Love Trumps Hate


I have learnt over the last few years that expressing your views on politics is a really easy way to end a friendship. In fear of upsetting someone or causing unnecessary drama, I have learnt to hold my tongue and keep my opinions to myself. It’s easier to remain quiet than to start debate and risk people not liking me. It is strange because before I was never one to keep my views to myself and it often got me into trouble. I guess as I grew up I didn’t want to get into trouble anymore so just gave up expressing my opinions.

Recently I read a post online which included the following quote: “In the cause of justice: never stay silent just so that others can remain comfortable”. It really got me thinking that maybe I was wrong to just sit there and keep quiet to avoid upsetting someone even if it was upsetting myself. There is nothing wrong with voicing our opinions as long as we voice them with a sense of consideration and respect. Politics doesn’t have to be divisive. We can disagree about issues and still love one another. There is nothing wrong with standing up for something you believe in or against something you don’t. Simple as. When something isn’t right we should stand up against it without fear and speak out for what we believe in.

Yesterday I had a very heavy heart. Replacing an intelligent, cultured and kind President with someone who mocks the disabled, sexually harasses women and who is outright racist has made my heart ache. Trump becoming President has shown the world exactly how backwards it still can be. It has shown that people can still see one type of person to be better than another and how little respect these apparent ‘lower’ people receive. Trump has voiced his opinions loud and clear, some might say he is entitled to, but he has done so with such little respect and consideration. He had offended and hurt so many, and the really scary thing is that he has followers who think what he is saying is right. They believe that women are second class, that it is ok to mock someone with a disability or to judge someone on the colour of their skin or by who they love. I genuinely can not get my head around how someone can think this way and that people are having to protest against this still. It’s 2017…this shit should be well in the past by now.

Today is the day Women all over the world are marching together for equality. They are standing up against division, fear and hate! It’s a march for solidarity, equality and a voice for all and it is bloody brilliant. I don’t want to see the next generation grow up disrespecting one another. I want my son to grow up in a world full of equality. Where people love and respect and where people help each other to be the best they can be. Ted will learn to have the upmost respect for everyone he meets. He will learn to love and value everyone’s opinions and views but also speak out against things he believes to be wrong. I have kept quiet about so many issues for too long but this is one I simply can not hold my tongue on. Unfortunately I can’t make the march today but I will do all that I can to show my support of these fantastic marchers and will never let someone with a derogatory view go unchallenged. Thank you to every women who is marching on our behalf today. I am with you in spirit and salute with you awesome wonder women. Watch out Trump because there is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise!


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