Things I’m Loving – May Edition 

For the little man…


1. Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil

Smells amazing and is great for both baby and mum. Great for that postpartum dry skin. Also works really well for cradle cap – do I need to say anymore!

2. Brother Max Whale Bath and Room Thermometer

I initially purchased a really cheap thermometer to chuck in Ted’s bath but it was rubbish. I don’t trust my own judgement on his water temperature as I clearly have asbestos hands and don’t think things are as hot as they are. This one is far more reliable and flashes red when the water is too hot for little ones.

3. ISI Mini Buddy Nursing Pillow

Not only is this a brilliant support for an ever growing pregnant bump and a super comfy nursing pillow; it is also a fantastic support for baby and allows you to have a much needed hands free few minutes. Ted loves this and it’s super cute! I used to prop Ted up in my boomerang shaped nursing pillow but I found this didn’t support him enough and he would slip down or could wiggle his way out. The Buddy Nursing Pillow gives enough support that your little one can’t get it’s way out of it by almost hugging them in place. All young babies want to be hugged and cuddled so this pillow can act as leaving your arms free to do the other ten million things you have to do!

4. Comotomo Teether Toy

 Yes this may not be needed just yet for teething but Ted is in the process of wanting to chew on things and this is great for him. It’s easy for him to grasp too and he seems to just enjoy holding it. Easily amused my boy!

5. Milk Moustache Leggings

Amazingly cool and quirky prints on a really high quality and comfortable product. So pleased with them! How cute is this shark print? If you are a fan of monochrome or graphic prints you will love their products. (The cross leggings Ted is wearing in the Nursing Pillow photo are also from there!)

For me…

1. Anything cactus

I can’t get enough of anything with a cactus on it. In all honestly, I have loved cactus prints way before the current hype. I even wrote a children’s book about one a few years ago. As much as I hate that it is such a popular trend right now, I can’t get enough of the sheer amount of products the high street is offering currently! It’s making me very happy.

Bedding: Urban Outfitters – Baby Shoes: Inch Blue – Vases: Howkapow – Biscuit: Not On The Highstreet – Trinket Dish, Make Up Bag, Garden Chairs: Oliver Bonus

2. Papergang Subscription

I’m a little bit addicted to stationary! In fact I’m very addicted so the idea of beautifully and exclusively designed stationary items being sent straight to your front door excited me muchly. You can either pay monthly or in blocks of months and my God is it worth it. The sheer amount of excitement I experienced opening the box was worth it alone. It’s like a tiny birthday at the end of each month! May’s box was perfectly themed with cacti – I literally couldn’t of been happier.

3. Off The Shoulder

 Another trend that is pretty huge right now but I can’t get enough of it. This is something I never thought I would go for but, after hours desperately searching for an outfit to wear to a family function, I thought I would give it a go. This trend is perfect for me in my current jelly, c-section belly situation as tops and dresses are loose fitting in the tummy area to compensate for having quite a lot of skin showing in the shoulder/neck region.


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