What I’m Loving! 

Halloween Bedtime Reading

I’ve especially been loving reading to Ted at the moment as it’s one of the few times where he will sit still and snuggle up to you. He loves watching the pages turn and starts chatting away as I’m reading to him. I’m trying to get a book for each holiday and season of the year and the Halloween books have been my favourite so far. This beauty by Ella Bailey is such a stunning book. The illustrations are just beautiful and are complemented by such a lovely story and colour scheme. We have also been reading ‘Room on the Broom’ as we all know Julia Donaldson can do no wrong! If those two are quite fulfilling your Halloween reading needs, you could also try ‘Funny Bones’ or ’10 Little Monsters’.

Zara Embroidery and New Baby Drop

I know I’m mentioning Zara again but they have dropped a few embroidered pieces this week and omg I can’t wait for that jumper to come into stock. These pieces are just beautiful and the perfect way of adding that little something extra to your winter essentials.

Zara have also just dropped their new winter baby collection. First of all, how cute are those models? They are actually adorable!! The latest baby drop is full of beautiful looking clothing that is affordable and designed to be comfortable and cosy for little bodies. I’ve said it before and I will say it again… Zara can you do no wrong?

Wooden Teether Toys

My poor little bub is in the midst of a few teeth bursting through and these have been amazing. Not only do they provide so much relief for one dribbley little man, but they look great too. The unique designs mean they aren’t the run of the mill Teether that every other child has at nursery – making for one happy mama who isn’t sent home with someone else’s drooley toy! These ones are from Fox’s Felts and Blossom and Bear and have proven to be a god send!!

Cath Kidston PJs

In this weather there is nothing better than snuggling up in your pjs to the scent of a cinnamon Yankee candle with rubbish tv. I’m obsessed with my Cath cowboy pyjamas…they are the most comfortable of things and is it really sad that I genuinely look forward to snuggling up in them at night? Oh how my life has changed!


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