Mums Support Mums


There is nothing worse than having an ambulance called for you little, especially when you aren’t even there to call it. Seeing your baby poorly and not being able to do anything to help is, without a doubt, the worst thing about becoming a parent. There are no words to describe how much you want to switch places and wish it was happening to you and not them. I have experienced highs and lows since becoming a Mum, but nothing quite like this. Luckily Ted is ok now and, even though we still have a way to go to work out why everything happened the way it did, he is back to his smiling self. My stint of trying to sleep on those god awful pull out beds was luckily limited to a night – seriously why can’t they make those things more comfortable – but I cannot imagine what it would be like for those Mum’s who aren’t as lucky as I was. Those Mamas whose littles don’t make it out after a night and each day is spent living for the next Doctor’s ward round. When you are worrying so much that it is near enough impossible to sleep, it is hard to sit there and put on a smile so you child doesn’t clock on to how you really feel. Yet there are Mother’s on those wards that do that day after day and they still manage to offer a helping hand when they see you shed a tear. Situations like this really put everything into perspective and you realise how insignificant some of the things we spend time worrying about actually are. It has made me realise just how selfish I can be at times and how I spend too much time thinking about  superficial things that don’t matter in the grand scheme. We are so lucky to have so much and so lucky that we have only had to experience this now and for a short period of time. Some people know no different than this. This is their everyday and I just want to say that those parents/guardians absolutely inspire me. They have made me want to become a better person and half as good a parent as they are. Thank you to those Mum’s who, despite worrying sick about their own child, take the time to make sure yours is ok too and offer any help they can give. Thank you to all those Mum’s who club together in the A&E waiting room to go and get hot drinks for everyone or provide the friendly chit chat you need to take your mind off it all. Motherhood is truly amazing – it is a club I am definitely proud to be a part of. So to all you Mamas out there who, no matter your own issues, are offering support and kindness, you are truly fabulous! Keep up the good work!


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