What I’m Loving Tuesday: Wooden Toys

As parents we all say that we won’t be seen to have any plastic, all singing, all dancing toys in the home. Instead our children will play with cute wooden toys that we would be proud to have on display all over our living room floors. Yet somehow our littles are far more interested in the flashing piece of plastic that plays twinkle twinkle on repeat! However, wooden toys are fast becoming more than just a static object so you can have the dream of a beautiful looking toy that will entertain your little ones just like those plastic contraptions we all love to hate! I’m a massive fan of wooden toys however, until recently, I thought them to be a little bit stuck in the past as they seemed to be the same sort of toys I used to play with as a child. The other week I was trawling through Instagram (as you do) and I came across the amazing Scout and Co site that had the best set of wooden toys that I had never seen before and, let’s just say, I now have a wish list as long as my arm!

Candylab Toy Cars 

Candylab Toys create wonderful heirloom wooden toy cars, inspired by the “glamorous 1960s American modernist vibe”. Deliberately elegant, super-durable and simple, these beautiful cars are the opposite of today’s forgettable plastic toys, and encourage imaginative play while also looking extremely good on a shelf when not being played with!

Kukkia Mini City 

Japanese brand Kukkia creates wonderful tactile wooden toys that inspire kids’ imaginations. Take control of the Big Smoke with this mini version of London! Contains six wooden play pieces (including iconic London favourites like the British Museum, London Eye and a black cab), two magnetic chalkboards and eco-chalk!

Twig Creative Wooden Camera 

A handmade, solid wood toy camera that lets your kids capture moments with their imagination and not your expensive DSLR camera. The best part? It has moveable knobs, pushable buttons and a rotating viewfinder for maximum, picture-taking effect and brilliant imaginative play.

Kukkia Interactive House 

Your childhood favourite etch-a-sketch just got a beautiful Japanese wooden makeover. Use the magnet pen or shaped magnets to draw pictures, erase and draw again endlessly on this four-coloured ‘magic board’. Pull the mini dog along to erase the picture and play noughts and crosses and keep a tally with the mini abacus.


Weekend Away: Bristol

To mark the start of Joe having two weeks off we treated ourselves to a night away. Joe’s family friend was playing a gig in cute little pub in Bristol so we thought it was the perfect opportunity to get a night away and have a little city break.

Described as more of a collection of villages rather than a city, Bristol makes for a vibrant weekend break. With a fiercely growing independent music scene, famous street art and evolving foodie reputation, Bristol is definitely a city not to be missed. It’s very easy to get about on foot making it incredibly pushchair friendly and there is plenty for all the family to do.

A local record company known as Breakfast Records were holding an”All Day Breakfast” gig in the newly opened White Rabbit pub. They hold events all over the city and celebrate the local talent. They even release their artists work onto cassettes you can purchase! Joe’s friend’s band ‘Green Hands’ were up first which was perfect timing with a baby as it wasn’t too busy and not too late either. The White Rabbit pub is adorned with street art inspired rabbit illustrations and has the cutest garden terrace. The pizza and paninis they have on offer are on point and it is the perfect location for a lazy weekend pint!

Since it was an “all day breakfast” event, the pub put on breakfast pizzas especially for the event. Strange but oh so good!

As we knew we were going to a live gig we purchased ear defenders for Ted beforehand off Amazon – I seriously don’t know what I would do without that website! How cute does he look in them? They started to get a bit heavy for his head by the end of the gig so he ended up resting it on us but it’s worth it to not hurt his hearing!

There is loads of live music going on around the city and I would really recommend checking out some of the local bands if you happen to stumble across any events happening. You never know…they could be the next big thing. I thought I would put together a little list of other things to do whilst in Bristol that are good for all the family!

See: Street Art

The weekend we were visiting was also the weekend of the much talked about Upfest. This is where street artists paint live at certain locations around the city.  Each of the venues becomes a painting or music venue for the festival weekend, where visitors can chat to artists while they create their pieces.

As part of Mr Men Little Miss’ 45th anniversary celebrations, the team behind some of the most famous books and characters have teamed up with Upfest and Bristol’s much loved graffiti artist, Cheo to introduce a new member of the Mr Men family, Mr Graff.

Do: Where The Wall Street Art Tour 

It’s 2 hours of street art brilliance where you’ll see some of the city’s most incredible urban artwork, including Banksy – obviously! The tour is led by John Nation, a Bristol graffiti godfather who worked with a young Banksy and who is still friends with the artist today.

We obviously had to go Banksy spotting while we were visiting. Would be wrong not to!

Eat: Pieminister

There’s a pie with your name on it waiting at Pieminister in Stokes Croft. Pieminster makes a great lunchtime pitstop or dinner joint. Its sleek, industrial interior is comfy, rather than cosy; this is tradition done with a distinctly modern crust. Choose your pie, gravy, and side – they have the best Mac and Cheese – just  don’t think about the calories…especially when you look at the dessert pies they do too!

I had seen this place recommended all over Instagram and , since Joe is a pie fan, I knew it was a must visit spot. It was said that it gets very busy on the weekend so you should book online yet we didn’t find this to be the case – I don’t know whether people in Bristol eat later but going at a family appropriate time (around six) meant we didn’t have to book! I would say that if you are going out with really young children to go earlier on as, later at night, the area can turn into more of a partying scene – great if you are into that but not that great with littles about.

Do: Bristol Zoo

If you are looking for fun for all the family then Bristol Zoo really is the place. I didn’t get chance to visit it this time but from my previous visit, I couldn’t recommend it enough. With loads of interactive enclosures and stands around the zoo, the inner child in you will be bursting to come out. You can even arrange to spend the night in the zoo’s Lodge!

Visit: Harbourside 

Head down to Bristol’s waterfront – it’s buzzing with independent shops, hip cafes, and cool museums. When the sun is out, no one can resist the chance to chill and chat by the water’s edge. You can jump on a boat ride here, sip on a beverage or just wander along the cobbles soaking up the relaxed vibe. I would strongly recommend a visit to The Watershed which is super family friendly and open for breakfast right until the late hours of the night.

Visit: The Clifton Suspension Bridge

Designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel and opened in 1864, five years after he died, the Clifton Suspension Bridge is a must-do for a weekend in Bristol. It is also a must see whilst the city’s annual Balloon Fiesta is taking place. This year the festival starts on Thursday the 11th of August and goes on all over the weekend. Mass flights going up every morning and evening and I can only just imagine how amazing it all must look from the Bridge.

What I’m Loving Tuesday: Dinosaurs

If you know me then you will be well aware of my obsession with Dinosaurs. I can’t get enough of them and, I’m sorry Ted, but you will love them too! My Instagram page is a true reflection of my dinosaur obsession. I didn’t realise just how many dinosaur things I have posted until I created this post today and went through it all! Oops!

It doesn’t seem to be that I am the only one with this obsession…Autumn/Winter collections have gone mad for them too. As more and more new season collections are being released, the shared love of dinosaurs is becoming more apparent and they are literally everywhere. Cath Kidston, Next and Joules are just some of the brands who have adorned little one’s clothing with Roar slogans and cute illustrations. I have put together the best of the best and thrown in some other pieces I have come across that I just couldn’t resist. I even dug out an old illustration of mine (above) especially for this post!

Top: Next, Leggings: Ted&co, Pouch: Cath Kidston, Toy: Marks & Spencer (they have a dinosaur skull one too).


Next is full of Dinosaurs this season for little boys…and I may of purchased most of it already! From the most adorable pram shoes, knitwear, tees and embroidered jeans, they have it all covered. How amazing is that hat?

This Modern Life

For the nursery, This Modern Life has you covered! With graphic prints and the coolest origami nightlights (we might own the mint one) what more could you need for any little dino lover?

Leggings: Fred & Noah  


I’m so in love with Joules’ take on the dinosaur trend and especially in love with that backpack! I feel like Ted will need that one when he does to nursery. Joule’s have a really graphic and colourful collection of dinosaur prints and one of the only ones that include skeletons as well! Really worth a look!

Thrills Of The Emporium 

Not forgetting you adults out there…isn’t this guy the best? Thrills Of The Emporium is the cutest little shop just down the road from me that celebrates all things quirky. It’s literally my heaven and this guy here has been on my wish list for so long. I keep hinting for him so hopefully one day he will be mine!! I’m also obsessed with this neon sign!! If you haven’t yet you need to visit their Instagram page @thrillsoftheemporium !!

Last, but not least, some actual dinosaur toys!! How amazing are the colours of these ones stocked at Retro Kids?

Hope you all have a lovely week!!

Lots of love, Hattie x

Having A Baby: Expectation V Reality

Thanks to a lot of reading, I was well prepped for the no sleep, no sex, sore nipples, saggy vagina, saggy boobs, loose skin and stretch marks. If I expected the worse it wouldn’t be too much of a shock. I was all set for the loss of my social life, so much so watching Game of Thrones, heavily muted, in the very early hours of the morning became the highlight of my week. I had purchased the fat sanitary towels that can only be described as walking around with a loaf of bread between your legs, and stocked up on breast pads. I was a realist and expecting my post birth self to be in a pretty bad state. I obviously wasn’t expecting a 15cm abdominal scar but hey ho that’s life! There were things that I may have been a little naive on though. Being a first time parent you have no idea what to expect so I have put together a few little reality checks. Please note this is only a bit of humour and being a parent really is the best job in the world. Not to say it’s all easy breezy but it is all worth it in the end.


Expectation: Yes it’s going to really hurt but I should be able manage my pain and not shout/swear/moan at my partner!
Reality: It sucks. Being induced sucks. Gas and Air did nothing for me…it was all about the epidural. Before that I feel that I probably did all of the things I said I wouldn’t do (not that I really remember). I’m not a ‘huggy’ person so I just wanted to be on my own. I also didn’t expect just how little dignity I would have by the time Ted would arrive. There you are sprawled out for the world and you just don’t care. Made me far less concerned about taking my bra off for an ECG or getting it all out for a smear test now!! (On a side note…it’s so important you have a smear test. I know it’s unpleasant but life saving).


Expectation: Yes it’s a massive change but give me a few days and I will start to be in the swing of things. I’ll be fine!
Reality: After a few days of complete euphoria, all cosied up in hospital with one very sleepy newborn…day three hits…and so do the hormones. You thought pregnancy made you emotional…just you wait. You cry when baby cries, you cry because the health visitor is late, you cry because you thought about crying etc. You have never doubted yourself more and…guess what…you cry! It does get so much better but my god are those hormones powerful.


Expectation: Yes I’m going to be surrounded by dirty nappies and the odd projectile vomit but surely it can’t be that bad?
Reality: No one can quite prepare you for the stench that can be made by someone so little or just how far a dirty nappy can explode. I knew Muslins would be needed but I wasn’t expecting how many of them I would go through in one day…or vest and outfits for that matter! Dribble bibs will become your best friends and you will find them everywhere. I swear I’m producing them! I also wasn’t expecting that I would be wiping milky fluff from the rolls of a chubby little neck, cleaning spew off my jeans with a wet wipe -that counts as clean right? – or I would be enduring the twice weekly fight of trimming the world’s fastest growing fingernails. Even though I would like to go out not covered in dribble wearing this seasons latest accessory of the Muslin square over the shoulder, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love the challenges motherhood brings and it’s made all the better that every time you wipe the dribble of Ted’s chin, you are greeted by the biggest smile as someone loves the fuss!!



Expectation: Yeah it may take me a little while but surely I will be able to squeeze back into my mint leather skirt or that gingham 50s style dress I am yet to wear by the end of the summer?
Reality: There is about a month and a half left of summer and I can barely squeeze a leg into that leather skirt! The bum and hips I didn’t think could possible get any bigger did in fact do so and a combination of two stubborn extra stone and a mum tum are limiting my options.

However, my mindset is definitely changing and I’m feeling far better about myself. This is probably been helped by the fact that the London tube map adorning my tummy is starting to fade and I’m now far less cottage cheese and more jelly on a plate. I will take jelly over cottage cheese any day!! I read in a blog post recently that “Your body shape has changed, so you’re dressing for a shape you’re not familiar with, and one that is constantly changing. You’re a different person when you’ve had a baby too, so you need to get your head around dressing for a new identity” This is so very true and has summed up what I’ve been feeling for the past three months. I love my new identity and I definitely don’t want my old one back so why am I trying to get back to that? It may take me a little while to establish exactly who the new me is but, in the meantime, I’m not going to keep punishing myself!

Oh and on the plus side…I’m down 4lbs. Wool! I’ve been trying to loose weight for a while now but the scales haven’t shifted so this has made me one very happy Mama!

Have a lovely rest of the weekend!!

Lots of love, Hattie x

This was what I got up to after writing this post on my phone whilst having a sleeping baby lying on my chest…dribble much! Told you those dribble bibs will become your best friend! Excuse the tired Mama bags as well…it’s been a long day!


What I’m Loving Tuesday! Bobo Choses 

Today marks the start of a new (hopefully) weekly post! I’m going to start doing a short post on something I’m loving that week. I want to change it up from week to week so it includes fashion, interiors, a designer perhaps (I did study design so it would be wrong not to) but more than likely it will feature a lot of children’s fashion, toys or Mum accessories! Let’s face it my life revolves around the latter now so it would be weird for me not to include it!! So that is exactly how I am going to start it all and this week I am focusing on children’s fashion in the shape of the brand Bobo Choses.

This week the world of insta mums has been bombarded with the new Autumn/Winter collections. Just after we have spent a fortune on sale clothing they go and drop irresistible fall clothing lines that are just too cute to ignore…goodbye money!! A collection that has had me drooling is that of Bobo Choses. If you didn’t see their Spring/Summer collection that has just gone, then where have you been? It was another beautiful collection based around the work of great artists. It was a colour loaded collection full of Matisse style shapes and quirky Picasso style illustrations. I didn’t think they could top this collection but boy did they. Their new range “How To Disappear” is so just amazing! Inspired by the world of magic, the collection pays tribute to the children’s sense of wonder towards the extraordinary.

The last, definitive trick to astonish your entire audience: Solemnly, bring your hands to your face, covering your eyes and… PRESTO! You have disappeared, total invisibility! You don’t see anyone therefore nobody can see you. No peeping or you’ll be discovered!

Remember, anything can be possible with only so much as a little bit of magic powders while shouting ABRACADABRA!

With sweatshirts adorned with the cutest illustrations and pieces to make any adult wardrobe jealous, this collection is definitely one not to be missed!

My Top 5 Baby Brands

The ever so lovely Tricia of Patricia Parisienne suggested I create a blog post of five baby brands that I am loving right now. It has been hard to narrow it down to just five as there are so many amazing brands out there. After a lot of thought I have put together a list of brands that covers a wide range of products that I am seriously loving right now. Let me know what you think and what brands you would put in your top five list!

1. Aden + Anais

Aden + Anais offer a beautiful range of muslin swaddles, bibs, muslin squares, sheets, sleeping bags, comforters and more! Each and every product is made from high quality, breathable and super soft muslin which gets softer with every wash. I just love the vast array of styles and prints Aden + Anais offer, whether you want to go bold – like me – or keep it simple, there’s something for everyone!

As a Mum, we all know how vital Muslin cloths are and just how much of a disaster it is if you leave home without one. When buying all the things I needed before Ted was born I opted for buying the cheaper Muslin squares thinking that there couldn’t be much of a difference. When Ted arrived I was gifted an Aden + Anais Muslin square and I was so impressed that I went out and purchased more of them. Yes they are more expensive but it really pays off to spend that little bit extra. This has become particularly apparent after a few washes. The cheaper versions have lost their colour, become tough and have lost their shape, whereas the Aden + Anais ones are as good as new even after taking a beating. Ted loves rubbing a muslin cloth over his face so for me it is so important that they stay soft and comforting for him. I now own so many of these beauties and the latest to my collection is the new Disney range. As soon as it launched I found the Winnie The Pooh and Jungle Book Classic Musys to be in my online basket.

2. Childs Farm


Childs Farm is an award winning British brand that uses natural ‘free-from’ ingredients and essential oils to produce mild, kind and delicious smelling toiletries that care for the skin and hair of newborns, babies and children.

This is a brand I am completely in love with – so much so I have now become an ambassador for the brand as I believe in it so much. I have grown up suffering with eczema and really bad dry skin and has caused a lot of confidence issues for me over the years. I can not used any perfumed products and everything I do use has to be extremely mild. I strongly believe that I will not put anything on Ted’s skin that I couldn’t put on my own and, as a result, I test all his products on me first. Ted doesn’t have eczema (yet) and has mildly dry skin but these products are so gentle and kind to baby skin that I wouldn’t dream of using anything else. Not only are the amazing for baby’s gentle skin but they smell unbelievable too. They can be used from birth onwards and, I’m not going to lie, I love using them on myself too. If you haven’t tried this brand of product yet I would seriously recommend them as they make even the driest of skin soft and smooth and really do leave you with one beautifully smelling child! If you are interested in giving them a go you can get 30% off online using my unique code – CFAMB246 I also have some free samples to give away so if you are interested let me know!

3. Cosatto 



Another British brand, Cosatto bring the thrill of colour, pattern and quirky design to the world of baby stuff. They believe every newborn needs a brilliant fanfare of joy and colour and boy do they deliver.

This is a brand that I have only recently fell in love with. After reading many a review on various Mum sites and after sifting through tonnes of internet sales pages, I decided to go with Cosatto for Ted’s highchair. It arrived the other day and, oh my god, was I impressed. First of all, there colours and prints are unbelievable! I’m obsessed with colour and this brand celebrates it in all of it’s glory. Secondly, their products are amazingly well made and are so easy to use! Ted’s highchair is well designed, can be folded away easily – essential in a flat – and is so easy to clean. It is also so comfortable for him. A lot of chairs out there are easy to clean but seem to be rock hard so the Cosatto chairs are the perfect solution. If I didn’t live in the middle of nowhere, where an off-roading buggy is essential, I would definitely of purchased one of their pushchairs. I am looking to get a stroller and a new car seat from this brand as soon as Ted is old enough and I can not wait for the injection of colour in my life!

4. Boon


Boon offers a wide range of products that help parents all over the world. They are committed to creating nothing but the most innovative gear whilst keeping it affordable. Boon’s design studio is always in motion, tackling one parenting challenge after another with a strong commitment to quality and safety. They bring a little bit of joy to the mundane and manage to create products that really work whilst looking great.

I first became aware of this brand whilst looking for a baby bath. Living in an annex with only a shower and the tiniest of sinks, a baby bath was essential for us. I fell in love with the Boon baby bath not only because it was bright orange – everything we got for Ted was orange so it was a must for us – but because it was designed so well. Now that Ted will be starting on solids in the coming months I have started looking around for weaning products and I can feel my bank balance going down already when I discovered what Boon had to offer. I love their cleaning equipment, including this amazing drying rack above, and the little things they have thought of to make weaning easier. Every detail has been really thought through and it all looks amazing. I would like to say that I am someone who takes practicality over design but I am a sucker for colour and anything that stands out. Boon products have the design appeal that I’m a sucker for and withstand the battering baby products often take.

5. Milk Moustache 


This is a brand I have mentioned previously, but I just love Milk Moustache leggings. Even at three months, I feel Ted is still to young to be wearing baby jeans or trousers as they are just too heavy and stiff so I have always dressed him in baby leggings. These are so soft and comfortable for him and it means he can wear outfits that aren’t sleep suits or rompers. I’m obsessed with the prints Milk Moustache have to offer. I especially love their graphic monochrome prints that I often pair with bright tees or oversized sweatshirts. They are so well made and wash amazingly. I have never got excited about something washing well before being a Mum but these leggings are still as bold as they were when we first got them.

Ted Three Months On! 

I can not believe it has been three months since my little man graced the earth. Everyone said make the most of it because it will go so fast but I never expected it to go this fast. As Joe and I have found our first family home I am going to have to go back to work in September to help cover the costs. This is something I’m really not looking forward to but I know that I’m helping to give Ted a lovely home by doing so. With the help of Grandmothers and a tiny bit of nursery, I am going back part time as of the 5th of September so I’m trying to make the very most out of every day until then…I just wish the weather would Buck up!! I know it will be here before we know it!

Ted has managed to achieve so much in just 13 weeks of life and I can’t wait to see what he is going to achieve next. He has obviously reached the standard newborn baby milestones such has first bath, first car journey, first smile (this one is my favourite so far) but he is now starting to reach the really exciting time of becoming so much stronger, active and with it. He is starting to giggle, he chats away to you and he is obsessed with food. Every time you go to eat now he sits there watching you copying you chew. Nothing has ever made me more conscious of how I eat than a baby mimicking what you are doing. I really don’t think it will be long until we start weaning as everytime food is around he wants to get involved – he hates being left out and really wants to be doing what we are. He is also starting to regularly sleep through the night (insert thank God hand emoji here) and nothing quite beats that first morning when you wake up to crying and realise it’s seven am and not half two! I didn’t quite believe it and had to go count the bottles in the fridge to make sure I didn’t feed him in my sleep.

We are struggling to get Ted into a bit of a routine at the moment. I feel this is down to us moving about as I have had to move over to Joes until we can move into our own place. I was just getting Ted into a nighttime routine before we moved but now that is completely out the window. Ted is awake most of the day so it is hard to establish a daytime nap. He will probably have two half an hour naps in the day and they literally can happen at any time. When he is awake he is wide awake and wanting to play…there is no chance of us putting him down to sleep if he is not tired. I very much believe in letting him lead during the daytime and let him sleep when he is tired. He is so chilled out that way that I’m happy for that to continue, as he tends to eat at regular times and he’s really content. I would like to establish a nighttime routine – not super regimented but enough so we have a rough bedtime each night – but with us moving again in a few weeks I’m not too sure of what to do. I try to do the same things every night, which I believe he used to recognise as a signal for bedtime before, but now the timings always change. Do any of you have any tips on how to deal with moving and routines? I’m not one to be super regimented and do believe in giving yourself a 1 to 2 hour window. Before he was roughly starting to go to bed at half eight and I was working on bringing that forward gradually but now he just seems all over the shop. He is so happy and content that I know moving hasn’t disturbed him too much but he just doesn’t settle very well at night at the moment and I now worry about moving him into his next cot. So any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Ted’s face here pretty much sums up his mood at the start!

We took Ted swimming for the first time the other day. It’s fair to say he wasn’t sure to start with and it didn’t help that the float he had was too big for him (even though it said from 3 months) and he must of felt like he was sinking down. He couldn’t go under but I can see why he preferred to sit on our laps in the shallow end than be in that ring. After a while he really settled into it and started splashing his hands around. At this point I realised that I no longer have a newborn. He is so with it and just constantly wants to interact with you. And if you don’t interact with him you will know about it as he will start talking at the top of him voice until you pay him attention. We weren’t in the pool for long as babies get so cold (not going to lie…I was cold too) but I felt it was a successful first trip. I really want it to become a regular thing as swimming will help me get back into shape and I want him to get used to the water and not be afraid of it.

I’m starting to get my figure back. Still a long way to go!

In terms of myself, I’m doing pretty good three months on. I have the odd day where my scar kills and I feel like everything inside me is pulling back together but I am far more active now and feel more myself. Looking back, the worst of it all was the hormones. You can be effectively cut in half yet some silly little hormones can make you feel far, far worse. I have never felt so up and down in my life and it’s scary to think how much they control you. I have definitely made quite a few mountains out of molehills in those first six weeks of postpartum. I’m happy to say those days are now behind me and I’m feeling far more content. I’m realising now just how out of shape I am and plan on doing some gentle exercise so I’m not breaking a sweat at the smallest amount of physical activity. I did make the massive mistake of thinking it was a good idea to go trampolining last week. Thought I could be careful and the exercise would do me good…boy was I wrong. I was so conscious of pulling my stomach that I managed to rip a muscle in my back trying to stop myself going too high. Not only was it agony but it was made far worse by having to tell the doctors in A&E that you had done that 12 weeks after a c-section. It’s fair to say I got told off! Never again am I trampolining!!

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend.
Lots of love, Hattie x

Summer Bucket List

As I only have two months until I have to return back to work (Joe and I have found our first family home and I have to bring in the extra funds so we can afford it) I wanted to make a list of everything I want to do with Ted in that time! Thinking about how little time I have left with him 24/7 makes me want to burst into tears. I feel so guilty about it but I know it’s what I have to do in order to give Ted the best. I hate the thought of missing out on some of his firsts but luckily he will be in good hands in terms of both of his grandmothers so I’m trying to tell myself not to worry too much but that doesn’t stop the feeling of heart sink. I need to make the most of everyone of these full days I have with him so wanted to create a bucket list so I get everything I want to do with him done! So here is my July/August things I must do before Mat leave ends list! Hopefully it may give some ideas for summer activities with your littles over the holidays. Let’s just hope the weather holds out!

1. Bristol Balloon Fiesta

This is something I have always wanted to go to so this will be the year I go. I am enlisting the help of the rents and we are going to get up super early in the morning and drive down to watch the balloons go up at dawn.

 2. Beach Trip

I am determined to be the first person to take Ted to the beach. This is something I plan on doing later in the summer when he can take it in that bit more but I’m so excited to be where I find myself being at my happiest with my little man.

3. Picnics

If the weather is nice I plan on being outside as much as possible. In the park, out and about or even in the garden I want to whack out the picnic blanket and eat al fresco. Ted loves being outside. He is so happy to lie about watching the trees and the clouds.

4. Street art spotting in Bristol 

Another trip down to Bristol it seems but I just love how quirky the city is. I love nothing more than wondering around taking in the street art and coming across boutique shops and independent coffee shops. I want to find a nice day to just go and discover and go photo mad at all the colours!

5. Swimming trips

I really want to get Ted into swimming as it will be so good for him and something fun we can do together. With any luck I’m hoping to take him on his first trip swimming very soon.

6. Walk up to Broadway Tower

Broadway is the cutest little village about half an hour from me. It has some of the cutest little shops -especially the toy shop where one of my best friend’s Mum works- and proper English pubs. The village is picturesque and I’m the surrounding countryside you will find Broadway Tower located at the top of the hill. I have never been up to it and have thought every time I go to Broadway that I must walk up to it. I intend on strapping Ted to my front, grabbing a picnic and setting off for a day of getting lost in such English beauty!

 7. Take Ted to feed the Ducks in Stratford

– I so just wrote dicks instead of ducks as I’m typing in such a hurry. Good thing I changed that – Stratford Upon Avon has the most amazing riverside where you can sit for hours under the stunning tower of the Shakespeare theatre and watch the world go by. It’s has an amazing selection of pubs along the river and everyone is out of rowing boats. There are tonnes of ducks and swans on the river and I would love to take Ted to feed them. He would love watching all the birds.

8. Throw a party in the new house

I’m not talking a huge rave full of alcohol and sweaty dancers…I’m talking a cute little tea party with tonnes of balloons and homemade lemonade. I want to throw a lovely little party where I can arrange little homemade cakes onto cute cake stands and use the loss of paper straws I have accumulated over the years.