What I’m Loving: Cowboy and Indian Nursery Theme

Again this post is late, moving has completely thrown me off. It’s also really hard when you are having to do everything on your phone as your internet is not connected for another week! I’ve spent a lot of time recently doing up Ted’s nursery and, as a result, I’ve come across some of the most amazing children’s prints, toys and decorations. I’m quite jealous that it is probably no longer appropriate for me to have some of these items, but it’s ok as I can live through Ted instead. One of the prints I have always loved is Cowboy and Indians and I can’t get over how many amazing items I have come across with this theme. If you have a little cowboy out there or a mini Tiger Lilly than you really need to check out some of these. I’ve almost contemplated changing Ted’s nursery to this theme yet I’m too far into it all now to change my mind. Maybe in the future though…So here is my Cowboy and Indians nursery inspiration!

The perfect starting point has to be the iconic Cath Kidston print. Cowboy is one of Cath’s Classic prints (which means it will always be coming back) and is, without a doubt, my absolute favourite Cath print. I was desperate for this nappy bag but couldn’t get my hands on it anywhere without spending an absolute fortune. This season this iconic print is back and it’s adorning melamine, pjs and the wallpaper!! This throwback wallpaper is perfect for any little ones room (yes Cowboys can be for both boys and girls) and I only wish I was allowed to decorate as I definitely would be getting my hands on this.

If you are after a more graphic design than this wallpaper from Hibou Home is just everything!

We all know any Wild West theme room needs a teepee and what little one wouldn’t love a proper den. Ted has a tent in his room as we couldn’t quite fit a teepee but either are amazing and act as a great storage solution too! I’m guilty of chucking everything in Ted’s tent if people are coming around…they will never know. There are so many different teepees around at the moment from budget supermarket ones to more expensive, elaborate designs, there is definitely a teepee for every budget!

Bold, graphic artwork is perfect for a nursery and this cowboy print is the perfect way to let your little one make their room their own!

If statement wallpapers aren’t your thing than wall stickers like these teepee ones are amazing! These are from Not On The Highstreet and they are an easy, mess free way to re-invigorate tired looking walls. Just simply peel and stick!

Way out of my budget but if you have a bit to spare than this bed by cuckooland is just unbelievable!

No Cowboys and Indians theme is complete without a cactus. I love this DIY cactus pillow

I love these wall hangings by Holly and Teddy They really add texture to a room and I think are a really lovely addition to a Wild West theme nursery. Wall hangings like these can add the softness a child’s room needs. Children’s rooms tend to be quite graphic and the best way to soften it all up is with textiles. Big cushions collected together to make a reading corner, wall art and chunky knitted blankets are all perfect ways to make a room feel really homely!

Decoration wise I would adorn the room with cowboy toys, horses, dream catchers and of course, the novelty cowboy hat is a must. Maybe you could make a saloon sign for the door or have a soft toy campfire in middle of the room for your little ones to sit around and have an indoor camp out. The thing about a child’s room is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. It just takes a little imagination and you will be amazed at what you can come up with for cheap! Ted’s room now has seen me make mountains for the wall out of scrap MDF from the wood yard and a little white paint! I always doubted myself and never thought I would be able to make things up rather than relying on buying items but…I’ve surprised myself. Give it a go. If things are free and they don’t work out it doesn’t really matter. Better giving it a go at no expense than spending a fortune!


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