What I’ve Been Loving This Week

Well happy Sunday! In a week of Doris, hospital stays and one still very poorly baby, I’m pretty happy to be spending today snuggled up on the sofa with the bear! This week has been rather manic and basically a bit shit, so I thought I’d share a few of the gems that have tickled my pickle and made this week slightly more bearable!  Hope you enjoy getting stuck into them!

Style update:

I’m loving the casual dressing trend that has hit big this season. As a mum it is so hard to try and make an effort whilst still being comfortable and able to lug a small child around with you. London Fashion Week saw a far more relaxed street style approach, heels were swapped for trainers, skinny jeans replaced by a ‘Mom’ fit whilst slogan tees and sweats were in the place of flamboyant blouses and shirts. This trend couldn’t of come at a better time for me as all I was really struggling with those Mum days where all you want to do is snuggle up in a giant sweat but don’t want to look like you have completely given up just yet. Check out Megan Ellaby and Alex from The Frugality as they can just ace any trend and know how to pair more causal items amazingly. I am obsessed with both of these bloggers! There is nothing they can do wrong!

Something to crush on:


In case you haven’t realised yet, the worlds of fashion, music and art have gone pink crazy and I for one am loving it. I have always been a massive fan of anything pink so I am enjoying every second of it’s revival. So much so I have been debating how much pink in one outfit is acceptable and what shades are perfect to layer on top of one another – I think I may need an intervention. Anyway, I went to the Birmingham leg of the Kings Of Leon ‘Walls’ tour the other night and let’s just say I left very happy indeed. Not only is their latest album amazing and Caleb’s voice was on top form, but the album and tour graphics are amazing! Full of bold, pastel graphics and pop art imagery; I found myself swooning over the artwork and forgetting to watch the actual band…oops. Go check out the album and whilst you are there check out how beautiful the vinyl is!

Something to listen to:

I feel very late to jump on the bandwagon for this one but my latest music obsession has to be Blossoms. They are a bunch a very talented lads and I just can’t stop listening to them – their self-titled album is just so easy to listen to! I found out the other day that they are playing Reading festival the same day as Muse (my absolute fave) so I think I may have to buy a day ticket despite the fact that I will probably be about ten years older than most of the attendees…it’s so worth it though!

Something to look forward to:


It’s pancake day this coming week! Literally one of the most perfect days ever where you can just stuff your face with loads of sugar and it’s ok to do so. It will be Ted’s first time having pancakes so I have to make a thing out of it right? How do you have yours? I am a fan of the good old sugar and lemon but you can’t beat a bit of Nutella either!


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