What I’m Loving!

Hey Duggee

Ted absolutely loves this show and, I’m not going to lie, I do too! It’s my go to ‘give me ten to get my hair done show’ but I find myself sitting down to watch it too. I obsessed with the colours and illustrations…they are literally my design goals!  It’s so nice to see Ted’s face light up when he hears the theme tune and he will just sit there in sheer amazement. It’s great timing that he has developed a love for something wth Christmas coming up as I know exactly what to get him now!

The Joy of Plants

My latest obsession since since moving into the new flat is plants. I love having them dotted around. I wanted to test myself with a couple before I went too crazy to see if I would look after them and I’ve quite impressed myself. Now I’m looking around for a selection of beautiful pots, terrariums and macrame hangings to adorned my house with. The Joy of Plants Instagram page is the most perfect source of inspiration. With a feed full of gorgeous images capturing the latest plant trends, DIYs and care tips, it’s hard to resist turning your home into a garden centre!

Light Boxes, Marquee Lights, Festoon Lighting…

I’ve been obsessed with these for years but they have often had a hefty price tag to go with them. Now, however, there are so many good high street versions that anyone can afford these beauties and there is something to satisfy all tastes. Next at the moment have a really good selection of lighting and are now selling their own light boxes for as little as £12!! I may have just purchased one for our hallway as my one currently lives in Teddy Bears room!!

Meri Meri’s Halloween Collection

I’m way too excited for Halloween now and Meri Meri aren’t helping the obsession. They have the most perfect selection of party wear and accessories that will top any Halloween get together.


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