The Reality Of Being A New Mum

I’ve done it…something I swore I would never do – I have become “practical” (I’m almost wincing just saying the word). I absolutely hate that word yet it is something I’ve used more in the last seven weeks than any other time in my life. Before I would take style over practical any day of the week. When I became pregnant I was determined to keep this up but there was a stage where the P word crept into my vocabulary. It all started with jeans with stretchy waist-bands for the growing bump and before I knew it I was living in Leggings. Something I had never even owned a pair of before pregnancy. I told myself that this practical-ness would stop post pregnancy and once I was back into my normal wardrobe. I imagined myself to be a yummy mummy, strolling around town with baby and I in on-trend outfits. Little did I know, seven weeks on, the leggings would still be a part of daily life and not looking to go anywhere anytime soon. Pre-baby I would spend a good chunk of my working wage in Topshop, Zara etc looking for things I liked as opposed to things I needed. Post baby and I will take a pair of trainers over statement shoes any day.

I’ve noticed that there’s a big difference between want and need since becoming a mum and I find it all very refreshing. Practicality is, I’m afraid to say, key in motherhood. That doesn’t mean you need to become frumpy – no one wants that – but you do find yourself thinking is that going to be ruined, can I bend over to pick baby up in that or how easy does it wash! And here are just some of the reasons why…

1. Projectile Vomit

Why am I the target for this? One more than one occasion now I have found myself being soaked through by a pouring stream of half-digested baby milk. Ive even found myself sitting underneath a stream coming from a mid-winding baby whilst in someone else’s house. The worst thing about it was my instinct reaction was to try and catch said vomit to stop in going on their brand new sofa! Thanks Ted!

2. Exploding Poos 

My god I have never seen anything like it. There you are, happily changing little one who is smiling away. You go to get the wipes out of the packet and in that time the smile is gone, fists are clenched, we have gone bright red and just as you turn back around…it shoots out like a rocket. Can you see why things that need to be washed easily are key now?

3. Dribble 

I never realised how much dribble can stain your clothes. A tiny bit of that milky dribble will stay there until your next wash no matter how many wipes you use trying to remove it!

Look at that face – it’s like butter wouldn’t melt!

This is just in the newborn stage. I dread to think what I’m going to look like when he’s eating solids.

It is these things mixed in with constant feeding, winding, occupying and housework that can really cause you to forget about yourself. I am a massive culprit in this. I have often found myself at the end of afternoon realising I’ve eaten nothing more than a Mars bar and only drank a luke warm cup of tea and a squash. When I think about it, it’s actually quite dangerous. I need to look after myself in order to look after Ted. One of the things I’ve found really useful is the ‘Plant Nanny’ app. It combines health with fun to remind you to drink water regularly. In order to keep the cute little plant alive you must give it water at certain times of the day. The app notifies your phone when your next drink of water is due so you don’t forget to drink throughout the day. It’s a really simple idea but has helped me out greatly and I feel so much better for it! Definitely worth a download for any new mums out there.

Another really simple, yet brilliant idea are Yes Mum cards!

It can be hard to feel good about yourself in the first few weeks of your little ones life and often give ourselves a hard time. These little brightly coloured motivators in a box bring a daily dose of sunshine that may be the motivation you need to give yourself more credit! Before I had Ted, I never thought something like this would be useful and ultimately, was a waste of money. It was just a way for someone, somewhere making money from writing slogans on pieces of card and selling them (why didn’t I think of this first). How wrong was I? When you are exhausted, covered in baby sick, got a stack of bottles to be sterilised and questioning ‘what has my life become’, that little card can completely lift your day. Perfect gift for any mums-to-be out there! When the reality of motherhood gets tough, a tiny bit of extra support can go a very long way!

Lots of love,
Hattie x



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