What I’ve Been Loving This Week

Well happy Sunday! In a week of Doris, hospital stays and one still very poorly baby, I’m pretty happy to be spending today snuggled up on the sofa with the bear! This week has been rather manic and basically a bit shit, so I thought I’d share a few of the gems that have tickled my pickle and made this week slightly more bearable!  Hope you enjoy getting stuck into them!

Style update:

I’m loving the casual dressing trend that has hit big this season. As a mum it is so hard to try and make an effort whilst still being comfortable and able to lug a small child around with you. London Fashion Week saw a far more relaxed street style approach, heels were swapped for trainers, skinny jeans replaced by a ‘Mom’ fit whilst slogan tees and sweats were in the place of flamboyant blouses and shirts. This trend couldn’t of come at a better time for me as all I was really struggling with those Mum days where all you want to do is snuggle up in a giant sweat but don’t want to look like you have completely given up just yet. Check out Megan Ellaby and Alex from The Frugality as they can just ace any trend and know how to pair more causal items amazingly. I am obsessed with both of these bloggers! There is nothing they can do wrong!

Something to crush on:


In case you haven’t realised yet, the worlds of fashion, music and art have gone pink crazy and I for one am loving it. I have always been a massive fan of anything pink so I am enjoying every second of it’s revival. So much so I have been debating how much pink in one outfit is acceptable and what shades are perfect to layer on top of one another – I think I may need an intervention. Anyway, I went to the Birmingham leg of the Kings Of Leon ‘Walls’ tour the other night and let’s just say I left very happy indeed. Not only is their latest album amazing and Caleb’s voice was on top form, but the album and tour graphics are amazing! Full of bold, pastel graphics and pop art imagery; I found myself swooning over the artwork and forgetting to watch the actual band…oops. Go check out the album and whilst you are there check out how beautiful the vinyl is!

Something to listen to:

I feel very late to jump on the bandwagon for this one but my latest music obsession has to be Blossoms. They are a bunch a very talented lads and I just can’t stop listening to them – their self-titled album is just so easy to listen to! I found out the other day that they are playing Reading festival the same day as Muse (my absolute fave) so I think I may have to buy a day ticket despite the fact that I will probably be about ten years older than most of the attendees…it’s so worth it though!

Something to look forward to:


It’s pancake day this coming week! Literally one of the most perfect days ever where you can just stuff your face with loads of sugar and it’s ok to do so. It will be Ted’s first time having pancakes so I have to make a thing out of it right? How do you have yours? I am a fan of the good old sugar and lemon but you can’t beat a bit of Nutella either!


What I’ve Been Loving In January

January is finally at an end! I swear this month has lasted forever. Christmas seems an age away now and I don’t think I have ever had to stretch such little money so far before – it’s not been fun. However, a new year has brought about some exciting new things so here are my top picks of the bunch.

Mamas & Papas x Tiba & Marl Collab


I am a massive fan of nappy bags that don’t look like nappy bags. I hate the idea of lugging around a giant bag that just screams ‘I’m a Mum now’ – just because I have a little one in tow doesn’t mean I am going to give up my sense of style and individuality! Tiba & Marl are the perfect answer to this and their colab with Mamas and Papas is just everything. I am literally obsessed! I’ve been loving their previous designs, especially their leopard print changing clutch and mat, but as soon as I saw that leaf print I instantly fell in love. Their products are something you are almost proud to be seen with, and in a world of dirty nappies and numerous amounts of dribble and god knows what else, they are a little bit of luxury that just brighten your day. I love being able to hide away the practical Mum things inside something beautiful and not be seen as just Ted’s Mum and products like these allow you to do that! So if anyone would like to buy me that fab leaf changing clutch or bag I would be eternally grateful!

L’eau De Chanel


I think it’s almost a rite of passage that everyone has their No 5 moment. There’s no way I’ll ever be able to talk about it as eloquently as the wonderful Sali Hughes does here , she’s spot on when she says it’s the ultimate unflappable, powerful and feminine scent. I must say L’eau De Chanel feels lighter, a little softer and more delicate than it’s original and I have been loving it! It’s still floral, slightly citrusy and iconic in its own right, but it feels younger and something I have been wearing almost daily since receiving it this Christmas.

Dusty Pink


There is not too much more I can say about this…I’m just totally obsessed with all things pink right now. Literally can not get enough of it! Home wear, clothing, accessories…give it me all!

La La Land


This movie was just everything! A week later and I am still thinking about it and have booked to go again! The cinematography, the directing, the acting and the script was all perfection. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a must!

Denim Jackets


My love for the denim jacket fades in and out, but I have well and truly fallen in love with them again – especially after finding this amazing pink version in Topshop. They are so easy to wear and look fab layered up over thick knits to keep out the chill at the moment. I can’t get enough! How many jackets is too many?

What I’m Loving: Space Edition 

Cambridge Satchel Star Collection

I’m a massive fan of whatever Cambridge Satchel do. Their bags are a thing of pure beauty. If it wasn’t for me already owning two of them, then I would definitely have one of them on my Christmas list.

Boden Kids

Space prints for both boys and girls is what it is all about. This gorgeous prints decorates a variety of children’s wear this season and it’s beautiful. This illustrative style is just so me and I’m seriously considering buying Ted one of those jackets to put away for next year when he will be able to fit into it!

John Lewis Wooden Rocket

Blast off to outer space with this star-striking magnetic Janod Rocket Toy. Your little astronaut can build their own space vessel then whoosh it around at light speed!


It wouldn’t be a favourites if Zara wasn’t mentioned at the moment. Zara’s ditsy star print is just gorgeous and teamed up with their staple shirts and ruffles it’s just dreamy!!

Professor Astro Cat’s Frontiers Of Space Book 

This book is a brilliant gift for any budding astronaut out there. Beautifully illustrated and packed with awesome facts and images, this is a book any child would get excited about. Why don’t adult books come like this…children’s books are so much cooler!

Ride On Rocket

What little one wouldn’t want a ride on Rocket. It’s literally amazing!! I don’t know what more I need to say other than if I had the room, I know what I would be getting Ted for his first birthday!

What I’m Loving! 

Halloween Bedtime Reading

I’ve especially been loving reading to Ted at the moment as it’s one of the few times where he will sit still and snuggle up to you. He loves watching the pages turn and starts chatting away as I’m reading to him. I’m trying to get a book for each holiday and season of the year and the Halloween books have been my favourite so far. This beauty by Ella Bailey is such a stunning book. The illustrations are just beautiful and are complemented by such a lovely story and colour scheme. We have also been reading ‘Room on the Broom’ as we all know Julia Donaldson can do no wrong! If those two are quite fulfilling your Halloween reading needs, you could also try ‘Funny Bones’ or ’10 Little Monsters’.

Zara Embroidery and New Baby Drop

I know I’m mentioning Zara again but they have dropped a few embroidered pieces this week and omg I can’t wait for that jumper to come into stock. These pieces are just beautiful and the perfect way of adding that little something extra to your winter essentials.

Zara have also just dropped their new winter baby collection. First of all, how cute are those models? They are actually adorable!! The latest baby drop is full of beautiful looking clothing that is affordable and designed to be comfortable and cosy for little bodies. I’ve said it before and I will say it again… Zara can you do no wrong?

Wooden Teether Toys

My poor little bub is in the midst of a few teeth bursting through and these have been amazing. Not only do they provide so much relief for one dribbley little man, but they look great too. The unique designs mean they aren’t the run of the mill Teether that every other child has at nursery – making for one happy mama who isn’t sent home with someone else’s drooley toy! These ones are from Fox’s Felts and Blossom and Bear and have proven to be a god send!!

Cath Kidston PJs

In this weather there is nothing better than snuggling up in your pjs to the scent of a cinnamon Yankee candle with rubbish tv. I’m obsessed with my Cath cowboy pyjamas…they are the most comfortable of things and is it really sad that I genuinely look forward to snuggling up in them at night? Oh how my life has changed!

What I’m Loving This Week: Camplife, Robots and comics!


Is there anything Zara can’t do? They are completely acing this season in my opinion. Both the Women’s and the TRF editorials are amazing and I have the biggest wish list ever. A couple of weeks back they launched their TRF Denim Camp editorial and its just everything. Patches have been huge this year but Zara have still managed to make their take on it unique by applying a Boy Scout/ Summer Camp theme to their patch designs. This is something I’m crazy about at the moment as it’s the theme I want for Ted’s nursery so I can’t get enough. I love the American imagery and the colour scheme on the denim is just perfect.


The latest Woman’s Editorial is just as amazing too. I loved the Disney collaboration Zara did earlier this season which saw unisex Mickey Mouse tees and quirky Goofy and Donald sweats. Now, probably due to the up and coming realease of the film, Wonder Woman is adorning the woman’s wear. Again with a take on this years patch trend, they have created a collection of comic inspired products that celebrate the beauty of comic strip illustrations. Jeans and jackets adorned with the classic comic speech bubbles, ‘Bam’ lettering and that infamous Wonder Woman logo…what more could you want. Also can we just talk about those amazing Looney Tunes bags!! Zara what are you doing to me?

Going back to the American Camp theme…Fossil have literally brought to life my vision for Ted’s room. Their press day saw campfires, smores, nature park themed photo booths and constellations embroidery how tos. Again the patches are a big focus but they have also introduced bag charms that capture the Boy Scout badge feel too. Beautiful rugged khaki bags have been adorned with colourful badges and quirky illustrative elements to capture that nature park feel. Feathers are also a focus as well as colourful faux raccoon tails. They also have the cutest leather raccoon toy that I just may need to get for Ted.

The final thing I’m loving this week is something for Ted and its robots. In particular Joules’ latest boys fashion drop of the most gorgeously illustrated little bots going. Joules are always on point with their colours and artwork and the latest pieces are no exception to the rule. Such beautiful children’s products. I’m also desperately trying to get hold of a retro wind up robot toy for Ted for Christmas as I just think they are a thing of beauty.

Whilst searching the depths of the internet for one I came across these fab DIY cardboard robots from Ohh Noo. They are great little kits as you can build them up however you want and are the perfect crimbo present for any little man out there. They also massively remind me of a project Joe and I worked on for his degree when we had to dress up like robots so this is obviously a must for Teddy Bear!!

Things I’m Loving: September Edition

As it has now officially reached the start of my favourite season, I have suddenly become all autumnal and can not wait for the festivities that lie ahead. I thought I would put a quick post together of everything I am currently loving now it is turning from Summer into Autumn…queue chunky knits, halloween and everything PSL.

Gap Kid’s Halloween Collection


Their collection the year is simply irresistible and I just want it all. They have nailed the orange and white ‘candy corn’ colour combo and the illustrations are so adorable. I’ve managed to snap up a few pieces already and will probably have to go back to more. An absolute must have!

Selfish Mother X Cheryl Rawlings ‘Honesty Cards’


“A collaboration with ace illustrator Cheryl Rawlings, these are cards that simply tell it like it is, mixing Cheryl’s signature design style and with Selfish Mother’s signature Winging it philosophy. Whether you’re WINGING IT, or living in a HOUSE OF CHAOS or are wondering IS IT GIN O’CLOCK YET? These cards are ace to have on hand, so that you share your feelings with others on social media or simply just to put on the wall so they can make you smile”

These cards are brilliantly hilarious and sum up ‘Mom life’ perfectly. They are also available in a new mum version too so make the most amazing gift for any Mum-to-be!! I’m addicted to them.

Cracking out the jackets


Yes, Ted and I are going to match this year in our bright yellow coats and I couldn’t care less I’m that excited. These two beauties are from Zara. Ted’s was an absolute bargain price of only 15 pounds!! I can’t wait to crack these out and both of us snuggle up in them for Bonfire Night! Nothing beats the feeling of being all warm and cosy!

Poppy’s Papercuts ‘Cut It Out’ book


I’ve been a fan of Poppy every since she appeared on one of Kirstie’s many shows. I’ve always been a fan of paper cutting and Poppy just knows how to do it right. This book is packed full of ideas for you to try. With practise sheets at the front, you can really get to grips with the basics so you can then tackle the big tasks. I find paper cutting so therapeutic and it is something that is great as you can do it bit by bit, you don’t need to sit and do it all in one go. Perfect when you have a little one who will only nap for fifteen minutes at a time.

Everything Pumpkin

Need I say more…

What I’m Loving: Cowboy and Indian Nursery Theme

Again this post is late, moving has completely thrown me off. It’s also really hard when you are having to do everything on your phone as your internet is not connected for another week! I’ve spent a lot of time recently doing up Ted’s nursery and, as a result, I’ve come across some of the most amazing children’s prints, toys and decorations. I’m quite jealous that it is probably no longer appropriate for me to have some of these items, but it’s ok as I can live through Ted instead. One of the prints I have always loved is Cowboy and Indians and I can’t get over how many amazing items I have come across with this theme. If you have a little cowboy out there or a mini Tiger Lilly than you really need to check out some of these. I’ve almost contemplated changing Ted’s nursery to this theme yet I’m too far into it all now to change my mind. Maybe in the future though…So here is my Cowboy and Indians nursery inspiration!

The perfect starting point has to be the iconic Cath Kidston print. Cowboy is one of Cath’s Classic prints (which means it will always be coming back) and is, without a doubt, my absolute favourite Cath print. I was desperate for this nappy bag but couldn’t get my hands on it anywhere without spending an absolute fortune. This season this iconic print is back and it’s adorning melamine, pjs and the wallpaper!! This throwback wallpaper is perfect for any little ones room (yes Cowboys can be for both boys and girls) and I only wish I was allowed to decorate as I definitely would be getting my hands on this.

If you are after a more graphic design than this wallpaper from Hibou Home is just everything!

We all know any Wild West theme room needs a teepee and what little one wouldn’t love a proper den. Ted has a tent in his room as we couldn’t quite fit a teepee but either are amazing and act as a great storage solution too! I’m guilty of chucking everything in Ted’s tent if people are coming around…they will never know. There are so many different teepees around at the moment from budget supermarket ones to more expensive, elaborate designs, there is definitely a teepee for every budget!

Bold, graphic artwork is perfect for a nursery and this cowboy print is the perfect way to let your little one make their room their own!

If statement wallpapers aren’t your thing than wall stickers like these teepee ones are amazing! These are from Not On The Highstreet and they are an easy, mess free way to re-invigorate tired looking walls. Just simply peel and stick!

Way out of my budget but if you have a bit to spare than this bed by cuckooland is just unbelievable!

No Cowboys and Indians theme is complete without a cactus. I love this DIY cactus pillow

I love these wall hangings by Holly and Teddy They really add texture to a room and I think are a really lovely addition to a Wild West theme nursery. Wall hangings like these can add the softness a child’s room needs. Children’s rooms tend to be quite graphic and the best way to soften it all up is with textiles. Big cushions collected together to make a reading corner, wall art and chunky knitted blankets are all perfect ways to make a room feel really homely!

Decoration wise I would adorn the room with cowboy toys, horses, dream catchers and of course, the novelty cowboy hat is a must. Maybe you could make a saloon sign for the door or have a soft toy campfire in middle of the room for your little ones to sit around and have an indoor camp out. The thing about a child’s room is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. It just takes a little imagination and you will be amazed at what you can come up with for cheap! Ted’s room now has seen me make mountains for the wall out of scrap MDF from the wood yard and a little white paint! I always doubted myself and never thought I would be able to make things up rather than relying on buying items but…I’ve surprised myself. Give it a go. If things are free and they don’t work out it doesn’t really matter. Better giving it a go at no expense than spending a fortune!

What I’ve Been Loving Recently!

Hello!! Rather than doing a weekly ‘what I’m loving’ post this week, I have put together a list of everything I have been loving throughout the last month! July is a great month for me as it means all the Autumn/Winter collections are released into stores. Autumn is my favourite time of year and I can’t wait to have snugly evenings in with Ted, bring out the chunky knits and go on crisp, autumnal walks! I have obviously been loving a lot of the fall collections since I love the season so much so I thought I would share them, and a few other things, with you!!

Joules Children’s Collection 

The new boys prints are all animals and dinosaurs so straight away it was going to be a winner with me. I couldn’t resist this crocodile knit and Joules ‘knipper slippers’ are just THE best! Joules, for me,  ace children’s wear…their colour combinations, illustrations and accessories are just spot on season after season.


As I’m going back to school very soon (insert crying emoji here) I thought I would treat myself to new stationery to take back with me. After seeing the August collection on Instagram, I just had to pay Tiger a visit. If you are a fan of colour and angular, graphic shapes then you will love this month’s products. They also have the cutest collection of kitchenware that come in a beautiful selection of pastel colours. I managed to finally get my hands on salt and pepper mills that aren’t a boring colour…yay!

Street Art 

If you have seen my recent travel posts, you would of seen that they both feature a lot of street art. I have always been a fan of spray art and I just don’t get how amazingly talented someone can be with a can of spray paint. I’ve loved visiting other cities and discovering the creative talent they are harbouring there. Obviously I’m not talking about some rubbish tag or some interesting phallic shape drawn alongside a train track, I’m talking about the beautiful murals you find in creative areas of cities. I love how temporary they are too. How one day they can be one way and the next day be the complete opposite! Discovering street art is a free way to spend a day enjoying the sunshine and it also makes for some good Instagram posts too!

Noè & Zoë 

For the monochrome lover, Noè & Zoë are the perfect choose for your littles. Not saying they can’t do colour because boy can they, but they just ace graphic, monochrome prints! I’m in love with this Whale print…it’s just gorgeous!

Mamas and Papas 

I popped into Mamas and Papas recently to look at a floor mat for Ted to encourage him to roll over more as he only wants to sit up it seems. I couldn’t help but notice just how beautiful their new season toys are. All of their travel toys, play mats, tummy time rolls are all so amazing. Adorned with fun woodland creature illustrations That come in the most gorgeous autumnal shades, it’s very hard to resist such beautiful products. I have always loved Mamas and Papas’ use of colour and this season the have nailed it again! I also fell in love with these rag doll animals too. So much so, I’m going to get Ted one and put it away as part of his Christmas present. He doesn’t need anymore toys now so Christmas is my way of justifying it! They are gorgeous and such a lovely quality. Now to decide which one to get…!

And finally…a bit of a weird one but this may be one of the biggest things I have been loving recently…

Mac N Cheese

Yes that is right…that pizza does have Mac n Cheese all over it and my gosh was it amazing! I have been loving the cheesy delight currently and can’t get enough of it. I recently purchased Annie Mae’s Mac n Cheese recipe book and I’m in love! The book is full of loads of pimped up recipes that you just have to try. If you are lucky enough to attend a festival with the Annie Mae’s truck their you have to give it a go…you can thank me later!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! X

What I’m Loving Tuesday: New Season Boden

Boden have just launched their new season range and it’s looking fab as ever. Full of graphic woodland prints, bright colours and novelty animal items, this season’s collection celebrates British wildlife and countryside and the weather that comes with it. I’m desperate for the badger cardigan for Ted! May be next on the ‘to purchase’ list!! I’m also so in love with the rainbow print and feel like it should definitely come in adult size. Go check it out…its definitely a collection that will brighten up any day!!




What I’m Loving Tuesday: Dinosaurs

If you know me then you will be well aware of my obsession with Dinosaurs. I can’t get enough of them and, I’m sorry Ted, but you will love them too! My Instagram page is a true reflection of my dinosaur obsession. I didn’t realise just how many dinosaur things I have posted until I created this post today and went through it all! Oops!

It doesn’t seem to be that I am the only one with this obsession…Autumn/Winter collections have gone mad for them too. As more and more new season collections are being released, the shared love of dinosaurs is becoming more apparent and they are literally everywhere. Cath Kidston, Next and Joules are just some of the brands who have adorned little one’s clothing with Roar slogans and cute illustrations. I have put together the best of the best and thrown in some other pieces I have come across that I just couldn’t resist. I even dug out an old illustration of mine (above) especially for this post!

Top: Next, Leggings: Ted&co, Pouch: Cath Kidston, Toy: Marks & Spencer (they have a dinosaur skull one too).


Next is full of Dinosaurs this season for little boys…and I may of purchased most of it already! From the most adorable pram shoes, knitwear, tees and embroidered jeans, they have it all covered. How amazing is that hat?

This Modern Life

For the nursery, This Modern Life has you covered! With graphic prints and the coolest origami nightlights (we might own the mint one) what more could you need for any little dino lover?

Leggings: Fred & Noah  


I’m so in love with Joules’ take on the dinosaur trend and especially in love with that backpack! I feel like Ted will need that one when he does to nursery. Joule’s have a really graphic and colourful collection of dinosaur prints and one of the only ones that include skeletons as well! Really worth a look!

Thrills Of The Emporium 

Not forgetting you adults out there…isn’t this guy the best? Thrills Of The Emporium is the cutest little shop just down the road from me that celebrates all things quirky. It’s literally my heaven and this guy here has been on my wish list for so long. I keep hinting for him so hopefully one day he will be mine!! I’m also obsessed with this neon sign!! If you haven’t yet you need to visit their Instagram page @thrillsoftheemporium !!

Last, but not least, some actual dinosaur toys!! How amazing are the colours of these ones stocked at Retro Kids?

Hope you all have a lovely week!!

Lots of love, Hattie x