What I’m Loving Tuesday: Dinosaurs

If you know me then you will be well aware of my obsession with Dinosaurs. I can’t get enough of them and, I’m sorry Ted, but you will love them too! My Instagram page is a true reflection of my dinosaur obsession. I didn’t realise just how many dinosaur things I have posted until I created this post today and went through it all! Oops!

It doesn’t seem to be that I am the only one with this obsession…Autumn/Winter collections have gone mad for them too. As more and more new season collections are being released, the shared love of dinosaurs is becoming more apparent and they are literally everywhere. Cath Kidston, Next and Joules are just some of the brands who have adorned little one’s clothing with Roar slogans and cute illustrations. I have put together the best of the best and thrown in some other pieces I have come across that I just couldn’t resist. I even dug out an old illustration of mine (above) especially for this post!

Top: Next, Leggings: Ted&co, Pouch: Cath Kidston, Toy: Marks & Spencer (they have a dinosaur skull one too).


Next is full of Dinosaurs this season for little boys…and I may of purchased most of it already! From the most adorable pram shoes, knitwear, tees and embroidered jeans, they have it all covered. How amazing is that hat?

This Modern Life

For the nursery, This Modern Life has you covered! With graphic prints and the coolest origami nightlights (we might own the mint one) what more could you need for any little dino lover?

Leggings: Fred & Noah  


I’m so in love with Joules’ take on the dinosaur trend and especially in love with that backpack! I feel like Ted will need that one when he does to nursery. Joule’s have a really graphic and colourful collection of dinosaur prints and one of the only ones that include skeletons as well! Really worth a look!

Thrills Of The Emporium 

Not forgetting you adults out there…isn’t this guy the best? Thrills Of The Emporium is the cutest little shop just down the road from me that celebrates all things quirky. It’s literally my heaven and this guy here has been on my wish list for so long. I keep hinting for him so hopefully one day he will be mine!! I’m also obsessed with this neon sign!! If you haven’t yet you need to visit their Instagram page @thrillsoftheemporium !!

Last, but not least, some actual dinosaur toys!! How amazing are the colours of these ones stocked at Retro Kids?

Hope you all have a lovely week!!

Lots of love, Hattie x


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