A Letter To My Friends


To all of my friends,

I’m sorry that I’m so terrible at replying to your texts and calls. I know it says I’ve read your texts and I have, but just as I was about to reply a drink has just been thrown over or Ted had got himself wedged behind the sofa again. Then I forgot all about it. I’m sorry that sometimes I have to cancel our plans at the drop of a hat because my baby is teething, or we completely forgot it was weigh in day.

I’m sorry that when I see you all I talk about is my baby. Including all the TMI things like his poo schedule, how many times he has thrown up or how much I hate Tree Fu Tom. Chances are, you don’t have a clue who I’m going on about nor do you care about the stupid, dancing tree man!

Please don’t forget me, I know I’m a mama now. I have different priorities and I’m worrying about what food I should be giving my child or the latest nappy deals. But I’m still here under the oversized sweashirts and massive eye bags. I still want to feel included. Please still invite me, even if you know I’m going to say I can’t make it. I’m working on it, separation anxiety is hard. One day you will feel it too.

Thank you for loving Teddy. There is no better feeling in the world than seeing people you care about love your baby. It’s the type of feeling that makes your heart feel warm! Thank you for trying to act interested when all I talk about is how tired I am or what Ted did at nursery that previous day. Thank you for trying to make me feel better about myself even though we all know I look like crap.

Im sorry that I can be such a rubbish friend. I’m trying to be a good Mama and it is really hard. I know there is a right balance somewhere but trying to find it is bloody difficult. Thank you for the memories that make me laugh when it all seems to be going wrong. It brings a smile to my face thinking about the times we spent, in whatever crappy club drinking what ever crappy drink in excess.

But most importantly thank you for just being you and for being there for me and my son. For telling me about your life’s dramas and the latest gossip, it’s such a nice break from all the mama chat that goes around. You are amazing…I will try to be better!

Love you always xx


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