Bear’s First Birthday


I still can’t quite believe I have a one year old. Where has the time gone? As much as I miss my brand new baby boy, I am also really excited about all the things to come with having a one year old. Ted is all of a sudden a proper little boy and it’s so exciting to think about what he could do next. It’s like he’s turned one and suddenly he is starting to try and say so many more words, is getting really good at copying (better be careful with what I say and do now) and understanding and is definitely not too far off walking. Let the fun commence! One thing I have really taken out of Ted turning one is just how much better he makes life and how grateful I am to have been blessed with him. Being a Mama is the best job in the world and I am proud of everything I have achieved in the past year. I can’t say it has always been easy and I would be lying if I told you I hadn’t been winging it most of the time, but it is the most rewarding thing I have ever done and I count myself lucky everyday to have been given the opportunity. It’s funny because a year before Ted was born I was being told I may never be able to have children. My heart well and truly sank that day and I cried a lot. And I mean A LOT.  It’s safe to say it was just a bit of a surprise/shock to find out I was pregnant a few months later after thinking that day may never come. Now I have had a whole year with my bear and I literally cannot put into words how grateful I am that the consultant was wrong.




We had such a lovely day and it was so nice to see just how loved and cared for my little boy is. He was on such good form considering he has been poorly recently so it was really nice to see him smiling and playing and generally being gorgeous with everyone. The sun was shining and everything seemed to be chilled and fell into place nicely. We decided against throwing a big party as we thought it would be far nicer to just go on a day trip as a three and visit close family either side of it. I felt so guilty leading up to his birthday because I hadn’t gone all out and planned some spectacular get together but, actually, it worked out perfectly and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m going to save the big party for his next birthday, he will be far more active then – too active maybe. It just goes to show that all you need in life is to be surrounded by the ones you love and the weather to be on your side and you can have the most fantastic day.



Cake – Marks and Spencer | Cake Topper and Decorations – Meri Meri |One Tshirt and Crown – Acute Thing


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