Ted’s Nursery Inspo

As you may or may not know, Ted wasn’t exactly what you call ‘planned’ so, as a result, Joe and I had to move in with my parents for the end of my pregnancy and until we could find a home of our own. Since I found out I was having a boy I have dreamed of creating the perfect little man’s room, yet those dreams have been pushed back and back due to ridiculous housing prices where we live. However, over the weekend, it seems that rather than taking a step back we can now take one giant leap forward. Just when I was thinking I was going to end up being that thirty something nerd that lives in their Mum’s basement, we only went and found somewhere!!! I am so unbelievably excited and, since we can’t move in until August, I thought it was about time to start planning and I thought I would take you guys on my journey with me into our first family home!


Obviously I am going to start with the main man himself as, come on, there is nothing more exciting than children’s products. I have had my theme planned out for so long that I can not explain how excited I am that I actually get to put it into place. So since my Grandfather was Canadian and Ted is known as Teddy Bear, I have wanted to create a Rocky Mountain/National Park theme room for Ted. I’m talking mountains, bears, wooden lodges, campfires…the lot. I want to capture a really old fashioned American camp with pennants and retro signs. Mixed with lumberjack prints, sequoia trees and antlers. I want it to feel like a proper adventure and capture that camp out feel.



How amazing is that bed? I really want to capture the wonder of the Rockies by painting mountains on the wall, have a very wooden feel to the room and have a monochrome/grey colour scheme with splashes of bright greens and red lumberjack checks along with the bright colours of camp flags and boy scout style patches.



I love the retro National Park posters and plan on hanging a fewof these or even creating wooden plaques to place them on. I love handlettered signs so am in the process of making up some old fashioned signage to place around the room. Our budget is quite tight so I plan on upcycling quite a bit. I’m currently working on an old chest of drawers by making it into a changing table for Ted by stripping all the paint and varnish back so you are left with the raw wood and using toy animals as drawer pulls. (I will be working on quite a few upcycling projects over the next few weeks so I might do a blog post or two going through the process – may even do a cheeky house tour when we move in).


I managed to pick up this great bear artwork by Lisa Jones – go check her out as her work is amazing! The awesome pennant flag and letter card are from This Paper Book I also love this downloadable ‘adventure is out there’ print by them…think I may be getting that one!

I also adore this ‘Bare Necessities’ print from Berylune (you must know hom much I love that shop by now). I love the simplicity of how it is hung and feel that it would fit into my camp theme very well. Think I may be using my voucher from the craft party for this one. Below are just a few items on one very long wishlist of mine (might of purchased the moose already…oops).


1. Mountain Floor Cushion | 2. Adventure Rug | 3. Shelf and Wall Stickers | 4. Explore Pennant | 5. Log Pillow | 6. Rocking Moose | 7. Child’s Bedding


I Wouldn’t Change Ted For The World, But I Want To Change The World For Ted!


I remember the first time I voted oh so clearly. I trundled down to my village hall with the badge of honour that was my polling card. Only turning eighteen two months before, I was lucky I was just in time to register before the deadline. Looking back, I had no clue what I was doing. It was the year the Lib Dem’s promised students there would be no more university fees. Little did I know that a few months later that idea would be steamrolled by the Tories and, in fact, fees were to triple. Even though I studied politics, I was guilty of going for who I liked the look of rather than studying the ins and outs of each party’s manifesto. At that point, I was the future.

It’s a bit different now. Long gone is the excitement of being an ‘adult’. I now feel this weight on my shoulders as my child’s future hinges on not only the choices I make, but the choices of others being made in village halls up and down the country. The world scares me and the European Referendum is making me very nervous. All forms of common sense seem to have long gone and in it’s place, a giant playground debate of who is better than who. It scares me because it affects how my child will learn, work and live. This decision really matters to them. Becoming a parent gives voting a kind of raw, desperate edge, because we’re deciding their future.

The murder of Jo Cox MP has really knocked me for six. I don’t understand how, firstly, anyone could do that to another person, and secondly, how one person’s views are seen to be better than another’s. Yes, we all have our reasons for the decisions we make but we have no right to judge others for that. When did everything become so full of hate?  It has become the norm to see it on a daily basis. Social Media and the News is full of stories of people hating on each other because of their religion or sexuality (but thats a debate for a different day). There is now two littles out there who have lost their mother and have one less person speaking up for them. Someone thought they had the right to take someone’s life and, with that, take away a part of those children’s lives. It scares me when I think about the world Ted will live in and what his life would be like if I wasn’t around to speak up for him until he can for himself.

Being scared for our children is a given. I kind of wish there wasn’t a vote but this is a decision that can’t be wiped up with Dettol. If we vote to leave the EU, I believe, it could be an economical, financial and cultural disaster. That is my opinion and I know others disagree but in a world full of hate, I don’t feel like we should give others another reason to hate us. Whether you are in or out it’s up to us to be brave and step up to vote for the sake of our children. Behind my vote, is a little vote, and that’s why I’ll be at the polling station next Thursday. I wish there was a proper adult present so I could continue to be carefree but there isn’t and I have to take responsibility for Ted’s (and possibly any other littles I have) future. This decision is going to effect the next generation far more than my generation or the one before me.

It’s so important for us parents to vote on our little’s behalf and turn up to vote next Thursday. I know how hard it can be to leave the house with a child. Just today I tried to leave the house when I was faced with the most epic of nappy explosions. I’m talking right up the back and me finding out, not by the smell, but by looking down at my top to be faced with a bad Pollock impression all down my front. However, even if it means going out with baby contents all down your front or back, it is so vital we all make our votes really count, and consider all of those who the referendum result will impact.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

The guardian of the shed, and all it contains, king of the BBQ, chief body for late night lifts and the one that has perfected the knack of fixing it (whatever it may be).  My hero dad is the go-to-guy for anything I can’t do, or when I need someone to do something with me. He can fix or make anything and there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for my Brother and I…and Ted too! Dads are one of the bedrocks of our lives, so in advance of Father’s Day, I have put together a little gift guide, for anyone stuck for ideas, to help make your Dad feel one in a million.

Personalised Chocolate Bar


As much as we all love a Toblerone, we have all picked up the Father’s Day version of the chocolate year after year and, lets face it, it’s getting a bit boring. I recently attended the Berylune Craft Evening where the wonderful ladies from Creighton’s Chocolaterie were personalising chocolate bars. Naturally I had to get one with Ted’s name on it (not that he could enjoy it) and I thought these would be an awesome added extra to any gift. (They would also make amazing wedding placecards and favours…two birds, one stone…you’re welcome). This year is my Dad’s first year being a Granddad so thought this would be an amazing gift to celebrate his new title of Gramps! Add their name, quote or something silly…they will add whatever you like as long as it fits. These are the perfect little something and you are guaranteed to be giving something no one will expect!

Troika Construction Tool Pen

Untitled copy 2

This robust and weighty pen is a perfect gift for the handy man in your life! If your Dad is anything like mine, he will love something like this. The large multitasking ballpoint pen comes with centimetre and inch ruler, spirit level, slotted and Phillips screwdriver and a stylus. What more could he want? Available from Berylune, this little guy will make your old man happy as Larry (whoever Larry may be).

Gift Experiences

Why not break away from the traditional gift ideas and book an experience day? It’s a great way to really treat your old man by giving him a day to do something for himself and not for everyone else. There are tonnes of different experiences out there…photography workshops to beekeeping experiences, carpentary days to pub tours… I even spotted a kite making workshop. There is something for every type of Dad out there and they are the perfect gift if you have been a little forgetful and have missed the last postal day. Yes you may have to spend a little more money, but that is your own fault for not remembering sooner!

‘Father To Be’ gift 


A message sent “from Mummy’s Tummy” for Dads to be. A lovely little gift for expecting fathers and something wearable for when baby is born. This little message is one that is sure to be treasured forever and will be that little something to get the Dad to be in your life even more excited for your little one’s arrival.

Record Player/Records


Possibly a slightly more extravagant gift but why not reignite you Dad’s love of vinyl buy buying him a record player? Or if he still has one lying around from back in the day, go out and grab some of his old favourites on vinyl for you all to listen to together. No one can resist the crackle you get when listening to a song on vinyl and, guaranteed, it will get your Dad reminising about ‘the old days’. Warning: Dad dancing may happen as a result of this purchase. Urban Outfitters have an amzing selection of record players, to suit a variety of budgets, as well as a great selection of vinyls. However, I would strongly recommend heading to your nearest record store and searching for yourself. Nothing quite beats sifting through the racks of vinyls and discovering an absolute gem.

Personalised Phone Cover

the mighty quinns

This idea came from Tigerlilly Quinn‘s recent post about the store Zazzle. She was asked to pick out some pieces from their store for Father’s Day and I thought this one was just fab. Her son has recently got into drawing and she had the picture he drew of their family put onto a phone case for his Dad. I know everyone out there has family photos put onto phone cases nowadays, but I really liked the simplicity of scanning in your child’s artistic masterpiece and having it printed onto something much more durable than a piece of paper.

I hope this post may have given you a few ideas. Here’s to all our wonderfully unique dads this Father’s Day.  Whatever you’ve got planned make sure it involves spoiling yours rotten.

Lots of love, Hattie x

Ten Weeks On…

Since Ted is reaching the TEN week mark I felt I should do a little update of life with my new title. I can’t believe it’s been ten weeks since this little man arrived on this Earth. My life has been so crazy and hectic but never felt as full of love as it does right now!

Ted is becoming more of a character each and every day. He’s smiling constantly now and really is babbling away. It’s so nice to have him respond to you. Just this morning I was greeted by smiles and baby talk rather than a cry or a scream. I think he feels he can connect with you more now and as a result he is so content. He’s lifting his head (even though he still looks a bit like a nodding dog, hence why he has adopted the name Churchie) and is really wanting to sit up and be a part of everything – God forbid you lie him down! I swear he is even trying to laugh now. Each day he is becoming more and more of a little man and it’s so exciting what milestone he will achieve next.

We always knew that Ted was going to be a big lad since I was told so many times when I was pregnant that I was having a dinosaur. When that 9lb 6oz ball of chub arrived, it was apparent that he was going to be tall as he is ridiculously long. To me though, he’s still so tiny! I guess I don’t know any different but I’ve always seen him as being teeny and fragile. That, however, has now changed. A few weeks back the NCT girls arranged a big Mama meet up. We all excitedly went to the park for the first time since all the babies had arrived. Everyone was busy cooing into each other’s pushchairs at the sight of newborns…until they got to Ted, where the coos soon turned into wows. Ted easily looked a good two months older than them all and his head, easily, looked twice the size. I clearly have an England rugby player in the making on my hands – even though his dad would prefer him to wear green! Not surprising really when, at his 6-8 week check, he was measuring 12lb 10oz!

It’s funny how, as the weeks go by, the sheer amount of things baby is experiencing for the first time slow down and the firsts for Mama start increasing. First time leaving little one with just Dad (truly terrifying), first date night, first proper haircut in what feels like forever…first full nights sleep maybe (I’m still routing for that one but I feel it’s getting closer). You start to get past the ‘I have a newborn’ stage (not that Ted has ever really looked like a newborn) and normality starts to kick in. I hated leaving Ted the first couple of times. I was constantly checking my phone and couldn’t take my mind of the thought of him. By the third time leaving him with my parents for a couple of hours, I quite enjoyed having some me time – I have never felt more guilty in my life. It was nice to have a chat with friends without being spat up on or having to constantly worry where the nearest changing facility was. I was allowed to be Hattie for a while, not just Ted’s Mummy. I hated the fact that I enjoyed some time to myself but I felt so much better afterwards for it. I think it is so important to make a little time for yourself, whether that be a nice hot bath, a hair cut or time with friends.

Even though I have been at this for ten weeks now, it still feels oh so new. Just when you get one thing cracked something else pops up. They like one thing one minute and hate it the next. It’s all part of the game I guess and I do love the challenge. I know I’m not the perfect mother, I don’t think there is such a thing. I’m ‘guilty’ of staring at my phone when I could be reading books to Ted but I would give that boy anything in my power and I completely devote my days to making him happy. There are times, like this morning, we you are covered in the contents of an exploded nappy where you think ‘what has my life become’ but ultimately I feel fulfilled. I feel like I’ve found something that I’m good at and enjoy and is worthwhile. I’d go so far as to say I think the world is a far better place with my little man in it. Teddy Bear needs me and I’m going to be as good a mother as I could possibly be!

Lots of love,

Hattie x

Things I’m Loving – May Edition 

For the little man…


1. Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil

Smells amazing and is great for both baby and mum. Great for that postpartum dry skin. Also works really well for cradle cap – do I need to say anymore!

2. Brother Max Whale Bath and Room Thermometer

I initially purchased a really cheap thermometer to chuck in Ted’s bath but it was rubbish. I don’t trust my own judgement on his water temperature as I clearly have asbestos hands and don’t think things are as hot as they are. This one is far more reliable and flashes red when the water is too hot for little ones.

3. ISI Mini Buddy Nursing Pillow

Not only is this a brilliant support for an ever growing pregnant bump and a super comfy nursing pillow; it is also a fantastic support for baby and allows you to have a much needed hands free few minutes. Ted loves this and it’s super cute! I used to prop Ted up in my boomerang shaped nursing pillow but I found this didn’t support him enough and he would slip down or could wiggle his way out. The Buddy Nursing Pillow gives enough support that your little one can’t get it’s way out of it by almost hugging them in place. All young babies want to be hugged and cuddled so this pillow can act as leaving your arms free to do the other ten million things you have to do!

4. Comotomo Teether Toy

 Yes this may not be needed just yet for teething but Ted is in the process of wanting to chew on things and this is great for him. It’s easy for him to grasp too and he seems to just enjoy holding it. Easily amused my boy!

5. Milk Moustache Leggings

Amazingly cool and quirky prints on a really high quality and comfortable product. So pleased with them! How cute is this shark print? If you are a fan of monochrome or graphic prints you will love their products. (The cross leggings Ted is wearing in the Nursing Pillow photo are also from there!)

For me…

1. Anything cactus

I can’t get enough of anything with a cactus on it. In all honestly, I have loved cactus prints way before the current hype. I even wrote a children’s book about one a few years ago. As much as I hate that it is such a popular trend right now, I can’t get enough of the sheer amount of products the high street is offering currently! It’s making me very happy.

Bedding: Urban Outfitters – Baby Shoes: Inch Blue – Vases: Howkapow – Biscuit: Not On The Highstreet – Trinket Dish, Make Up Bag, Garden Chairs: Oliver Bonus

2. Papergang Subscription

I’m a little bit addicted to stationary! In fact I’m very addicted so the idea of beautifully and exclusively designed stationary items being sent straight to your front door excited me muchly. You can either pay monthly or in blocks of months and my God is it worth it. The sheer amount of excitement I experienced opening the box was worth it alone. It’s like a tiny birthday at the end of each month! May’s box was perfectly themed with cacti – I literally couldn’t of been happier.

3. Off The Shoulder

 Another trend that is pretty huge right now but I can’t get enough of it. This is something I never thought I would go for but, after hours desperately searching for an outfit to wear to a family function, I thought I would give it a go. This trend is perfect for me in my current jelly, c-section belly situation as tops and dresses are loose fitting in the tummy area to compensate for having quite a lot of skin showing in the shoulder/neck region.