More Grateful Than Ever 

It’s at times like this that you realise just how lucky you are and just how cruel life can be. This week has been really hard for so many people around me as they have had to watch such a young life be taken away from them. It is so unfair and heartbreaking. No one should have to watch their child go through that. I can’t imagine the pain a parent must feel in the situation, as just the sheer thought of myself having to going through it crucifies me. Cancer is such a cruel, cruel disease that can, quite frankly, go f**k itself. It can destroy a life and families in the blink of an eye and seems to not even look back at the hurt it has caused. Yet amongst the heartache and the pain, it unites people. It also makes you stop being selfish and realise what you do have and not what you don’t. Cancer makes you thankful for the people you surround yourself with and the times you have together. I’m so lucky to have been blessed with my little man. This situation has just taught me to make the most out of every second with him and to not regret anything! He is my everything. It does scare me to think that I cannot protect him from everything. No matter how hard I try, I will never be able to completely stop anything from hurting to him. It just makes me want to cherish every moment, smile everyday and love him with every bit of me. These photos are from our walk around Charlecote the other day. This cost us nothing yet it has made so many lovely memories that I will cherish forever. That day with my little, dysfunctional family was just perfect!


I’m so grateful for my family and especially the little man in my life. If Ted could grow up to be half as kind, brave, strong and admirable as that young life was than I know I would of done my job as a parent correctly. Hold your families close, let arguments slide and make sure you laugh everyday as you just do not know what is around the corner. Make every second count before it is too late!



What I’m Loving! 

Halloween Bedtime Reading

I’ve especially been loving reading to Ted at the moment as it’s one of the few times where he will sit still and snuggle up to you. He loves watching the pages turn and starts chatting away as I’m reading to him. I’m trying to get a book for each holiday and season of the year and the Halloween books have been my favourite so far. This beauty by Ella Bailey is such a stunning book. The illustrations are just beautiful and are complemented by such a lovely story and colour scheme. We have also been reading ‘Room on the Broom’ as we all know Julia Donaldson can do no wrong! If those two are quite fulfilling your Halloween reading needs, you could also try ‘Funny Bones’ or ’10 Little Monsters’.

Zara Embroidery and New Baby Drop

I know I’m mentioning Zara again but they have dropped a few embroidered pieces this week and omg I can’t wait for that jumper to come into stock. These pieces are just beautiful and the perfect way of adding that little something extra to your winter essentials.

Zara have also just dropped their new winter baby collection. First of all, how cute are those models? They are actually adorable!! The latest baby drop is full of beautiful looking clothing that is affordable and designed to be comfortable and cosy for little bodies. I’ve said it before and I will say it again… Zara can you do no wrong?

Wooden Teether Toys

My poor little bub is in the midst of a few teeth bursting through and these have been amazing. Not only do they provide so much relief for one dribbley little man, but they look great too. The unique designs mean they aren’t the run of the mill Teether that every other child has at nursery – making for one happy mama who isn’t sent home with someone else’s drooley toy! These ones are from Fox’s Felts and Blossom and Bear and have proven to be a god send!!

Cath Kidston PJs

In this weather there is nothing better than snuggling up in your pjs to the scent of a cinnamon Yankee candle with rubbish tv. I’m obsessed with my Cath cowboy pyjamas…they are the most comfortable of things and is it really sad that I genuinely look forward to snuggling up in them at night? Oh how my life has changed!

Working Mama! 

This week I’ve had so many reminders of the changes we go through when we become a mum. I had an exciting meeting booked in down in London that required me leaving bubba for the whole day. Bear in mind that I usually work four hours away from him at a time and the rest I do whilst he is asleep, so this was a big ask.
The pre-baby me would of happily got up maybe an hour and a half before I had to leave, taken my time to get ready, have a beautiful outfit arranged nicely on the side waiting for me in the morning and would of happily hopped on the train, Starbucks in hand, ready for my day. What happened the morning of that day was literally the complete opposite.

The prep started the night before where I had to sterilise like a crazy person because you just never know tomorrow could be the day Ted gets ridiculously hungry and want a million bottles. Realistically he had the same amount of bottles that he always has and I didn’t need to lug the three bags of ‘stuff’ over to my mum’s.

That beautiful outfit arranged nicely on the side did not happen. I tried for weeks to work out what to wear but nothing is ‘me’ or looks right, mostly because of my Mum pouch that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. The ‘dressed-up-me’ rarely gets an airing and I’m really not sure what ‘she’ looks like anymore. Don’t even talk to me about shoes either. Thank you to the attack on my immune system from a lovely post c-section infection, my arthritis has majorly flared up and the word ‘cankles’ comes to mind. Not one pair of my shoes fit comfortably anymore apart from a pair of beat up Stan Smiths – hardly meeting attire! Not one. I can’t even wedge my foot in to them! Total ugly sister moment. Also the nice pamper sesh I had planned to get my nails done…didn’t happen. Hello naked nails!

Skip to the next morning then and let’s just say it’s not something I want to think about again. Despite the fact I got everything ready and just had to give Ted his breakfast and get him dressed, I have never ran around like a headless chicken as much before. I pretty much chucked Ted into my Mums (in his second outfit of the morning) with bag after bag of crap that he might of needed and made my train with two minutes to spare. Phew!

On my commute home, I reflect on the morning of craziness that still seems a bit blurred, and I’m grateful. Grateful that I’m blessed with a child who makes me want to be a better person and create a better world by teaching me every day what’s important in life: the clothes, the shoes, manicures and a morning PSL they’re all very nice to have… But what’s really important is how we feel on the inside and the people we love and care for. Getting on the train the morning, I was frustrated with how complicated life had become and was wishing for things to be a bit simpler. However, on that journey back home, none of that mattered. All I wanted was to see my little man. All the rushing, mess, rubber ducks in my designer handbag and lack of a decent wardrobe are worth it for him.
So I’m embracing the changes and all that motherhood is, after all, they’re the result of the best thing in the world coming into my life!

What I’m Loving This Week: Camplife, Robots and comics!


Is there anything Zara can’t do? They are completely acing this season in my opinion. Both the Women’s and the TRF editorials are amazing and I have the biggest wish list ever. A couple of weeks back they launched their TRF Denim Camp editorial and its just everything. Patches have been huge this year but Zara have still managed to make their take on it unique by applying a Boy Scout/ Summer Camp theme to their patch designs. This is something I’m crazy about at the moment as it’s the theme I want for Ted’s nursery so I can’t get enough. I love the American imagery and the colour scheme on the denim is just perfect.


The latest Woman’s Editorial is just as amazing too. I loved the Disney collaboration Zara did earlier this season which saw unisex Mickey Mouse tees and quirky Goofy and Donald sweats. Now, probably due to the up and coming realease of the film, Wonder Woman is adorning the woman’s wear. Again with a take on this years patch trend, they have created a collection of comic inspired products that celebrate the beauty of comic strip illustrations. Jeans and jackets adorned with the classic comic speech bubbles, ‘Bam’ lettering and that infamous Wonder Woman logo…what more could you want. Also can we just talk about those amazing Looney Tunes bags!! Zara what are you doing to me?

Going back to the American Camp theme…Fossil have literally brought to life my vision for Ted’s room. Their press day saw campfires, smores, nature park themed photo booths and constellations embroidery how tos. Again the patches are a big focus but they have also introduced bag charms that capture the Boy Scout badge feel too. Beautiful rugged khaki bags have been adorned with colourful badges and quirky illustrative elements to capture that nature park feel. Feathers are also a focus as well as colourful faux raccoon tails. They also have the cutest leather raccoon toy that I just may need to get for Ted.

The final thing I’m loving this week is something for Ted and its robots. In particular Joules’ latest boys fashion drop of the most gorgeously illustrated little bots going. Joules are always on point with their colours and artwork and the latest pieces are no exception to the rule. Such beautiful children’s products. I’m also desperately trying to get hold of a retro wind up robot toy for Ted for Christmas as I just think they are a thing of beauty.

Whilst searching the depths of the internet for one I came across these fab DIY cardboard robots from Ohh Noo. They are great little kits as you can build them up however you want and are the perfect crimbo present for any little man out there. They also massively remind me of a project Joe and I worked on for his degree when we had to dress up like robots so this is obviously a must for Teddy Bear!!

What I’m Loving!

Hey Duggee

Ted absolutely loves this show and, I’m not going to lie, I do too! It’s my go to ‘give me ten to get my hair done show’ but I find myself sitting down to watch it too. I obsessed with the colours and illustrations…they are literally my design goals!  It’s so nice to see Ted’s face light up when he hears the theme tune and he will just sit there in sheer amazement. It’s great timing that he has developed a love for something wth Christmas coming up as I know exactly what to get him now!

The Joy of Plants

My latest obsession since since moving into the new flat is plants. I love having them dotted around. I wanted to test myself with a couple before I went too crazy to see if I would look after them and I’ve quite impressed myself. Now I’m looking around for a selection of beautiful pots, terrariums and macrame hangings to adorned my house with. The Joy of Plants Instagram page is the most perfect source of inspiration. With a feed full of gorgeous images capturing the latest plant trends, DIYs and care tips, it’s hard to resist turning your home into a garden centre!

Light Boxes, Marquee Lights, Festoon Lighting…

I’ve been obsessed with these for years but they have often had a hefty price tag to go with them. Now, however, there are so many good high street versions that anyone can afford these beauties and there is something to satisfy all tastes. Next at the moment have a really good selection of lighting and are now selling their own light boxes for as little as £12!! I may have just purchased one for our hallway as my one currently lives in Teddy Bears room!!

Meri Meri’s Halloween Collection

I’m way too excited for Halloween now and Meri Meri aren’t helping the obsession. They have the most perfect selection of party wear and accessories that will top any Halloween get together.

Where Have Those Six Months Gone? 

How is my little man six months old?! Where did that time go? Everyone says time flies but this is just stupidly fast.

So now that I have had my mama badge for half a year, I still don’t know whether I’m getting any better at this parenting malarkey. Just as you ace one stage you move onto the next. I’ve tried to take every milestone as it comes, and so far it’s been ok, but now we are into full blown weaning, I’m completely intimidated. I don’t know what it is but I’m completely freaking out and have no idea what I should be doing. I’m completely winging it. Ted seems pretty happy with how it is going so far so I guess I can’t be too terrible…can I? I’m trying my best to introduce everything my baby needs but with everyone having their own opinion on what is best for my bubba, I’m finding it very hard to know what is right. At the moment I’m just going with what Ted enjoys. Letting him develop a positive relationship with food and not forcing things he hates down his throat. For example, Ted hates purees. I don’t know why but we get no where with them. Rusks, porridge, mushed banana are all good…slightest bit of purée and we have a disaster.

One of the other things that I’m suddenly freaking out about is making sure Ted is warm enough. When Ted was born it was starting to get warmer and it was easy to dress him for day and night. Now it’s getting cooler I’m constantly worrying that he is too cold. I’m going for the layering approach so I can easily add or take away items of clothing if needs be but god forbid when it gets actually cold. I’m going to be a worrying wreck.

It isn’t all negative though. Other than the worrying, which is an essential part of motherhood in my opinion, I am loving being a mum! And not only am I a mama now…I’m a working mum too. My original plan of going back to work four days a week at a school didn’t work out due to my health. Instead I’ve returned to the beautiful world of Cath Kidston part time where I have recently landed a product ambassador role which I’m so excited about. Working 16 hours a week is a perfect balance of having some time for me and being with Ted. I can work at weekends so childcare isn’t needed and I’m really happy in my role there so things have all worked out for the best.

I’m loving seeing Ted develop everyday. He is becoming more and more of a character and it’s amazing what he can do already. He is rolling around, near enough sitting up by himself, able to feed himself a rusk and is learning to hold his bottle instead of us holding it. He is picking up on his routine and is so alert as to what is going on. We are rapidly outgrowing out 9-12 month clothing and he doesn’t look like a baby anymore. He has the most infectious laugh and has learnt to pull the most hilarious frowney face if he isn’t impressed. He was so grown up when we were in hospital last week and he managed to woo everyone he met. I’m so proud of my little man. He makes you see the best in life and makes me want to be a better person. I love that I’m now back working and building up contacts who, when I go to back to work full time, can help me land something that will provide the very best for Ted because he really deserves it!!