Ted’s Nursery

As promised, since I have spoken about it enough, here is a little peak at what I have put together so far for Ted. There are still a few things I want to do to it but we are getting there. One of the things I am planning on doing over the next month or so is adding splashes of colour by creating wall hangings like the ones in my previous post. If they go to plan I may even put together a ‘How To’ post for them.

So if you have been reading my blog over the last couple of months, you will know that Ted’s nursery has a Rocky Mountain theme. Playing on the fact that we call him Bear, we had to have a room that celebrated adventure, the beauty of the Rockies and all the wildlife that comes with it.


I purchased this amazing Fine Little Day fabric from This Modern Life, along with the adventure banner, and I am going to rustle up a cover for Ted’s changing pad and maybe some cot sheets out of it. Apparently it is quite easy to do…we will see. I managed to get hold of these incredible letters from a cute little second hand shop. The D is actually meant to be a B, hence why the holes are on the front, but I believe it just adds to the rustic feel. I created the monochrome print myself – I’m all about saving money now. It’s made with Lino stamps and was super easy and quick to make. I also quickly knocked up some pennant flags too!


As we rent painting the walls is a massive no no! So I had to think of another way to add detail to the walls whilst causing as little damage as possible. As it was a mountain theme, we obviously had to have mountains so, with the help of my Dad, I created some really simple mountains out of a sheet of MDF and simply used electrical tape to add the detail. I was going to paint some snow onto the mountains but I found I really liked a geometric, angular design.

I love the little cloud shelves and thought the would be so perfect alongside the mountains. They are great for storing little knick-knacks in, especially the kind of things you don’t want little hands grabbing. I purchased these great little mountains and some grizzly bear toys that are not baby friendly so the shelves were a great place to have them out on display.


I came across the fantastic log cushions whilst looking for inspiration for Ted’s nursery and just had to have them…they are so fun! I also knocked up a sign post which I hand lettered made up place names that suited the Rocky Mountain theme. It’s made out of an old piece of artwork that we took apart and then I got my dad to cut out the planks and make them look all rustic.




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