What I’ve Been Loving Recently!

Hello!! Rather than doing a weekly ‘what I’m loving’ post this week, I have put together a list of everything I have been loving throughout the last month! July is a great month for me as it means all the Autumn/Winter collections are released into stores. Autumn is my favourite time of year and I can’t wait to have snugly evenings in with Ted, bring out the chunky knits and go on crisp, autumnal walks! I have obviously been loving a lot of the fall collections since I love the season so much so I thought I would share them, and a few other things, with you!!

Joules Children’s Collection 

The new boys prints are all animals and dinosaurs so straight away it was going to be a winner with me. I couldn’t resist this crocodile knit and Joules ‘knipper slippers’ are just THE best! Joules, for me,  ace children’s wear…their colour combinations, illustrations and accessories are just spot on season after season.


As I’m going back to school very soon (insert crying emoji here) I thought I would treat myself to new stationery to take back with me. After seeing the August collection on Instagram, I just had to pay Tiger a visit. If you are a fan of colour and angular, graphic shapes then you will love this month’s products. They also have the cutest collection of kitchenware that come in a beautiful selection of pastel colours. I managed to finally get my hands on salt and pepper mills that aren’t a boring colour…yay!

Street Art 

If you have seen my recent travel posts, you would of seen that they both feature a lot of street art. I have always been a fan of spray art and I just don’t get how amazingly talented someone can be with a can of spray paint. I’ve loved visiting other cities and discovering the creative talent they are harbouring there. Obviously I’m not talking about some rubbish tag or some interesting phallic shape drawn alongside a train track, I’m talking about the beautiful murals you find in creative areas of cities. I love how temporary they are too. How one day they can be one way and the next day be the complete opposite! Discovering street art is a free way to spend a day enjoying the sunshine and it also makes for some good Instagram posts too!

Noè & Zoë 

For the monochrome lover, Noè & Zoë are the perfect choose for your littles. Not saying they can’t do colour because boy can they, but they just ace graphic, monochrome prints! I’m in love with this Whale print…it’s just gorgeous!

Mamas and Papas 

I popped into Mamas and Papas recently to look at a floor mat for Ted to encourage him to roll over more as he only wants to sit up it seems. I couldn’t help but notice just how beautiful their new season toys are. All of their travel toys, play mats, tummy time rolls are all so amazing. Adorned with fun woodland creature illustrations That come in the most gorgeous autumnal shades, it’s very hard to resist such beautiful products. I have always loved Mamas and Papas’ use of colour and this season the have nailed it again! I also fell in love with these rag doll animals too. So much so, I’m going to get Ted one and put it away as part of his Christmas present. He doesn’t need anymore toys now so Christmas is my way of justifying it! They are gorgeous and such a lovely quality. Now to decide which one to get…!

And finally…a bit of a weird one but this may be one of the biggest things I have been loving recently…

Mac N Cheese

Yes that is right…that pizza does have Mac n Cheese all over it and my gosh was it amazing! I have been loving the cheesy delight currently and can’t get enough of it. I recently purchased Annie Mae’s Mac n Cheese recipe book and I’m in love! The book is full of loads of pimped up recipes that you just have to try. If you are lucky enough to attend a festival with the Annie Mae’s truck their you have to give it a go…you can thank me later!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! X


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