Ted’s Nursery Inspo

As you may or may not know, Ted wasn’t exactly what you call ‘planned’ so, as a result, Joe and I had to move in with my parents for the end of my pregnancy and until we could find a home of our own. Since I found out I was having a boy I have dreamed of creating the perfect little man’s room, yet those dreams have been pushed back and back due to ridiculous housing prices where we live. However, over the weekend, it seems that rather than taking a step back we can now take one giant leap forward. Just when I was thinking I was going to end up being that thirty something nerd that lives in their Mum’s basement, we only went and found somewhere!!! I am so unbelievably excited and, since we can’t move in until August, I thought it was about time to start planning and I thought I would take you guys on my journey with me into our first family home!


Obviously I am going to start with the main man himself as, come on, there is nothing more exciting than children’s products. I have had my theme planned out for so long that I can not explain how excited I am that I actually get to put it into place. So since my Grandfather was Canadian and Ted is known as Teddy Bear, I have wanted to create a Rocky Mountain/National Park theme room for Ted. I’m talking mountains, bears, wooden lodges, campfires…the lot. I want to capture a really old fashioned American camp with pennants and retro signs. Mixed with lumberjack prints, sequoia trees and antlers. I want it to feel like a proper adventure and capture that camp out feel.



How amazing is that bed? I really want to capture the wonder of the Rockies by painting mountains on the wall, have a very wooden feel to the room and have a monochrome/grey colour scheme with splashes of bright greens and red lumberjack checks along with the bright colours of camp flags and boy scout style patches.



I love the retro National Park posters and plan on hanging a fewof these or even creating wooden plaques to place them on. I love handlettered signs so am in the process of making up some old fashioned signage to place around the room. Our budget is quite tight so I plan on upcycling quite a bit. I’m currently working on an old chest of drawers by making it into a changing table for Ted by stripping all the paint and varnish back so you are left with the raw wood and using toy animals as drawer pulls. (I will be working on quite a few upcycling projects over the next few weeks so I might do a blog post or two going through the process – may even do a cheeky house tour when we move in).


I managed to pick up this great bear artwork by Lisa Jones – go check her out as her work is amazing! The awesome pennant flag and letter card are from This Paper Book I also love this downloadable ‘adventure is out there’ print by them…think I may be getting that one!

I also adore this ‘Bare Necessities’ print from Berylune (you must know hom much I love that shop by now). I love the simplicity of how it is hung and feel that it would fit into my camp theme very well. Think I may be using my voucher from the craft party for this one. Below are just a few items on one very long wishlist of mine (might of purchased the moose already…oops).


1. Mountain Floor Cushion | 2. Adventure Rug | 3. Shelf and Wall Stickers | 4. Explore Pennant | 5. Log Pillow | 6. Rocking Moose | 7. Child’s Bedding


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