Where Have Those Six Months Gone? 

How is my little man six months old?! Where did that time go? Everyone says time flies but this is just stupidly fast.

So now that I have had my mama badge for half a year, I still don’t know whether I’m getting any better at this parenting malarkey. Just as you ace one stage you move onto the next. I’ve tried to take every milestone as it comes, and so far it’s been ok, but now we are into full blown weaning, I’m completely intimidated. I don’t know what it is but I’m completely freaking out and have no idea what I should be doing. I’m completely winging it. Ted seems pretty happy with how it is going so far so I guess I can’t be too terrible…can I? I’m trying my best to introduce everything my baby needs but with everyone having their own opinion on what is best for my bubba, I’m finding it very hard to know what is right. At the moment I’m just going with what Ted enjoys. Letting him develop a positive relationship with food and not forcing things he hates down his throat. For example, Ted hates purees. I don’t know why but we get no where with them. Rusks, porridge, mushed banana are all good…slightest bit of purée and we have a disaster.

One of the other things that I’m suddenly freaking out about is making sure Ted is warm enough. When Ted was born it was starting to get warmer and it was easy to dress him for day and night. Now it’s getting cooler I’m constantly worrying that he is too cold. I’m going for the layering approach so I can easily add or take away items of clothing if needs be but god forbid when it gets actually cold. I’m going to be a worrying wreck.

It isn’t all negative though. Other than the worrying, which is an essential part of motherhood in my opinion, I am loving being a mum! And not only am I a mama now…I’m a working mum too. My original plan of going back to work four days a week at a school didn’t work out due to my health. Instead I’ve returned to the beautiful world of Cath Kidston part time where I have recently landed a product ambassador role which I’m so excited about. Working 16 hours a week is a perfect balance of having some time for me and being with Ted. I can work at weekends so childcare isn’t needed and I’m really happy in my role there so things have all worked out for the best.

I’m loving seeing Ted develop everyday. He is becoming more and more of a character and it’s amazing what he can do already. He is rolling around, near enough sitting up by himself, able to feed himself a rusk and is learning to hold his bottle instead of us holding it. He is picking up on his routine and is so alert as to what is going on. We are rapidly outgrowing out 9-12 month clothing and he doesn’t look like a baby anymore. He has the most infectious laugh and has learnt to pull the most hilarious frowney face if he isn’t impressed. He was so grown up when we were in hospital last week and he managed to woo everyone he met. I’m so proud of my little man. He makes you see the best in life and makes me want to be a better person. I love that I’m now back working and building up contacts who, when I go to back to work full time, can help me land something that will provide the very best for Ted because he really deserves it!!


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