Father’s Day Gift Ideas

The guardian of the shed, and all it contains, king of the BBQ, chief body for late night lifts and the one that has perfected the knack of fixing it (whatever it may be).  My hero dad is the go-to-guy for anything I can’t do, or when I need someone to do something with me. He can fix or make anything and there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for my Brother and I…and Ted too! Dads are one of the bedrocks of our lives, so in advance of Father’s Day, I have put together a little gift guide, for anyone stuck for ideas, to help make your Dad feel one in a million.

Personalised Chocolate Bar


As much as we all love a Toblerone, we have all picked up the Father’s Day version of the chocolate year after year and, lets face it, it’s getting a bit boring. I recently attended the Berylune Craft Evening where the wonderful ladies from Creighton’s Chocolaterie were personalising chocolate bars. Naturally I had to get one with Ted’s name on it (not that he could enjoy it) and I thought these would be an awesome added extra to any gift. (They would also make amazing wedding placecards and favours…two birds, one stone…you’re welcome). This year is my Dad’s first year being a Granddad so thought this would be an amazing gift to celebrate his new title of Gramps! Add their name, quote or something silly…they will add whatever you like as long as it fits. These are the perfect little something and you are guaranteed to be giving something no one will expect!

Troika Construction Tool Pen

Untitled copy 2

This robust and weighty pen is a perfect gift for the handy man in your life! If your Dad is anything like mine, he will love something like this. The large multitasking ballpoint pen comes with centimetre and inch ruler, spirit level, slotted and Phillips screwdriver and a stylus. What more could he want? Available from Berylune, this little guy will make your old man happy as Larry (whoever Larry may be).

Gift Experiences

Why not break away from the traditional gift ideas and book an experience day? It’s a great way to really treat your old man by giving him a day to do something for himself and not for everyone else. There are tonnes of different experiences out there…photography workshops to beekeeping experiences, carpentary days to pub tours… I even spotted a kite making workshop. There is something for every type of Dad out there and they are the perfect gift if you have been a little forgetful and have missed the last postal day. Yes you may have to spend a little more money, but that is your own fault for not remembering sooner!

‘Father To Be’ gift 


A message sent “from Mummy’s Tummy” for Dads to be. A lovely little gift for expecting fathers and something wearable for when baby is born. This little message is one that is sure to be treasured forever and will be that little something to get the Dad to be in your life even more excited for your little one’s arrival.

Record Player/Records


Possibly a slightly more extravagant gift but why not reignite you Dad’s love of vinyl buy buying him a record player? Or if he still has one lying around from back in the day, go out and grab some of his old favourites on vinyl for you all to listen to together. No one can resist the crackle you get when listening to a song on vinyl and, guaranteed, it will get your Dad reminising about ‘the old days’. Warning: Dad dancing may happen as a result of this purchase. Urban Outfitters have an amzing selection of record players, to suit a variety of budgets, as well as a great selection of vinyls. However, I would strongly recommend heading to your nearest record store and searching for yourself. Nothing quite beats sifting through the racks of vinyls and discovering an absolute gem.

Personalised Phone Cover

the mighty quinns

This idea came from Tigerlilly Quinn‘s recent post about the store Zazzle. She was asked to pick out some pieces from their store for Father’s Day and I thought this one was just fab. Her son has recently got into drawing and she had the picture he drew of their family put onto a phone case for his Dad. I know everyone out there has family photos put onto phone cases nowadays, but I really liked the simplicity of scanning in your child’s artistic masterpiece and having it printed onto something much more durable than a piece of paper.

I hope this post may have given you a few ideas. Here’s to all our wonderfully unique dads this Father’s Day.  Whatever you’ve got planned make sure it involves spoiling yours rotten.

Lots of love, Hattie x


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