Pink For Girls, Blue for Boys. 



While pregnant, one of the main reasons I didn’t want to find out whether I was having a boy or a girl was I didn’t want them to have a personality mapped out for them before they had even arrived on this earth. I was reluctant to know as I would of been subjected to a tidal wave of pink or blue and all the gender stereotypes that come attached.

Why do baby girls have to wear pink? Why do baby boys have to wear blue? I almost feared finding out I was having a girl because I knew she would be showered in kittens, fairies and that sickly sweet shade of ‘baby pink’. Luckily I didn’t end up having to worry about it when I saw that 38 week growth scan and my little man wanted to make it perfectly clear he was a boy! It lit up orange and everything…there was no escaping finding out that day. I was so close!

We don’t expect grown women to walk around solely in pink, so why babies? It can’t just be for when sweet old ladies and well meaning strangers see our little bambino in their pram, they can cidentify them as a girl. I know a lot of people who have said about the amount of people who automatically assume their baby is a boy if they are not dressed in something pink and frilly. They are then met with a mixture of apologies, embarrassment and confusion when they are corrected.

There is enough pressure on kids without forcing them into generic gender stereotypes. Pink for girls, blue for boys, toys for girls and toys for boys; we have created a huge divide between the genders and it starts as soon as they are born. Look at slogans on t-shirts. Boys will always be ‘little monsters’ and ‘trouble’, whereas girls will be seen to be a ‘princess’ and ‘cute’. From birth my little man is being told what he will be and what is expected of him. Little girls can be trouble too – why are boys seen to be the naughty ones? The other day I had an old lady come up to me and ask if Ted was a boy or a girl. When I answered she turned around and said ‘oh I don’t like them, they are horrible’. Rude!

I love unisex clothes – added bonus when I have another baby and it’s less stuff to buy! I don’t have an issue with people dressing their daughters in pink if they love the colour. It is all personal choice and I think little boys can look just as cute in pink as girls do. I don’t want Ted growing up afraid of pink or pastel colours. I love colour and I feel we shouldn’t be restricted to a colour pallet just because we were born with or without a certain part. It shouldn’t matter what colour your baby wears. We shouldn’t put girls in pink, just because that’s what ‘should’ be done. Be creative, allow their personality to come through, dress them according to who they are not their gender. We don’t expect adults to follow the same rules, so why not free our little ones?


One thought on “Pink For Girls, Blue for Boys. 

  1. mrsoddbonesblog

    So true! I was the same with my children, I refused to dress my boy in blue and my girl in pink as I didn’t want them to fall into this stereotype from birth!


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