Ted Three Months On! 

I can not believe it has been three months since my little man graced the earth. Everyone said make the most of it because it will go so fast but I never expected it to go this fast. As Joe and I have found our first family home I am going to have to go back to work in September to help cover the costs. This is something I’m really not looking forward to but I know that I’m helping to give Ted a lovely home by doing so. With the help of Grandmothers and a tiny bit of nursery, I am going back part time as of the 5th of September so I’m trying to make the very most out of every day until then…I just wish the weather would Buck up!! I know it will be here before we know it!

Ted has managed to achieve so much in just 13 weeks of life and I can’t wait to see what he is going to achieve next. He has obviously reached the standard newborn baby milestones such has first bath, first car journey, first smile (this one is my favourite so far) but he is now starting to reach the really exciting time of becoming so much stronger, active and with it. He is starting to giggle, he chats away to you and he is obsessed with food. Every time you go to eat now he sits there watching you copying you chew. Nothing has ever made me more conscious of how I eat than a baby mimicking what you are doing. I really don’t think it will be long until we start weaning as everytime food is around he wants to get involved – he hates being left out and really wants to be doing what we are. He is also starting to regularly sleep through the night (insert thank God hand emoji here) and nothing quite beats that first morning when you wake up to crying and realise it’s seven am and not half two! I didn’t quite believe it and had to go count the bottles in the fridge to make sure I didn’t feed him in my sleep.

We are struggling to get Ted into a bit of a routine at the moment. I feel this is down to us moving about as I have had to move over to Joes until we can move into our own place. I was just getting Ted into a nighttime routine before we moved but now that is completely out the window. Ted is awake most of the day so it is hard to establish a daytime nap. He will probably have two half an hour naps in the day and they literally can happen at any time. When he is awake he is wide awake and wanting to play…there is no chance of us putting him down to sleep if he is not tired. I very much believe in letting him lead during the daytime and let him sleep when he is tired. He is so chilled out that way that I’m happy for that to continue, as he tends to eat at regular times and he’s really content. I would like to establish a nighttime routine – not super regimented but enough so we have a rough bedtime each night – but with us moving again in a few weeks I’m not too sure of what to do. I try to do the same things every night, which I believe he used to recognise as a signal for bedtime before, but now the timings always change. Do any of you have any tips on how to deal with moving and routines? I’m not one to be super regimented and do believe in giving yourself a 1 to 2 hour window. Before he was roughly starting to go to bed at half eight and I was working on bringing that forward gradually but now he just seems all over the shop. He is so happy and content that I know moving hasn’t disturbed him too much but he just doesn’t settle very well at night at the moment and I now worry about moving him into his next cot. So any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Ted’s face here pretty much sums up his mood at the start!

We took Ted swimming for the first time the other day. It’s fair to say he wasn’t sure to start with and it didn’t help that the float he had was too big for him (even though it said from 3 months) and he must of felt like he was sinking down. He couldn’t go under but I can see why he preferred to sit on our laps in the shallow end than be in that ring. After a while he really settled into it and started splashing his hands around. At this point I realised that I no longer have a newborn. He is so with it and just constantly wants to interact with you. And if you don’t interact with him you will know about it as he will start talking at the top of him voice until you pay him attention. We weren’t in the pool for long as babies get so cold (not going to lie…I was cold too) but I felt it was a successful first trip. I really want it to become a regular thing as swimming will help me get back into shape and I want him to get used to the water and not be afraid of it.

I’m starting to get my figure back. Still a long way to go!

In terms of myself, I’m doing pretty good three months on. I have the odd day where my scar kills and I feel like everything inside me is pulling back together but I am far more active now and feel more myself. Looking back, the worst of it all was the hormones. You can be effectively cut in half yet some silly little hormones can make you feel far, far worse. I have never felt so up and down in my life and it’s scary to think how much they control you. I have definitely made quite a few mountains out of molehills in those first six weeks of postpartum. I’m happy to say those days are now behind me and I’m feeling far more content. I’m realising now just how out of shape I am and plan on doing some gentle exercise so I’m not breaking a sweat at the smallest amount of physical activity. I did make the massive mistake of thinking it was a good idea to go trampolining last week. Thought I could be careful and the exercise would do me good…boy was I wrong. I was so conscious of pulling my stomach that I managed to rip a muscle in my back trying to stop myself going too high. Not only was it agony but it was made far worse by having to tell the doctors in A&E that you had done that 12 weeks after a c-section. It’s fair to say I got told off! Never again am I trampolining!!

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend.
Lots of love, Hattie x


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