What I’ve Been Loving In January

January is finally at an end! I swear this month has lasted forever. Christmas seems an age away now and I don’t think I have ever had to stretch such little money so far before – it’s not been fun. However, a new year has brought about some exciting new things so here are my top picks of the bunch.

Mamas & Papas x Tiba & Marl Collab


I am a massive fan of nappy bags that don’t look like nappy bags. I hate the idea of lugging around a giant bag that just screams ‘I’m a Mum now’ – just because I have a little one in tow doesn’t mean I am going to give up my sense of style and individuality! Tiba & Marl are the perfect answer to this and their colab with Mamas and Papas is just everything. I am literally obsessed! I’ve been loving their previous designs, especially their leopard print changing clutch and mat, but as soon as I saw that leaf print I instantly fell in love. Their products are something you are almost proud to be seen with, and in a world of dirty nappies and numerous amounts of dribble and god knows what else, they are a little bit of luxury that just brighten your day. I love being able to hide away the practical Mum things inside something beautiful and not be seen as just Ted’s Mum and products like these allow you to do that! So if anyone would like to buy me that fab leaf changing clutch or bag I would be eternally grateful!

L’eau De Chanel


I think it’s almost a rite of passage that everyone has their No 5 moment. There’s no way I’ll ever be able to talk about it as eloquently as the wonderful Sali Hughes does here , she’s spot on when she says it’s the ultimate unflappable, powerful and feminine scent. I must say L’eau De Chanel feels lighter, a little softer and more delicate than it’s original and I have been loving it! It’s still floral, slightly citrusy and iconic in its own right, but it feels younger and something I have been wearing almost daily since receiving it this Christmas.

Dusty Pink


There is not too much more I can say about this…I’m just totally obsessed with all things pink right now. Literally can not get enough of it! Home wear, clothing, accessories…give it me all!

La La Land


This movie was just everything! A week later and I am still thinking about it and have booked to go again! The cinematography, the directing, the acting and the script was all perfection. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a must!

Denim Jackets


My love for the denim jacket fades in and out, but I have well and truly fallen in love with them again – especially after finding this amazing pink version in Topshop. They are so easy to wear and look fab layered up over thick knits to keep out the chill at the moment. I can’t get enough! How many jackets is too many?


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