Summer Bucket List

As I only have two months until I have to return back to work (Joe and I have found our first family home and I have to bring in the extra funds so we can afford it) I wanted to make a list of everything I want to do with Ted in that time! Thinking about how little time I have left with him 24/7 makes me want to burst into tears. I feel so guilty about it but I know it’s what I have to do in order to give Ted the best. I hate the thought of missing out on some of his firsts but luckily he will be in good hands in terms of both of his grandmothers so I’m trying to tell myself not to worry too much but that doesn’t stop the feeling of heart sink. I need to make the most of everyone of these full days I have with him so wanted to create a bucket list so I get everything I want to do with him done! So here is my July/August things I must do before Mat leave ends list! Hopefully it may give some ideas for summer activities with your littles over the holidays. Let’s just hope the weather holds out!

1. Bristol Balloon Fiesta

This is something I have always wanted to go to so this will be the year I go. I am enlisting the help of the rents and we are going to get up super early in the morning and drive down to watch the balloons go up at dawn.

 2. Beach Trip

I am determined to be the first person to take Ted to the beach. This is something I plan on doing later in the summer when he can take it in that bit more but I’m so excited to be where I find myself being at my happiest with my little man.

3. Picnics

If the weather is nice I plan on being outside as much as possible. In the park, out and about or even in the garden I want to whack out the picnic blanket and eat al fresco. Ted loves being outside. He is so happy to lie about watching the trees and the clouds.

4. Street art spotting in Bristol 

Another trip down to Bristol it seems but I just love how quirky the city is. I love nothing more than wondering around taking in the street art and coming across boutique shops and independent coffee shops. I want to find a nice day to just go and discover and go photo mad at all the colours!

5. Swimming trips

I really want to get Ted into swimming as it will be so good for him and something fun we can do together. With any luck I’m hoping to take him on his first trip swimming very soon.

6. Walk up to Broadway Tower

Broadway is the cutest little village about half an hour from me. It has some of the cutest little shops -especially the toy shop where one of my best friend’s Mum works- and proper English pubs. The village is picturesque and I’m the surrounding countryside you will find Broadway Tower located at the top of the hill. I have never been up to it and have thought every time I go to Broadway that I must walk up to it. I intend on strapping Ted to my front, grabbing a picnic and setting off for a day of getting lost in such English beauty!

 7. Take Ted to feed the Ducks in Stratford

– I so just wrote dicks instead of ducks as I’m typing in such a hurry. Good thing I changed that – Stratford Upon Avon has the most amazing riverside where you can sit for hours under the stunning tower of the Shakespeare theatre and watch the world go by. It’s has an amazing selection of pubs along the river and everyone is out of rowing boats. There are tonnes of ducks and swans on the river and I would love to take Ted to feed them. He would love watching all the birds.

8. Throw a party in the new house

I’m not talking a huge rave full of alcohol and sweaty dancers…I’m talking a cute little tea party with tonnes of balloons and homemade lemonade. I want to throw a lovely little party where I can arrange little homemade cakes onto cute cake stands and use the loss of paper straws I have accumulated over the years.


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