What I’m Loving Tuesday: Wooden Toys

As parents we all say that we won’t be seen to have any plastic, all singing, all dancing toys in the home. Instead our children will play with cute wooden toys that we would be proud to have on display all over our living room floors. Yet somehow our littles are far more interested in the flashing piece of plastic that plays twinkle twinkle on repeat! However, wooden toys are fast becoming more than just a static object so you can have the dream of a beautiful looking toy that will entertain your little ones just like those plastic contraptions we all love to hate! I’m a massive fan of wooden toys however, until recently, I thought them to be a little bit stuck in the past as they seemed to be the same sort of toys I used to play with as a child. The other week I was trawling through Instagram (as you do) and I came across the amazing Scout and Co site that had the best set of wooden toys that I had never seen before and, let’s just say, I now have a wish list as long as my arm!

Candylab Toy Cars 

Candylab Toys create wonderful heirloom wooden toy cars, inspired by the “glamorous 1960s American modernist vibe”. Deliberately elegant, super-durable and simple, these beautiful cars are the opposite of today’s forgettable plastic toys, and encourage imaginative play while also looking extremely good on a shelf when not being played with!

Kukkia Mini City 

Japanese brand Kukkia creates wonderful tactile wooden toys that inspire kids’ imaginations. Take control of the Big Smoke with this mini version of London! Contains six wooden play pieces (including iconic London favourites like the British Museum, London Eye and a black cab), two magnetic chalkboards and eco-chalk!

Twig Creative Wooden Camera 

A handmade, solid wood toy camera that lets your kids capture moments with their imagination and not your expensive DSLR camera. The best part? It has moveable knobs, pushable buttons and a rotating viewfinder for maximum, picture-taking effect and brilliant imaginative play.

Kukkia Interactive House 

Your childhood favourite etch-a-sketch just got a beautiful Japanese wooden makeover. Use the magnet pen or shaped magnets to draw pictures, erase and draw again endlessly on this four-coloured ‘magic board’. Pull the mini dog along to erase the picture and play noughts and crosses and keep a tally with the mini abacus.


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