Nine Months In, Nine Months Out



On the 2nd of January, you were nine months old.

We’ve passed the six month stage and still have a way to go until your first birthday, yet for some reason I’m very nostalgic that you’ve been alive nine whole months.

Because that’s the amount of time you were inside my body. Nine whole months – from egg to cell to foetus. That’s the amount of time your body developed in my body.

And in that same amount of time out of my body, you’ve learnt how to feed. How to differentiate night from day. You’ve established a rough sleeping pattern. You rolled over. You’ve devoured numerous cottage pies and spa bols. You’ve turned that roll into some sort of army crawl. You can sit up unaided and cross your feet out in front of you whilst doing so. You know to be gentle around animals and have the sweetest way of saying Mama. And just about the cutest of all these things – you chatter away in your little voice when you wake in a morning.

I love how you now play and interact. How you are not loyal with your smiles and just flash them to anyone and how infectious your laugh is. I love how you sit and entertain yourself with toys – and even watch TV. You light up to the familiar sounds of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sofia the First and In the NightGarden. Seriously – Sofia is definitely your first love. Never seen someone light up quite like you do.

In nine whole months, it’s ridiculous how far we’ve all come. And how much you’ve changed. But most of all, you’ve become your own little person. So content and happy. It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since the first concerns were made about the sheer size of you. Where I was already looking full term and waddling about all over the place.

I love my new role as a mama more than anything. I love that I can be your role model. That you touch (pull) my hair and my necklace. But I can’t wait til those are the things you want to talk about and play with. You’ve awoken a drive and determination in me that I never knew I had.

I’m taking the slow down advice very seriously more than ever now in fear of your first year just flying by. Winter is the perfect, snuggly time of year.. So we are going to cuddle up together and see away the cold and the rain. Enjoying each other’s company in our pj’s a few hours more than we really should some days. In the beginning, I was forcing myself to be showered, dressed and made-up. I was worried that if I didn’t, I’d fall into a trap of never getting changed or leaving the house. So it is nice to take time of us and not rush around like a blue arsed fly each morning.

We’ve gotten out of the last nine months exactly what we wanted from each other; you learning how to feed and entertain yourself, me learning more about myself than I have in my whole lifetime. The next few months have some big moments to look forward to. You have the excitement of nursery; learning more new things and making new friends. I get to work in new role where I too will have to learn new things and make new friends. But we’re both well equipped. We’re happy, strong and determined.



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