What I’m Loving: Cowboy and Indian Nursery Theme

Again this post is late, moving has completely thrown me off. It’s also really hard when you are having to do everything on your phone as your internet is not connected for another week! I’ve spent a lot of time recently doing up Ted’s nursery and, as a result, I’ve come across some of the most amazing children’s prints, toys and decorations. I’m quite jealous that it is probably no longer appropriate for me to have some of these items, but it’s ok as I can live through Ted instead. One of the prints I have always loved is Cowboy and Indians and I can’t get over how many amazing items I have come across with this theme. If you have a little cowboy out there or a mini Tiger Lilly than you really need to check out some of these. I’ve almost contemplated changing Ted’s nursery to this theme yet I’m too far into it all now to change my mind. Maybe in the future though…So here is my Cowboy and Indians nursery inspiration!

The perfect starting point has to be the iconic Cath Kidston print. Cowboy is one of Cath’s Classic prints (which means it will always be coming back) and is, without a doubt, my absolute favourite Cath print. I was desperate for this nappy bag but couldn’t get my hands on it anywhere without spending an absolute fortune. This season this iconic print is back and it’s adorning melamine, pjs and the wallpaper!! This throwback wallpaper is perfect for any little ones room (yes Cowboys can be for both boys and girls) and I only wish I was allowed to decorate as I definitely would be getting my hands on this.

If you are after a more graphic design than this wallpaper from Hibou Home is just everything!

We all know any Wild West theme room needs a teepee and what little one wouldn’t love a proper den. Ted has a tent in his room as we couldn’t quite fit a teepee but either are amazing and act as a great storage solution too! I’m guilty of chucking everything in Ted’s tent if people are coming around…they will never know. There are so many different teepees around at the moment from budget supermarket ones to more expensive, elaborate designs, there is definitely a teepee for every budget!

Bold, graphic artwork is perfect for a nursery and this cowboy print is the perfect way to let your little one make their room their own!

If statement wallpapers aren’t your thing than wall stickers like these teepee ones are amazing! These are from Not On The Highstreet and they are an easy, mess free way to re-invigorate tired looking walls. Just simply peel and stick!

Way out of my budget but if you have a bit to spare than this bed by cuckooland is just unbelievable!

No Cowboys and Indians theme is complete without a cactus. I love this DIY cactus pillow

I love these wall hangings by Holly and Teddy They really add texture to a room and I think are a really lovely addition to a Wild West theme nursery. Wall hangings like these can add the softness a child’s room needs. Children’s rooms tend to be quite graphic and the best way to soften it all up is with textiles. Big cushions collected together to make a reading corner, wall art and chunky knitted blankets are all perfect ways to make a room feel really homely!

Decoration wise I would adorn the room with cowboy toys, horses, dream catchers and of course, the novelty cowboy hat is a must. Maybe you could make a saloon sign for the door or have a soft toy campfire in middle of the room for your little ones to sit around and have an indoor camp out. The thing about a child’s room is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. It just takes a little imagination and you will be amazed at what you can come up with for cheap! Ted’s room now has seen me make mountains for the wall out of scrap MDF from the wood yard and a little white paint! I always doubted myself and never thought I would be able to make things up rather than relying on buying items but…I’ve surprised myself. Give it a go. If things are free and they don’t work out it doesn’t really matter. Better giving it a go at no expense than spending a fortune!


We Are Officially Grown Ups Now…No Going Back!

Hello! I’m so sorry I’ve been absent for a while. I’m writing the post using up all my 4G from our new home and, as you can imagine, I have had a hectic two weeks getting everything sorted. I never realised how much of a hoarder I am until I had to empty out the annex. I can’t stand the idea of cluttering our new home so I’ve had to be brutal and let’s just say the charity shops around here are going to be doing very well. It’s weird how all of a sudden I feel so grown up and feel like I can actually be a proper parent to Ted. It’s quite scary actually but I’m sure we will settle into it all soon. Just got to get used to managing everything and I have a feeling I will being turning into a manic list maker!

The past month or so has been so busy and I can’t believe that in less than two weeks I will be returning to work. I’m dreading going back if I’m honest. Not because of the place or the people as they really are great, but because I feel so guilty for leaving Ted. I hate to think of him going to a place where he might not be happy or he might think I’ve left him. I also hate the thought of missing out on his firsts. He has so many milestones coming up and I really don’t want to miss any of them. My boy is my everything and I want to give him the world. In order to do that I know I have to work but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel horrendous doing it. I’m being reminded that “he’s too little to be going” or “he’s just so small” which doesn’t help how I’m feeling. I know it will be good as he can make friends, learn how to share and socialise with others and I know we have picked a great nursery. I just have to keep reminding myself of that as I’m really stuggling with it and burst into tears daily at the thought. Has any one out there sent your child to nursery around five/six months? Let me know what your experience was. He’s only going to be there for three mornings a week but I can’t stop feeling so down about it all.

Anyway…despite being in a right pickle about Ted going to nursery, I’m so excited to be in our first family home!! The first night was a bit nerve racking for me as not only was Ted in a strange place but he was also in his proper cot for the first time and also in his own room. We decided to bite the bullet and since he was going to be thrown out of sink moving, we decided to transition him to the new cot and own room all in one go. I hated him no being in the room with me and became glued to the baby monitor but, do you know what…he was amazing! He slept through and we didn’t hear anything from him until six the next morning. I’m so proud of him!! Shows that sometimes taking a risk can pay off and be for the better I guess. He has now successfully spent a second night in his new room and I’m sat in bed writing this waiting for him to wake up!

Ted has been doing so well recently and he really is turning into a little man now. He is still super alert, doesn’t really nap during the day and chats for England, but he is also desperately trying to sit up now and is so interested in food it’s unbelievable. Ted will now try and grab your food from you so if you aren’t paying  your full attention you will lose that packet of crisps! As he is so interested in food, the health visitors have told us to try giving him a little bit of purée each day to help satisfy him as he is one hungry baby. He is now weighing in at around 17lb and he is so active that he needs that bit extra. I give him a little bit a lunch each day now and it’s funny how much more content he is on that tiny bit. He really doesn’t have too much so it puzzles me to how much of a difference it is making. He loves it and he loves playing with it also! I’m trying the different Ella’s Kitchen pouches with him to get an idea for what flavours he likes and then I will start making big batches up for him. We have only be going at this for just over a week now so it’s still early days but so far…so good!

This year has seen so many huge milestones and I can’t quite believe how quickly it has all gone. Looking back to before Ted I could almost laugh at how grown up and independent I thought I was despite living at home. Omg was I naive. It isn’t until you have a child that you really learn how to be selfless and learn how to live life to its fullest. I had no clue before Ted. I just bobbed along in my own little world worrying about clothes and doing whatever I wanted. Life is so much better now and I really feel like I have a purpose. I was terrified before Ted arrived…I didn’t know if I was going to be able to cope and I worried about what my new life would be like. After a few weeks that changed and I took my new role head on and have just given it my all. I’m feeling that sense of fear again now that I’ve moved into the flat and keep worrying about life without the support of parents. Am I going to be able to pay for everything, keep up with all the housework and resist spending on myself? I know it’s only a temporary feeling, as in a few weeks, it will all seem normal and we will be use to being a three. I guess it’s just the fear of the unknown and the new. It’s exciting but terrifying at the same time!

What I’ve Been Loving Recently!

Hello!! Rather than doing a weekly ‘what I’m loving’ post this week, I have put together a list of everything I have been loving throughout the last month! July is a great month for me as it means all the Autumn/Winter collections are released into stores. Autumn is my favourite time of year and I can’t wait to have snugly evenings in with Ted, bring out the chunky knits and go on crisp, autumnal walks! I have obviously been loving a lot of the fall collections since I love the season so much so I thought I would share them, and a few other things, with you!!

Joules Children’s Collection 

The new boys prints are all animals and dinosaurs so straight away it was going to be a winner with me. I couldn’t resist this crocodile knit and Joules ‘knipper slippers’ are just THE best! Joules, for me,  ace children’s wear…their colour combinations, illustrations and accessories are just spot on season after season.


As I’m going back to school very soon (insert crying emoji here) I thought I would treat myself to new stationery to take back with me. After seeing the August collection on Instagram, I just had to pay Tiger a visit. If you are a fan of colour and angular, graphic shapes then you will love this month’s products. They also have the cutest collection of kitchenware that come in a beautiful selection of pastel colours. I managed to finally get my hands on salt and pepper mills that aren’t a boring colour…yay!

Street Art 

If you have seen my recent travel posts, you would of seen that they both feature a lot of street art. I have always been a fan of spray art and I just don’t get how amazingly talented someone can be with a can of spray paint. I’ve loved visiting other cities and discovering the creative talent they are harbouring there. Obviously I’m not talking about some rubbish tag or some interesting phallic shape drawn alongside a train track, I’m talking about the beautiful murals you find in creative areas of cities. I love how temporary they are too. How one day they can be one way and the next day be the complete opposite! Discovering street art is a free way to spend a day enjoying the sunshine and it also makes for some good Instagram posts too!

Noè & Zoë 

For the monochrome lover, Noè & Zoë are the perfect choose for your littles. Not saying they can’t do colour because boy can they, but they just ace graphic, monochrome prints! I’m in love with this Whale print…it’s just gorgeous!

Mamas and Papas 

I popped into Mamas and Papas recently to look at a floor mat for Ted to encourage him to roll over more as he only wants to sit up it seems. I couldn’t help but notice just how beautiful their new season toys are. All of their travel toys, play mats, tummy time rolls are all so amazing. Adorned with fun woodland creature illustrations That come in the most gorgeous autumnal shades, it’s very hard to resist such beautiful products. I have always loved Mamas and Papas’ use of colour and this season the have nailed it again! I also fell in love with these rag doll animals too. So much so, I’m going to get Ted one and put it away as part of his Christmas present. He doesn’t need anymore toys now so Christmas is my way of justifying it! They are gorgeous and such a lovely quality. Now to decide which one to get…!

And finally…a bit of a weird one but this may be one of the biggest things I have been loving recently…

Mac N Cheese

Yes that is right…that pizza does have Mac n Cheese all over it and my gosh was it amazing! I have been loving the cheesy delight currently and can’t get enough of it. I recently purchased Annie Mae’s Mac n Cheese recipe book and I’m in love! The book is full of loads of pimped up recipes that you just have to try. If you are lucky enough to attend a festival with the Annie Mae’s truck their you have to give it a go…you can thank me later!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! X

Ted’s First Holiday: Brighton

So at the start of the week, as Joe was still off work, he organised a little seaside trip away for the three of us. I had never been to Brighton before and I had gone on about going pretty much the whole three years we have been together, so it was a pretty perfect first holiday location for Ted as it made for one very happy Mummy…Daddy was smart with that one!

Two and a half hours in the car could of gone either way. We checked which stops were roughly half way so we could get out with Ted and let him have a break from the seat. He was brilliant though. Can’t fault him at all and was so patient even when our Sat Nav took us the wrong way!

We stayed right in he centre of the city, which was great as we could just park the car up and walk everywhere. Parking is expensive in the centre, but to be honest which city doesn’t have expensive parking? Walking everywhere was the perfect excuse to explore and we came across so many amazing boutique shops, independent cafes and beautiful pieces of street art! Staying in the centre meant we were a five minute walk to the beach and less than that to the Royal Pavillion. Couldn’t of had a more perfect location!

Let’s just say we didn’t pick the best days weather wise! The first full day was rather interesting but we were determined to get out and not let the weather ruin our time. “You WILL enjoy your Summer Holiday!!” We started the day off right with a GIANT breakfast at ‘The Breakfast Club’ this was exactly what we needed on such a windy and drizzly day! We might of overdone it slightly but who cares…the diet starts next week right?

After breakfast we bit the bullet and went to the pier. The rain had stopped but the wind was still going strong. Cue a load of windswept photos!

Even though we did nearly get blown away, the pier is such an iconic symbol of Brighton and it celebrates the very best of the Bristish ‘Kiss Me Quick’ seaside holiday. I loved it! I can imagine with the sun on your side, you could spend the whole day here as a family. Yes it’s all arcade games, fairground rides, sticks of rock and E numbers and not the cobbled streets, pasties and quiet harbour sides of Cornwall, but it is such a good laugh. It really is the place where you can turn into a kid again and just enjoy yourself. Even on a horrible day, we had such a good time and goofed around but that is what a family holiday is all about right?

With ‘The Lanes’ being less than a five minute walk away, they are the perfect place to take cover from the wind and the perfect excuse to shop! I’m rather proud of myself that I didn’t come back with the content of half of Brighton if I’m honest as Brighton knows how to do shopping. It doesn’t help that we are moving soon and they had some of the best home wear boutique shops I have ever come across…sorry bank account!!

The Lanes, to me, captures the quaintness of the St.Ives cobbled streets yet it’s injected with colour and quirkiness. I have never come across anything like it and I’m completely in love with that part of Brighton. It celebrates art and creativity and excludes the mundane! Their is very limited traffic in the lanes so it’s perfect to wonder around with your littles and you can come across some of the best little toy shops full of quirky and wooden toys. No Sophie the Giraffes insight…I know we all love her but aren’t you just sick of seeing that giraffe now!

The second full  day was a bit brighter and, wait for it…wasn’t windy!! So we headed to the beach as we were determined that Ted would go on the beach, even if it was just for a minute! It was still layer up weather so no ice creams for us! Was just so nice to walk along the beach with the sea air and that frustrating, yet slightly comforting sound of seagulls sqwarking! There are some amazing little cafes and shops along the beach so even if the weather is grey, you can still enjoy looking at the waves crashing against those infamous pebbles! With a carousel on the beachfront and blue flag rating, Brighton beach is perfect for littles when the sun is shining! Yes it’s not sand castle friendly but it’s clean and you won’t have to worry about finding sand in your car weeks later!

It did eventually brighten up towards the end of our last day – thank goodness – so we just went exploring once more. Took the long stroll down to the famous beach huts and went a did a little bit more shopping…it would of been wrong for me not to! There is just something about Brighton that has made me desperate to go back and explore some more. I love how it celebrates expressing yourself and it’s a place where being you is the best you can be. I would love for Ted to be able to feel that he can be himself and do what he wants to do when he’s older and not be constricted by stereotypes or other people’s expectations! He was perfect on this little trip away…I was, and still am, so proud of him. Staying in hotels can often throw little ones off but he was brilliant. We made sure we took his blanket that he sleeps on with us and he still had Ewan sing him to sleep so he had some familiarity and it worked perfectly. He was one very content little boy and managed to woo half of Brighton I think.

Brighton we will definitely be back! Can’t wait until Ted is old enough to play on the beach and maybe we can all enjoy that ice cream we missed out on next time! First family holiday…a great success!!


What I’m Loving Tuesday: New Season Boden

Boden have just launched their new season range and it’s looking fab as ever. Full of graphic woodland prints, bright colours and novelty animal items, this season’s collection celebrates British wildlife and countryside and the weather that comes with it. I’m desperate for the badger cardigan for Ted! May be next on the ‘to purchase’ list!! I’m also so in love with the rainbow print and feel like it should definitely come in adult size. Go check it out…its definitely a collection that will brighten up any day!!