The Guilt Fairy


One thing they don’t tell you when you give birth to your first child is that you also give birth to a little fairy too. We are talking the kind of fairy that sits on your shoulder and stays with you throughout your journey of motherhood. She is kind of like Tinkerbell but without the cute pom pom slipper or that amazing hourglass silhouette and she is a complete and utter total b***h. Instead of a wand, she carries a little cloud of guilt doom and her purpose is to make you feel guilty about everything from the get go. If you have pain relief during childbirth, you are weak or selfish. God forbid you have a C Section as that is just cheating! She is great at making you feel like you have failed.

She pops up again when it comes to how you fed your child. She loves bottle feeders or failed breastfeeders as she likes to call them. If you ever get frustrated because you are just that tired and are no longer functioning correctly, she will be there. She will also be waiting for that moment you turn on CBeebies because you desperately need to get ready, or if you just can’t bring yourself to sit through another baby sensory or massage class.

Then the ultimate guilt hits. The time where your maternity leave is coming to an end and you have to think about going back to work. God forbid you want to provide for your child and consider working again. That shitty, little fairy will make you feel horrendous for leaving your child. I can only imagine that the guilt is going to grow evermore as Ted grows up. “Oh he is watching TV again”. “Chicken and chips for tea…that’s nutritious…#MumOfTheYear”.

She knows that it does get tedious playing the same games over and over again and that sometimes I would rather flick through instagram instead of rolling than running around bringing a ball back because your little one can’t crawl to it yet. However, there is a way to shut her up for a bit. Somewhere in the fog that is your mummy brain is logic, and logic is the key to keeping her quiet. If you stay off the scary Facebook groups and shut those parenting books, the logical part of your brain will start working and you will realise that you aren’t doing as badly as you think. All of those things you feel guilt about, chances are every other mum out there are feeling them too, despite what they say! As long as your child is happy and healthy, you really shouldn’t feel bad about the decisions you make. You are the one that knows what is best for your little one and no shitty guilt fairy can tell you otherwise!


Planning Ted’s Christmas Christening

img_4998 copy.jpg

When planning a christening or naming ceremony, you want to make sure it is the most perfect day for you little one. So when the idea for christening Ted came about, I started to have a look around on the internet for inspiration to make sure I could make the day special for all those who love and care for him. It soon became very apparent that people go all out for these things. I have seen so many examples where people must of spent a fortune and, for me, that is not what it is all about. I immediately told myself that Ted’s christening would be nothing like that; In fact it was going to be quite the opposite. I wanted a really simplistic day where we can all get together to celebrate Ted, not break the bank, and just have a really good time! It doesn’t have to be OTT as, lets be honest, your baby isn’t going to remember it are they? So I have put together a few tips on how to put together a christening that won’t break the bank and will allow you to enjoy the day not having to worry about the ice sculpture melting or having to remortgage the house to pay for it all!

First things first…work out how many people you are roughly looking to invite. Without this piece of information you can’t look into churches or party venues as they will depend on how many people you will have there. Joe has the biggest family so this was really hard for us. If we were going to invite a good proportion of his family we would of had only a handful of choices for a party venue and big venues book up so quickly. In the end, we had to be really tight with numbers as we realised we only wanted an intimate occasion that didn’t cost the world.

Next it’s on to choosing the venues. Choosing a church, I felt, is the easy part as we often have connections to a certain church. I asked for a handful of dates that the church was available and made sure all the prospective Godparents could make one of them before confirming. Once all of that was agreed and in place, we then looked at securing a party venue. With the smaller number it was far easier to find a venue especially since the time of year we picked does meant there were less big functions on. However, if you are looking for a big headcount, don’t finalise anything with the church until you have found out what dates the venue is available on as that will probably dictate more so than the church.We settled on a local farm shop that had an amazing open fire and did the most fabulous roasts. I wanted to capture that feel of a family Sunday meal, where it is simple yet cosy and lovely to be with the ones you love. Have a good look around and see what is in your local area because you might come across something you wouldn’t normally consider.

After you have your head count and your venues set it is on to the fun part! This is the time where you can start to think of a theme if you want one, plan decorations, order the cake, get your invites sorted and plan your outfits!


Now we have a Christmas theme to our christening. I’m not talking Santa’s and Reindeer, I’m talking red, green and white colour ways, ditsy tree prints and a carol or two in the church. I designed the invites myself based around this idea. The invites are made to look like presents wrapped in brown paper with gingham bows and finished with a gift tag addressed the the recipient. They cost hardly anything to make; just the cost of some card, bakers twine, gift tags gingham wash tape and a bit of printers ink. In total it came to around £20. To have bought them off the high street I would of been at towards double that and I would of missed out on the great fun I had making them up.


When asking the Godparents if they would like to be one and if they when they were free, I didn’t just want to ask them straight out…I wanted a simple yet different way of asking. I came across Creighton Chocolate at the Berylune craft event I blogged way back in May where they were making up these fab personalised chocolates bars. They were something I hadn’t come across before, yet such a simple idea and I knew I wanted to get one of these for each of the Godparents. I simply attached a piece of brown card with demo printed labels spelling out ‘would you be my Godmother/godfather?’. Ted was able to hand these over to each of them (with a little help from us obviously) and they loved them!

In terms of decorations…you can go as big or a simple as you like. It completely depends on the person you are, your budget or what the venue can take. Our venue can’t allow for too much decoration so we are limited in what we can do. We have really simply opted for giant confetti balloons, a small balloon Ted banner to go across the front of the cake table, and Christmas crackers in everyone’s place. The balloons are the same ones I had a my baby shower so though it would be a nice nod back to that and I just love confetti balloons so they were a must.


 It is nice to have a little something for your guests as a thank you for being a part of your little one’s special day but they really don’t have to break the bank. We decided on Christmas crackers  and selfie props. I know my guests love taking photos so selfie props are brilliant fun and make for great memories. Having something which makes people take photos is a must in my book as the more photos to remember the special day, the better. I also made sure I put a little activity in the place of any children. No matter what, it is a long day for a child, so to avoid any tantrums put out sticker books, colouring sheets or craft sets for the smallest guests to keep them happy.

The most important thing though, is to enjoy yourself. Keep it simple and lighthearted so you can enjoy the day just as much as your guests. The last thing you want is to be rushing around or having to stick to a strict time schedule…we all know that never works with a child!

What I’m Loving: It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like A Kitsch Christmas!

It is fair to say that I am so unbelievably excited for Christmas this year. If I could I would have the house decorated already.I can’t wait to get everything looking all festive, get wrapping presents and prepping the house for my Christmas Eve dinner! Here are a selection of some of the fab pieces I have come across that aren’t helping the excitement!

Oliver Bonas Christmas Decorations


Pineapples, cacti and flamingos…what more could you want? If you are looking for the perfect kitsch Christmas tree than look no further than Oliver Bonas. They have a fab selection of decorations, lighting and general home accessories to get you ready for the festive period!

Berylune Christmas Accessories



Berylune have always been a favourite of mine and I know I will be paying them a visit for a lot of my Christmas presents this year! I love how crafty and unique all of their products are and their chocolate box shop is literally adorable. I’m definitely after some of these paper star decorations to create a feature wall in my front room!

Paperchase Christmas Decorations


Again if you are looking for a kitsch and child friendly selection of Christmas decorations, Paperchase is your place to visit. Cacti have been huge this year so why not end the year with the trend adorning your Christmas tree. I love the extreme use of colour in their pieces this years. Gone are the muted metallic golds and silvers. They have been replaced by neons, multicoloured sequins and ombre sprayed designs!

Habitat Christmas Decorations



Robot baubles, pom pom garlands, paper honeycomb Christmas trees and metallic wreaths…what more could you want?




What I’m Loving: Space Edition 

Cambridge Satchel Star Collection

I’m a massive fan of whatever Cambridge Satchel do. Their bags are a thing of pure beauty. If it wasn’t for me already owning two of them, then I would definitely have one of them on my Christmas list.

Boden Kids

Space prints for both boys and girls is what it is all about. This gorgeous prints decorates a variety of children’s wear this season and it’s beautiful. This illustrative style is just so me and I’m seriously considering buying Ted one of those jackets to put away for next year when he will be able to fit into it!

John Lewis Wooden Rocket

Blast off to outer space with this star-striking magnetic Janod Rocket Toy. Your little astronaut can build their own space vessel then whoosh it around at light speed!


It wouldn’t be a favourites if Zara wasn’t mentioned at the moment. Zara’s ditsy star print is just gorgeous and teamed up with their staple shirts and ruffles it’s just dreamy!!

Professor Astro Cat’s Frontiers Of Space Book 

This book is a brilliant gift for any budding astronaut out there. Beautifully illustrated and packed with awesome facts and images, this is a book any child would get excited about. Why don’t adult books come like this…children’s books are so much cooler!

Ride On Rocket

What little one wouldn’t want a ride on Rocket. It’s literally amazing!! I don’t know what more I need to say other than if I had the room, I know what I would be getting Ted for his first birthday!