What I’m Loving Tuesday! Bobo Choses 

Today marks the start of a new (hopefully) weekly post! I’m going to start doing a short post on something I’m loving that week. I want to change it up from week to week so it includes fashion, interiors, a designer perhaps (I did study design so it would be wrong not to) but more than likely it will feature a lot of children’s fashion, toys or Mum accessories! Let’s face it my life revolves around the latter now so it would be weird for me not to include it!! So that is exactly how I am going to start it all and this week I am focusing on children’s fashion in the shape of the brand Bobo Choses.

This week the world of insta mums has been bombarded with the new Autumn/Winter collections. Just after we have spent a fortune on sale clothing they go and drop irresistible fall clothing lines that are just too cute to ignore…goodbye money!! A collection that has had me drooling is that of Bobo Choses. If you didn’t see their Spring/Summer collection that has just gone, then where have you been? It was another beautiful collection based around the work of great artists. It was a colour loaded collection full of Matisse style shapes and quirky Picasso style illustrations. I didn’t think they could top this collection but boy did they. Their new range “How To Disappear” is so just amazing! Inspired by the world of magic, the collection pays tribute to the children’s sense of wonder towards the extraordinary.

The last, definitive trick to astonish your entire audience: Solemnly, bring your hands to your face, covering your eyes and… PRESTO! You have disappeared, total invisibility! You don’t see anyone therefore nobody can see you. No peeping or you’ll be discovered!

Remember, anything can be possible with only so much as a little bit of magic powders while shouting ABRACADABRA!

With sweatshirts adorned with the cutest illustrations and pieces to make any adult wardrobe jealous, this collection is definitely one not to be missed!


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