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There is nothing worse than having an ambulance called for you little, especially when you aren’t even there to call it. Seeing your baby poorly and not being able to do anything to help is, without a doubt, the worst thing about becoming a parent. There are no words to describe how much you want to switch places and wish it was happening to you and not them. I have experienced highs and lows since becoming a Mum, but nothing quite like this. Luckily Ted is ok now and, even though we still have a way to go to work out why everything happened the way it did, he is back to his smiling self. My stint of trying to sleep on those god awful pull out beds was luckily limited to a night – seriously why can’t they make those things more comfortable – but I cannot imagine what it would be like for those Mum’s who aren’t as lucky as I was. Those Mamas whose littles don’t make it out after a night and each day is spent living for the next Doctor’s ward round. When you are worrying so much that it is near enough impossible to sleep, it is hard to sit there and put on a smile so you child doesn’t clock on to how you really feel. Yet there are Mother’s on those wards that do that day after day and they still manage to offer a helping hand when they see you shed a tear. Situations like this really put everything into perspective and you realise how insignificant some of the things we spend time worrying about actually are. It has made me realise just how selfish I can be at times and how I spend too much time thinking about  superficial things that don’t matter in the grand scheme. We are so lucky to have so much and so lucky that we have only had to experience this now and for a short period of time. Some people know no different than this. This is their everyday and I just want to say that those parents/guardians absolutely inspire me. They have made me want to become a better person and half as good a parent as they are. Thank you to those Mum’s who, despite worrying sick about their own child, take the time to make sure yours is ok too and offer any help they can give. Thank you to all those Mum’s who club together in the A&E waiting room to go and get hot drinks for everyone or provide the friendly chit chat you need to take your mind off it all. Motherhood is truly amazing – it is a club I am definitely proud to be a part of. So to all you Mamas out there who, no matter your own issues, are offering support and kindness, you are truly fabulous! Keep up the good work!


Things I’m Loving: September Edition

As it has now officially reached the start of my favourite season, I have suddenly become all autumnal and can not wait for the festivities that lie ahead. I thought I would put a quick post together of everything I am currently loving now it is turning from Summer into Autumn…queue chunky knits, halloween and everything PSL.

Gap Kid’s Halloween Collection


Their collection the year is simply irresistible and I just want it all. They have nailed the orange and white ‘candy corn’ colour combo and the illustrations are so adorable. I’ve managed to snap up a few pieces already and will probably have to go back to more. An absolute must have!

Selfish Mother X Cheryl Rawlings ‘Honesty Cards’


“A collaboration with ace illustrator Cheryl Rawlings, these are cards that simply tell it like it is, mixing Cheryl’s signature design style and with Selfish Mother’s signature Winging it philosophy. Whether you’re WINGING IT, or living in a HOUSE OF CHAOS or are wondering IS IT GIN O’CLOCK YET? These cards are ace to have on hand, so that you share your feelings with others on social media or simply just to put on the wall so they can make you smile”

These cards are brilliantly hilarious and sum up ‘Mom life’ perfectly. They are also available in a new mum version too so make the most amazing gift for any Mum-to-be!! I’m addicted to them.

Cracking out the jackets


Yes, Ted and I are going to match this year in our bright yellow coats and I couldn’t care less I’m that excited. These two beauties are from Zara. Ted’s was an absolute bargain price of only 15 pounds!! I can’t wait to crack these out and both of us snuggle up in them for Bonfire Night! Nothing beats the feeling of being all warm and cosy!

Poppy’s Papercuts ‘Cut It Out’ book


I’ve been a fan of Poppy every since she appeared on one of Kirstie’s many shows. I’ve always been a fan of paper cutting and Poppy just knows how to do it right. This book is packed full of ideas for you to try. With practise sheets at the front, you can really get to grips with the basics so you can then tackle the big tasks. I find paper cutting so therapeutic and it is something that is great as you can do it bit by bit, you don’t need to sit and do it all in one go. Perfect when you have a little one who will only nap for fifteen minutes at a time.

Everything Pumpkin

Need I say more…

Ted’s Nursery

As promised, since I have spoken about it enough, here is a little peak at what I have put together so far for Ted. There are still a few things I want to do to it but we are getting there. One of the things I am planning on doing over the next month or so is adding splashes of colour by creating wall hangings like the ones in my previous post. If they go to plan I may even put together a ‘How To’ post for them.

So if you have been reading my blog over the last couple of months, you will know that Ted’s nursery has a Rocky Mountain theme. Playing on the fact that we call him Bear, we had to have a room that celebrated adventure, the beauty of the Rockies and all the wildlife that comes with it.


I purchased this amazing Fine Little Day fabric from This Modern Life, along with the adventure banner, and I am going to rustle up a cover for Ted’s changing pad and maybe some cot sheets out of it. Apparently it is quite easy to do…we will see. I managed to get hold of these incredible letters from a cute little second hand shop. The D is actually meant to be a B, hence why the holes are on the front, but I believe it just adds to the rustic feel. I created the monochrome print myself – I’m all about saving money now. It’s made with Lino stamps and was super easy and quick to make. I also quickly knocked up some pennant flags too!


As we rent painting the walls is a massive no no! So I had to think of another way to add detail to the walls whilst causing as little damage as possible. As it was a mountain theme, we obviously had to have mountains so, with the help of my Dad, I created some really simple mountains out of a sheet of MDF and simply used electrical tape to add the detail. I was going to paint some snow onto the mountains but I found I really liked a geometric, angular design.

I love the little cloud shelves and thought the would be so perfect alongside the mountains. They are great for storing little knick-knacks in, especially the kind of things you don’t want little hands grabbing. I purchased these great little mountains and some grizzly bear toys that are not baby friendly so the shelves were a great place to have them out on display.


I came across the fantastic log cushions whilst looking for inspiration for Ted’s nursery and just had to have them…they are so fun! I also knocked up a sign post which I hand lettered made up place names that suited the Rocky Mountain theme. It’s made out of an old piece of artwork that we took apart and then I got my dad to cut out the planks and make them look all rustic.



What I’m Loving: Wall Hangings

Since moving to the flat I have found myself wanting to make it ours as much as possible but not wanting to spend a fortune. I’ve been watching Gok’s Fill Your House For Free a little too much and I can’t get enough of upcycling and crafting now…I’ve officially caught the upcycling bug and now refuse to spend a lot of money on furniture or decorative items. I’ve wanted to add some softness to Ted’s room as it has become very graphic and angular. As it’s Rocky Mountain themed, I decided to introduce some Native American style wall hangings to soften the room up. Macrame wall hangings are huge right now and are actually pretty simple makes you can do overtime when you have a spare few or can be done easily in an afternoon. I’ve collected together a few different ideas of wall hangings you can create easily at home and linked in the tutorials of how to do them. It’s funny what you can do with a couple of sticks and some wool!

An A-Z of things I wish I knew before motherhood! 

A for absolutely perfect
There is no such thing as a perfect mum and we all need to stop putting pressure on ourselves to do everything. It doesn’t matter if the dishes have to wait to the morning or if you haven’t lost any baby weight six months later…it isn’t possible to do it all so don’t be hard on yourself.

B for breastfeeding
It’s not easy…in fact it’s really hard and is really quite stressful. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself if you don’t get the hang of it. It’s not the end of the world and as long as baby is being fed then that’s all that matters.

C for clueless 
Nobody has an idea of what they are doing first time. Nothing can prepare you for motherhood.

D for don’t be hard on yourself
We are our own worst critics and will always put pressure on ourselves. Give yourself credit…you not only made and carried a little being for 9 months, you have just bought them into the world! That’s amazing when you think about it! Your body is unbelievable so don’t be too hard on it.

E for emergency c-section 
These do happen and, realistically, you can’t write off that this will never happen to you. I never expected it to happen to myself and it freaked me out when I was taken into theatre. Chances are your birth will go to plan but you can’t rule out that things don’t always go the way you want so don’t believe that birth plan is set in stone.

F for fear
You will never have been more fearful in your life. You will find yourself checking they are breathing every ten minutes and making sure everything is sterilised to within an inch of its life. A thermometer will become your best friend and when they ask if you have any questions at the weigh in you will reel off a list as long as your arm.

G for guilt 
You feel guilt about everything!

H for hormones 
We all have them, we have been fighting them for years yet you never realise just how much they can mess you up until baby is here. Prepare for tears and a lot of them!

I for isolating
Having a newborn can feel very isolating, especially when your partner goes back to work. Make sure you try and get out and about, even if it’s just for a walk, as feeling lonely is not nice.

J for jealousy
Sometimes your other half will get jealous at the fact they are no longer your priority and they have to share you.

K for keep going/don’t give up
When it all feels too much and you start to think you can’t do it anymore, remember every new mum has felt that way and it’s completely normal. Don’t let yourself give up…you will get there and when you do it will feel amazing!

L for love
It’s true what they say…you will never feel love like you do that moment you meet your little one for the first time.

M for money 
…or lack of it. If it wasn’t expensive enough getting everything together for little ones arrival than wait until you are paying for nappies, buying formula and replacing their wardrobe most weeks as they just won’t stop growing!

N for nipping
There will no longer be any nipping of any kind. No nipping to the shop, no nipping to the toilet. Everything is a well thought through, lengthy process!

O for overwhelmed 
This was something I felt straight away when Ted was born. The mixture of love, tiredness and slight shell shock as to what had just happened left me feeling very overwhelmed.

P for poo 
Obviously a baby will need a lot of nappy changes but nothing quite prepares you for that first nappy change. When people say it’s like tar they are not kidding.

Q for quit snapping/nagging/moaning
You will do all of these things. Whether it’s due to tiredness or hormones, you will find yourself doing one of the above.

R for romance 
There will be little time for any romance once baby is here. In fact a newborn will have the most perfect timing that will ruin any chance of it. What do you mean stinking of baby sick isn’t romantic?

S for strain
A newborn baby will be a massive strain on your relationship. No matter how many times you plan not to argue and to ignore any snarky remarks, tiredness completely takes over and you will snap.

T for tempting 
It’s very tempting to believe every other mum is doing a better job than you and to compare yourselves to them. In reality, most mums are struggling, some just hide it very well.

U for underwear 
I wish I had known to pack Bridget Jones style pants in my hospital bag. If you end up having a c-section, the last thing you will want is your ordinary underwear. The top of regular panties sits right where your scar will be and its a recipe for disaster. Learn from my mistake and take some big pairs…just in case!

V for vomit
There will be vomit and a lot of it. Prepare to be projectiled on.

W for worrying 
This will be something you will find yourself constantly doing about everything!

X for x-pectations 
Everyone will have opinions on how you are parenting and expectations of what you should be like. Ignore what other people say and just believe in yourself and your own instincts!! You know your little one better than anyone.

Y for you time
It’s so important to make a little you time. You aren’t just someone mother, you do still have a life of your own and it’s important to not neglect yourself.

Z for zzzzz’s 
If you think you have been extremely tired before than think again. You will experience a level of sleep deprivation that you couldn’t possibly imagine!