You will reassess your wardrobe situation. Suddenly the outfits you used to wear pre baby are no longer acceptable and you will live in a select few “approved” outfits until you can rebuild your new ‘Mum’ wardrobe. This may be because your previous clothes will not withstand the extreme amount of sick, spit and god knows what else that is about to hit them. It could also be the fact that, like me, you no longer fit into anything and anything fitted or stomach skimming will not mix with your new overhang. Thanks c-section! Or it could simply be that maybe that mini skirt is not quite appropriate to wear to the children’s centre or playgroup. Suddenly you need to become slightly more practical! But practical doesn’t mean boring!!


 It’s amazing how supportive other mothers are and how willing they are to help you out. This may be in person but also over social media. I have been able to get in contact with Mums all over the country and we are all rooting for each other. It’s funny how much a little “you are doing a great job” on an Instagram picture whilst doing the middle of the night feed can mean to you.

I can’t wait to see what this next month will bring. I find myself wondering what ‘firsts’ we will be celebrating this month. I know for one that Ted has his first wedding. In fact he has two to go to. We have family birthdays to celebrate, numerous parties and hopefully some nice weather to enjoy!

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week. Lots of love, Hattie x


2 thoughts on “Teddy’s First Month

  1. So good that you’re enjoying your mothering journey so far! I definitely agree with your points about being calm – I know I wasn’t very calm with my first baby (who wasn’t really a calm baby to begin with) so we ended up stressing each other out! Now that I have no.2 it’s a completely different story!


    1. Miss Hattie Jane

      It’s amazing! Nothing quite like being a Mum. I’ve really been trying to stay as calm as possible and I strongly believe that is why Ted is quite chilled out. I keep waiting for it to go wrong though ha.

      Liked by 1 person

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