What I’m Loving This Week: Camplife, Robots and comics!


Is there anything Zara can’t do? They are completely acing this season in my opinion. Both the Women’s and the TRF editorials are amazing and I have the biggest wish list ever. A couple of weeks back they launched their TRF Denim Camp editorial and its just everything. Patches have been huge this year but Zara have still managed to make their take on it unique by applying a Boy Scout/ Summer Camp theme to their patch designs. This is something I’m crazy about at the moment as it’s the theme I want for Ted’s nursery so I can’t get enough. I love the American imagery and the colour scheme on the denim is just perfect.


The latest Woman’s Editorial is just as amazing too. I loved the Disney collaboration Zara did earlier this season which saw unisex Mickey Mouse tees and quirky Goofy and Donald sweats. Now, probably due to the up and coming realease of the film, Wonder Woman is adorning the woman’s wear. Again with a take on this years patch trend, they have created a collection of comic inspired products that celebrate the beauty of comic strip illustrations. Jeans and jackets adorned with the classic comic speech bubbles, ‘Bam’ lettering and that infamous Wonder Woman logo…what more could you want. Also can we just talk about those amazing Looney Tunes bags!! Zara what are you doing to me?

Going back to the American Camp theme…Fossil have literally brought to life my vision for Ted’s room. Their press day saw campfires, smores, nature park themed photo booths and constellations embroidery how tos. Again the patches are a big focus but they have also introduced bag charms that capture the Boy Scout badge feel too. Beautiful rugged khaki bags have been adorned with colourful badges and quirky illustrative elements to capture that nature park feel. Feathers are also a focus as well as colourful faux raccoon tails. They also have the cutest leather raccoon toy that I just may need to get for Ted.

The final thing I’m loving this week is something for Ted and its robots. In particular Joules’ latest boys fashion drop of the most gorgeously illustrated little bots going. Joules are always on point with their colours and artwork and the latest pieces are no exception to the rule. Such beautiful children’s products. I’m also desperately trying to get hold of a retro wind up robot toy for Ted for Christmas as I just think they are a thing of beauty.

Whilst searching the depths of the internet for one I came across these fab DIY cardboard robots from Ohh Noo. They are great little kits as you can build them up however you want and are the perfect crimbo present for any little man out there. They also massively remind me of a project Joe and I worked on for his degree when we had to dress up like robots so this is obviously a must for Teddy Bear!!


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