I Wouldn’t Change Ted For The World, But I Want To Change The World For Ted!


I remember the first time I voted oh so clearly. I trundled down to my village hall with the badge of honour that was my polling card. Only turning eighteen two months before, I was lucky I was just in time to register before the deadline. Looking back, I had no clue what I was doing. It was the year the Lib Dem’s promised students there would be no more university fees. Little did I know that a few months later that idea would be steamrolled by the Tories and, in fact, fees were to triple. Even though I studied politics, I was guilty of going for who I liked the look of rather than studying the ins and outs of each party’s manifesto. At that point, I was the future.

It’s a bit different now. Long gone is the excitement of being an ‘adult’. I now feel this weight on my shoulders as my child’s future hinges on not only the choices I make, but the choices of others being made in village halls up and down the country. The world scares me and the European Referendum is making me very nervous. All forms of common sense seem to have long gone and in it’s place, a giant playground debate of who is better than who. It scares me because it affects how my child will learn, work and live. This decision really matters to them. Becoming a parent gives voting a kind of raw, desperate edge, because we’re deciding their future.

The murder of Jo Cox MP has really knocked me for six. I don’t understand how, firstly, anyone could do that to another person, and secondly, how one person’s views are seen to be better than another’s. Yes, we all have our reasons for the decisions we make but we have no right to judge others for that. When did everything become so full of hate?  It has become the norm to see it on a daily basis. Social Media and the News is full of stories of people hating on each other because of their religion or sexuality (but thats a debate for a different day). There is now two littles out there who have lost their mother and have one less person speaking up for them. Someone thought they had the right to take someone’s life and, with that, take away a part of those children’s lives. It scares me when I think about the world Ted will live in and what his life would be like if I wasn’t around to speak up for him until he can for himself.

Being scared for our children is a given. I kind of wish there wasn’t a vote but this is a decision that can’t be wiped up with Dettol. If we vote to leave the EU, I believe, it could be an economical, financial and cultural disaster. That is my opinion and I know others disagree but in a world full of hate, I don’t feel like we should give others another reason to hate us. Whether you are in or out it’s up to us to be brave and step up to vote for the sake of our children. Behind my vote, is a little vote, and that’s why I’ll be at the polling station next Thursday. I wish there was a proper adult present so I could continue to be carefree but there isn’t and I have to take responsibility for Ted’s (and possibly any other littles I have) future. This decision is going to effect the next generation far more than my generation or the one before me.

It’s so important for us parents to vote on our little’s behalf and turn up to vote next Thursday. I know how hard it can be to leave the house with a child. Just today I tried to leave the house when I was faced with the most epic of nappy explosions. I’m talking right up the back and me finding out, not by the smell, but by looking down at my top to be faced with a bad Pollock impression all down my front. However, even if it means going out with baby contents all down your front or back, it is so vital we all make our votes really count, and consider all of those who the referendum result will impact.


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