My Top 5 Baby Brands

The ever so lovely Tricia of Patricia Parisienne suggested I create a blog post of five baby brands that I am loving right now. It has been hard to narrow it down to just five as there are so many amazing brands out there. After a lot of thought I have put together a list of brands that covers a wide range of products that I am seriously loving right now. Let me know what you think and what brands you would put in your top five list!

1. Aden + Anais

Aden + Anais offer a beautiful range of muslin swaddles, bibs, muslin squares, sheets, sleeping bags, comforters and more! Each and every product is made from high quality, breathable and super soft muslin which gets softer with every wash. I just love the vast array of styles and prints Aden + Anais offer, whether you want to go bold – like me – or keep it simple, there’s something for everyone!

As a Mum, we all know how vital Muslin cloths are and just how much of a disaster it is if you leave home without one. When buying all the things I needed before Ted was born I opted for buying the cheaper Muslin squares thinking that there couldn’t be much of a difference. When Ted arrived I was gifted an Aden + Anais Muslin square and I was so impressed that I went out and purchased more of them. Yes they are more expensive but it really pays off to spend that little bit extra. This has become particularly apparent after a few washes. The cheaper versions have lost their colour, become tough and have lost their shape, whereas the Aden + Anais ones are as good as new even after taking a beating. Ted loves rubbing a muslin cloth over his face so for me it is so important that they stay soft and comforting for him. I now own so many of these beauties and the latest to my collection is the new Disney range. As soon as it launched I found the Winnie The Pooh and Jungle Book Classic Musys to be in my online basket.

2. Childs Farm


Childs Farm is an award winning British brand that uses natural ‘free-from’ ingredients and essential oils to produce mild, kind and delicious smelling toiletries that care for the skin and hair of newborns, babies and children.

This is a brand I am completely in love with – so much so I have now become an ambassador for the brand as I believe in it so much. I have grown up suffering with eczema and really bad dry skin and has caused a lot of confidence issues for me over the years. I can not used any perfumed products and everything I do use has to be extremely mild. I strongly believe that I will not put anything on Ted’s skin that I couldn’t put on my own and, as a result, I test all his products on me first. Ted doesn’t have eczema (yet) and has mildly dry skin but these products are so gentle and kind to baby skin that I wouldn’t dream of using anything else. Not only are the amazing for baby’s gentle skin but they smell unbelievable too. They can be used from birth onwards and, I’m not going to lie, I love using them on myself too. If you haven’t tried this brand of product yet I would seriously recommend them as they make even the driest of skin soft and smooth and really do leave you with one beautifully smelling child! If you are interested in giving them a go you can get 30% off online using my unique code – CFAMB246 I also have some free samples to give away so if you are interested let me know!

3. Cosatto 



Another British brand, Cosatto bring the thrill of colour, pattern and quirky design to the world of baby stuff. They believe every newborn needs a brilliant fanfare of joy and colour and boy do they deliver.

This is a brand that I have only recently fell in love with. After reading many a review on various Mum sites and after sifting through tonnes of internet sales pages, I decided to go with Cosatto for Ted’s highchair. It arrived the other day and, oh my god, was I impressed. First of all, there colours and prints are unbelievable! I’m obsessed with colour and this brand celebrates it in all of it’s glory. Secondly, their products are amazingly well made and are so easy to use! Ted’s highchair is well designed, can be folded away easily – essential in a flat – and is so easy to clean. It is also so comfortable for him. A lot of chairs out there are easy to clean but seem to be rock hard so the Cosatto chairs are the perfect solution. If I didn’t live in the middle of nowhere, where an off-roading buggy is essential, I would definitely of purchased one of their pushchairs. I am looking to get a stroller and a new car seat from this brand as soon as Ted is old enough and I can not wait for the injection of colour in my life!

4. Boon


Boon offers a wide range of products that help parents all over the world. They are committed to creating nothing but the most innovative gear whilst keeping it affordable. Boon’s design studio is always in motion, tackling one parenting challenge after another with a strong commitment to quality and safety. They bring a little bit of joy to the mundane and manage to create products that really work whilst looking great.

I first became aware of this brand whilst looking for a baby bath. Living in an annex with only a shower and the tiniest of sinks, a baby bath was essential for us. I fell in love with the Boon baby bath not only because it was bright orange – everything we got for Ted was orange so it was a must for us – but because it was designed so well. Now that Ted will be starting on solids in the coming months I have started looking around for weaning products and I can feel my bank balance going down already when I discovered what Boon had to offer. I love their cleaning equipment, including this amazing drying rack above, and the little things they have thought of to make weaning easier. Every detail has been really thought through and it all looks amazing. I would like to say that I am someone who takes practicality over design but I am a sucker for colour and anything that stands out. Boon products have the design appeal that I’m a sucker for and withstand the battering baby products often take.

5. Milk Moustache 


This is a brand I have mentioned previously, but I just love Milk Moustache leggings. Even at three months, I feel Ted is still to young to be wearing baby jeans or trousers as they are just too heavy and stiff so I have always dressed him in baby leggings. These are so soft and comfortable for him and it means he can wear outfits that aren’t sleep suits or rompers. I’m obsessed with the prints Milk Moustache have to offer. I especially love their graphic monochrome prints that I often pair with bright tees or oversized sweatshirts. They are so well made and wash amazingly. I have never got excited about something washing well before being a Mum but these leggings are still as bold as they were when we first got them.


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