International Day Of Happiness


Since today marks the international day of happiness I thought I would take some time to reflect on those little things that make me happy and how lucky I am to have those in my life. Henry Ward Beecher once said that”the art to being happy lie in the power of extracting happiness from common things” – that statement is oh so true. You don’t have to have the world to feel on top of it! Sometimes the littlest of things can bring the greatest joy.

Some small things that make me happy…

My son’s dimples when he smiles

and the noise he makes when he is talking to the label on his muslin cloths

and the way he crosses his little feet over each other

The colours blush pink and yellow

Fresh strawberries

Getting a good parking space at the supermarket

The smell of rain

Looking through old photos

The first picnic of the year

A new sketchbook/notebook

That first sight of the sea

Writing cards

Early morning sunshine

Fresh Bedding







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